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Yo. What up This might be a good place to land Ready Let's do this products To check out over there Attention first blood Let's check out this way Alright, let's do this thing next bring this because check naman Over there bout a shield number one using raffle Oh my God Wow Enemy over there Minutes ago bro ma Sherry Hard Don't touch my two all What's up? Good jobs Let's find them a fighter The energy is decided excess five Here we go It's a long drop It might be something good this way Loading Don't let the wife Reloading enemy taken down Watch out for the new leader Also We should go here Yeah Yo not yet thank you mommy thank you sarap that's already what's up master draw Alright, man, we're blend Let's go right here. Dog owners on the two of us bro Attention Wassup Sun tune I after this backpack here level two let me finish this so like fire I got the Jane what's up Energy. I'm over here Optics here Close range ay since he was you wanna just pose You know what as well Let's go Anyway, so should be our The shots Shop There's a key leader Watch out for the new kill leader friend check out there my friend the ring is very calls forty-five seconds I got There's another guy outside Spread outside lang ice call later That level to At the jam playing on the DC The cop Oh Bro Have the swans remain We've taken out the leader and the leader No rob with me Eyes today and we have identified yum laging really brown of baguio bro you laging to thirty I don't understand why my leggings dog or Fuck The third party third party coming up attention leader Damn bro You wanna squat up? Let me know Oh shit That's fine I'll kill up once you do Right here Oh shit Armor what we're done Let me know if you wanna squat up again bro i know भाई साहब what you sad and never quit agad using the us you're always when we're going to break friend introducing new world champion we're live here we will find out what is i will lend here 'yan sobra That's me whatever as long as we win charger we charging see you rejuve serum you're the last member good work team Without you guys Hustle right here Contact On stops on June daughter Right back guys There is getting all messy ma' Am I accept the It's your time I make this look good I'm literally this hair This face Come on Introducing your champions My room is a mess man It's a mess Let's go This might be a good place to land loud and clear your mind what's up guys guys by the way Here Politician Down Killed it on me Decor Charging all my shoes Let's keep pushing this Probably watch out for the new kill leader friend 301 here What's that guy Let's go. Fuck him up First quarter pastor here Jordan over there What up Mark New cheerleader soon to be me Over there Let's go here I need some light I'ma. Anybody got a light oo nagbago oh sige oh Oh Attention so pre joms nakauwi ka na produkto na tayo ngayon madlang walang sulat pinaplano na lang I'm a new guy Right next to us extension cream life in this regard behind me and you come from Some hits on me james jamill garo bro Streaming Called Blackout pretty soon My buddy haggard at least we have something this place is something joel rice let's go here It's a long drop Let's explore this way Dog The bat that happens reading level one upo that's why mama give our lives for the good men months diyan stella healthy and look is training i just want to file a smile ang robin alis diyan e all right sir janua ah this is your chubby aaron the person but bulo ano ofw ngayon back at sa Got bamboozled shooting at me normal next Down. 2080 red brown you know what you best walang nanonood twelve nine sizes and we will follow please Corrected Let's do this products target over Let's check out this way the Attention There was a new leader You ready? Get the choice this time today This d Thi oh no i'm not sure ladies dropper ah extra na coco so now on sa unang once again i'm here ah september cross platform which is si and uh he is for experts gara next chicken boy dali for supposed uh number wow oh my god what's up guys income joey flores good day Introducing new champion Good Okay Good idea Hold your breath if you have to breathe attention first slot energy enough nice world Reloaded Fire friends Recharging shields Leader watch out for the new kill leader friend ah you have to whatever good working No bullets We got another enemy Make contact with the enemy one minute the ring is and far I'm taking fire friends I have been doubt legendary princess master probably plus deploy and health forum policy implement attention carriage cellphone charger hindi daw Coming in a landslide package vince lang fatal ang jerwin cruz it's not easy Weekend Oh shit here to come On a 10 seconds left Morning in progress richard progress Oh water you and uh no fellow squad one most wanted easy one day one how are you one three one just one week income 'yon daw ang buwan so ngayon 'di ba driver good thing namin saging philippines i was close close really cause careful try now man at sure pa-check like that what's up o share what's up basta parang sorry also fall ka sir god and game i am sorry barok also the number of the given I gotta put a Green screen right behind thanks for the lives and share i am child malimit joel sarap text allan legaspi for the like your children user is the fog ano 'to workers of life is the life because this is all got to three plus one Here we go Ready up Oh we're went to fries what's up a m like a love it laging eleven Body shield here level It's go time Run one asensya dahil sa basang kalsada the best happens quick ready hirap subo roxas the because birthday actual exam here wow daw po members um kailangan ibalik ang layo na ako sampalok are you back home of different faster faster conchas medyas ka ikaw diyan there's a card body city act level two one minute binabahayan the laws Weather yet but they're right under something 40 - five, but we could just second of encounter starting for the back second just given matthew sa visa Took him all Attention contacts heads up killing her Outside Man I got used to this Come on Sorry. You got this baby With Eric Urban Miguel Thanks for the like Benoit gamers master clutch with legal master class michael jerome ang biyahe Like we wassup Thanks for liking and Jerry Midday Oh goodness If Y'all with me Starring is one hell of a beast for those who are groups hello get some Pushing left Tracking year contact with target being pushing up oras naglinis model Was that only one guy On me Attention We've taken out the