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I bet you can't get through this audition without crying...
Can't wait to share more amazing talent with you during the season premiere Sunday 8/7c on ABC!
I'm I'm I'm Samantha Samantha Samantha Samantha I'm I'm I'm I'm 20 20 20 20 years years years years old old. old old and and and I'm I'm I'm from from from Harlem. Harlem, Harlem, New New York. York. I go by just soon I think I'm gonna use that as as my my stage stage name name name forever, forever, forever, it's it's it's it's easy. easy. easy. easy. It's It's It's simple. simple. simple. simple You You You you can't can't can. can't mess mess mess it it it up. up up unless unless you you forget forget to the. just. Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to sing a song for you guys. If you like what you hear, please feel free to give us whatever you can thank you, I said on the subway, I I started started doing doing that that in in in Middle Middle Middle school school school school when when when when I I I I realized realized realized. realized how how how much much much money money money I I I. can can make. make. It's like yeah, this is for me. The Underground world is beautiful, There's so many different talents under there. I love what I do it pays my bills rent a case for me to eat. I live with my grandmother in an apartment and Frederick Douglas projects. No, no, no, no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no. no, you won't get you some water. you'll be talking to them right you you talk talk to to your your plants. plants. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Of Of Of course, course, course, I'll I'll I'll I'll talk talk talk talk to to to to them. them. them. them. You're You're You're You're gonna gonna gonna gonna be be. be be a a a star. star. star. My grandmother had to adopt my sister and I my mother wasn't there for me growing up and neither was my father my grandmother, she made sure we were Fed. She made sure we had a roof over our head. She made sure that we had clothes on our backs when it's quiet, you know God is good, but I think it is it's really hard. When is that I'm very proud and I believe we we all all all my my my heart heart heart heart and and and and she's she's she's she's going going going going to to to to make. make make make it. it. it. I I really really am am grateful. grateful that you. Never gave up on me because you could've at anytime in my life. I just wanna give her back everything that she gave me just believe in yourself and believing God and lie to forgive people. I love you, I love you too. I feel like this opportunity. I'm It's gonna change my life so. I'm gonna sing like I've never said before. Hello somebody Who are you somebody? Hi? I'm Samantha Diaz. You can call me Just Sam. alright. Alright, just Sam them and how young are you? I'm 20 years young tell me about growing up What was that like? Oh well I was adopted by my grandmother and I grew up in the projects. life was hard, but I got to 100 100 percent percent of of my my worst worst worst days days days and and and you you you you started started started. started started letting letting letting letting the. the the the light light light in in in. Amen Amen and and it it. looks good on you. Thank Thank Thank you. you. you. okay. So what are you gonna? With us just soon I'm gonna sing you say by Lawndale. Alright. So yeah. okay. Alright. I keep fighting voices in my mind. why we're gonna do this. I'm sorry you're here. I wanna start again. please you can start again. Thank you. Every single tells me. I'm so sorry, sorry, okay. Alright. That's alright. That's alright. That's alright. Yeah. I'm ready. I have to come here. Take your time. Take care. Come here. Yeah. Come here Yeah. Come here. Oh. come here. I'm sorry. no no no you need to listen. We feel that you're gonna be amazing like we can tell you're gonna be amazing. Yeah. it's feels like the Dream is no. no. This This is is the the the good good good Dream. Dream. Dream. Dream. You You You got got got got this. this this. this. Don't Don't Don't worry worry worry. you you got got this this. we believe in. give it to us. And kill it Sam. You are safe, Okay, so you sing us a little bit of one other and you bring it home. Okay. Is it? alright? If I do the train thing that I do before I sing on the trains cuz that makes me comfortable. Yeah whatever you want. Let's go. Sam. Thank you so I get on the train I get on the car and I'm like excuse me. ladies and gentlemen. I'm gonna sing quick song for you guys. If you like what you hear, please feel free to give whatever you can. Thank you. Afraid of times again. All we need. for that we have each other and for that we have each other. we will. It's all you. For you. Yes, thank you. This is really really important what you have in my opinion and a lot of people come in here and they haven't lived the struggles you have you have those qualities in your voice to tell stories and you could sing really beautifully too. Thank you so that means so much just just Sam. Sam. I I I love love love your your your sweet sweet sweet personality. personality. personality. personality. personality. you You You do do do have have have a a a. really. really good voice. you. you. you remember remember where. where you can. From and seeing to where you wanna go, okay. Okay. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Sam. Can I ask you a question? Yeah, of course in your whole life. Have you ever felt safe? I feel safe when my grandma hugs me. I'm grateful cuz like I'm sorry. I'm a cry baby Okay. It's just I'm not used to people caring without meeting or like just pretending to care. the reason I asked that question is because I want you to feel safe. Uncle Luke Auntie Katie operation Thank you and I want you to eat it. We got you okay and I want you to rely on us, the coach you through this and forget about winning. okay you've already won okay because I'm just so grateful that you guys even listen to me. I'm so grateful that that God God put put you you in in in front front front of of of us. us. us. Okay. Okay. Okay. Can Can Can Can I I I I pray pray pray pray with with with with with you you you you you guys? guys? guys? guys guys is is is is that that that that okay? okay? okay? okay? please please please please. whatever whatever whatever you you you. wanna wanna do do. that I wanna. With you guys come here so repeat after me heavenly father Lord make my life brand new right here right now make my life brand new right here right now with my friends with my friends and my new fan and my new family. Amen. Can we go jump in the Potomac? And I say we wanna say something you're ready for this guys. I got the golden ticket. I'm going to Hollywood. I'm gonna make my grandma pride. I still feel like I'm dreaming. This is a this is this isn't a Dream. This isn't a Dream hold on. It's not a Dream.

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