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This Thurs @ 9pm on FB Live, I'll be joining my old friends Jamie and Dan from The New Deal for an open conversation about music, life, the universe and...
Hi, this is Dan from the New Deal and this is Jamie from the New Deal and we're here to invite you to join us again this Thursday at Nine PM Eastern Standard time for another episode of The Dan and show this week's episode. episode. We'll We'll feature feature feature a a a very very very very special special. special special guest guest guest. guest well. well well here here he he is is now. now. Ladies and gentlemen Aaron Magner of the Disco Biscuit Hi everybody. I can't wait to hang out on the Dan and Jamie Show Aaron will be just joining us to talk about all sorts of things music life on the road life at home. Maybe we'll even take a couple of questions questions so so join. join us. You the Dan and Jamie Show with special guest Aaron Magner It''s me is Thursday at nine PM Eastern Standard Time on Facebook Live. And

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