champion Everybody got live ammo five amount please energy amalia forecast hold on left harvest nilalaglag package level two Texans I need light Over there Cancel that Close to the ring 30 seconds left Two seconds, right. Next door Easy Originally Looking for Package being delivered package coming in lips erwin siya what's up to comply na kasi Push in the cave Just defended right here Guys Good over here for now Little still fight this class It's ready In this Loving. good luck target na ng isang ah so good na strong Wassup VJ wassup man? Y'all. Nigga Ready to go. Some daughter. Dude For the likes like serve mom sir i'm doing this income siyempre introducing your champion opo isang dora ashley say that's why not even before hangga't sa kuwarto coffee All right I don't know the guy right next to me Sup show in Oh man Go play some out man where we going to my choice this time You and me friend The likes thank for the views smiles in your introducing your children ah sir landia this might know 52 more games. I got some shit first gonna check lalo julia side private media level one what's up i'm referring myself justice bigat jewels davao sa last one is cua good friend free loading catching my self Good or inside Level two automatic excellent yeah madam sundan ko this weh local chief level two thank you diploma and strong chris knock down shield siya level three Stabilizer here level sa hopia sa electric fan si twenty point sir oh kain tayo challenge justin master the rich teacher may south entral ninety league What do you need I need to recharge my shoes Bro. Hey, I need you to make grapple right on the top Let's get this guy on the top one it's for you maybe it's called thank you for thank you Hey three guys right here. Get ready It's simply time all right here right next to us right next to us 200 Judging my kids I think those are the three guys on top Good job guys Three Great already inside the ring Everybody needs health I got feels right here about the kids Come on Santa What's up buddy either at north north driver lawas from there was Below us Interest bulk It's funded. It's a fast-paced game bro I think you're gonna like it But is the is the voice choppy or Thanks for the love mister Emergency Miguel There are good though man don't you hate on them stake ten sa comment to us house micro entrepreneurs in the end this started This is your champion ah sabri abi first one and it's naranas wonderful Countdown Supply ship over there Supply ship over there Cancel that Somali ship over there I think it's a pleasure just jump all Yeah. Yeah. Let's go Let her do support like here love ones oo shout out tayo guys One minute springs there by Oh shit. What happened Fight is not over 40 -, five seconds rings just चाय bro ranchi seconds wings class now i am the head now now my story bring the dragon super pia thing is going to life no need inside housemates body shelia level two i don't care package Package on high favor from the gods ah Too. I got like a level four or in a month It's fast seven si amnesty start ten seconds before we gonna match stop breakfast mahigit sampu Senses we follow see you at boy in the house o no definite na kuya jobs plus one here on the no sorry sorry kuya jong yeah they are expecting hindi ka na amen maraming mister na nakakatulog 'yong mga oh yeah i know Victory I don't this coming si ate Thanks all we got Well recovery. There's banner I got no gun dude I took the long way around Yeah. No that's a hobby I see let me see if I can get to you guys ah sorry 45 seconds I got this Come on. Come on Come on Right in the face of compounds are learned having little effect on the outcome Anyone Wings called Sophia We got a job to do a caucus let's go get down this is your champions as seen at the end of different world yes one explore this Let's go this way It is yeah. Right. That is back up. Two home boy right here Go Homeboy pick me up. Pick me up right here Body healthy You're saying it's not over yet last year the rich sleep na and welcome let's go back up pa blue which has somehow s three four bros come this week this with the opposition time short We love a blue help man Taking fire Shot fire Are you falling Last game Today today is once they shit this is what champion this matter of protection plano run withdraw Have fun this way okay attention sama-sama sandali First blood To put You are the only survive together I can't eat. Let's rock please John Innovated lets do this week kahapon can extend energy manager gonna check valencia thank you energy fm luzon extended gma gracia level three in the area revive one minute ring sector forty-five family almost half your customer ring Out things Get your birthday present The chimney Waiting says she is he Taking fire Really Another enemy down I've got to choose Thanks for looking out Next shield up He love you. Love you. Love bro I think Enough Where you at Star Thanks Good luck 16 of the squat I got I got my cute. Hold on Hold on Sasha But they work the best in my shield to recharge Recharging Anybody need heels Sarah India forty-five second brigade park appointed almost seventy-seven jia allez j'inspire Attention There is a new career We love it Faulted Finish off the whole squad Nice work She'll tell here One minute to close Shield here level tree gotta hop up here Scoping Contact with David Nuts mid Thanks Got 10 Morning Package being delivered mga minors traffic sa looks like vacuum check out this area explore welcome Check for Lucia Something good this way maging outstanding arianne mark paring perfect enemies pare By one minute close lets do this week is not car Only one squad left morning Close sales were all inside this ring Beginning Make contact with enemy right here right here on top Right there. Right there. They're down there down there down number one more one more basketball last reading what's up may cheke na 10 seconds Let's go Yeah, baby Twice you are the apex champions Not bad Not bad. Not bad, sir Let's get another one G baby sprite friend ah one eight nine something let's go baby yo what's up men t is your all have to face me fresh i guess talaga ng g after the welcome welcome one by And voice We go check out here Let's go I'm not here to sell you tickets Squat I got you man Other quit, though It was not my time There's a hopper right here All right there Oh shit. I see first is right here Oh damn. Yeah. You got looks like high five alright gamers g Sun I'll play one more thing is not ah second record that's a

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