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This flat is the same size as a quarter of a tennis court, but George Clarke makes it look like a mansion!
First-time buyer Ryan recently paid 560 - 5000 pounds for his flat, which measures 50 -, five square meters and tall. That's roughly the size of quarter of a tennis cold. It can says a whole way a master bedroom, a bathroom and a living room, which are all a decent size, but the same can't be said of the tiny tiny second second bedroom bedroom bedroom and and and awkwardly awkwardly awkwardly shaped shaped kitchen. kitchen. It's It's fantastic yeah it's a great. fantastic. Yeah hi and has a maximum budget of thirty-five thousand pounds to modernize the entire flats he can't make any structural changes so the need to be a cavity design will make the existence spaces work much harder form the kitchen is coming out and just about everything else with it With the boiler and covered gone and the wardrobe taken out of the box room next door, it's much easier to get a handle on how much space there is the plan is to do is George and said, so we're gonna make the kitchen smaller in the sense that will just have the one work top going along the window Wall and then make the second Wall and a seating area for obviously obviously eating eating but but also also working. working. Ryan has stayed away while the all important final stage of the refurbishment have been completed, but now I'm ready to show just how sleek and modern has an audience flat can be. How are you good morning? Good morning? Yeah. We're excited. We're very good so you should be cuz it's looking really good. The whole way used to be dreary and dark with appallingly positioned coverts a sorry entrance to any home. Come on in wow Welcome Home mess. Look at this. It's a little different now, it's not about hallway. I know not bad at all. I can't get over. I layer it well if you think it's light already look at this. wow check that out in place of the Shelby Cobra Ryan now has a practical apply storage unit at just the right height complete with an LED light Strip the living room or be at a good size was bland and tired. And in desperate need of an update. What do you think this? What a transformation? Yeah? now it's a striking space. that's comfortable practical and fit for a modern bachelor. By liberating the room of the huge wardrobe and boiler covers, we've given them a proper spare bedroom. guests will want to do time in this is made a massive difference. You got decent, wardrobe storage and a proper bed instead of a little single in the corner. Yeah. previously, the kitchen was an awkward shape. The units are outdated. It had some very interesting interesting tiling tiling tiling and and and for for for a a a man man man that that that doesn't doesn't doesn't cook. cook cook too. too much storage space. But nowhere to say it look at your beautiful kitchen. Wow. It's now perfectly formed the most importantly for Ryan multi functional. This is why I was looking forward to the most, so it's it's probably cuz I'm gonna spend most of my time in year but not with cooking as we know cuz that's not a strong point. The Ryan's flat-head good bones from the stars. These mansion blocks are solid really well built, but the interior lacked any personality, but with a bit of creative thinking and a lot of hard work, we've managed to make use of every single square meter and by using materials like plywood, given us a classic not to modernist design, we've unified all of the rooms. Ryan now has a very very beautiful beautiful beautiful well-crafted well-crafted well-crafted well-crafted modern modern. modern modern home. home home for for a. a modern way of life.

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