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Bong Soon : A Cyborg Inlove Episode 9
What you don't want sit down it up on your daughter to marry my number to know when to my booty kicked up some time and just everything. What you don't you don't How you don't know where so you It's amazing, what you can use it all comes down to 12 and them what you got. This mom didn't hold on When you reach the gender oh system out, there you can say anything they think what fuck Told you so go what to much Please, nigga sad I mean I knew what color that she will be available now at home. Today get your ticker. You can told you Talk to him it where the enemy was the girl. I'm you're likely change in their freaking to need something go and get it you're really upset. You don't cook, with nigga What's up what's up hello You know what they say you shouldn't fucking meal, three -month old up yeah they're going to get in their hotel. They got you can tell me what's not He is our peace comes on cyber, get out. I'm not at all. Taman Chris Call me I don't do you Children from the time on that which was I'm walking you they've all been dangle you don't captain. There. Turning your body to have coke yeah the one and go get your body to you that's what I'm Union day. The rocket diva carla's can Come on out to Dungeon talent to have to talk to mom and dad education that you look a so click a link below to go to take home and take it to work for you Okay, okay, yeah okay because you can get this mortgage again. Yeah she's system can do this. What oh, what do you know. Who's here, which can What you know shouldn't so you know, looking much for top dog go there. All the time Get you Don't mean taught you can get boil Chrome don't put you Coyote I'm done doing on the marketing team to new little boy it's gonna take a day doesn't go to Cuba and I'm giving it time Tom from it all, no, dude Ah it was horrible, maybe don't get in well, I got awesome ot able pay attention and keep pushing you down call in there and he wanted to tell me that we're not human nutritional, nigga I'm broke down there. Yeah that's probably not yeah. Can email, if you have a daughter What do you got yeah that's pretty key. You got him pick the bible. What you think about the weather yeah so yeah I want to talk something oh Total diamond dazzle cable, which produces soon and You don't know what I'm doing okay let's see. Who can come up with plenty of love to you know, let's see what you Oh, how the truth you do that Coming to my No, shit The

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