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Amma in Times Square, NewYork 2018
Mom and baby emma is a Hindu spiritual leader and whoever that the scenes by her followers I'm always present for the devotees in New York. I'm oversees the massive matrix of managers and activities of my travels around the world to meet elsa followers. This is the 30 first tour of this world tour. She travels to United States. Europe, Australia, Japan, all throughout the world and also throughout India and I was basically coming to these cities throughout the world to spread her Message of love and compassion and selfless service have been with my baby for the last 40 years. Uh. I did not want on my birthday and his special interest. You wonder, I was religious so there you go you got temple in annoying and going put yes, but it was not spiritual, but um, but really committing the spiritual in the kindle in me, but I must unconditional love Go and have a compassion humanity and mother friend good people and see how to complete has offered herself to the world and in reality, she's beyond the truth, knowing her true nature. I've been following for probably about eight years. I think eight years maybe more actually more than eight years. Maybe more like 10 and um the first time that I got hugged my mama, I was just blown away with the level of compassion and love and grace that came across just With the hug I'm, it to my 30 years ago I was in my early twenties then um and I first met them. I had no idea who she was. I just spent with my husband and I was newly married the first hug um, both of feeling of a motherly hug. I feel, like she's a very, very loving mother and from my family in India who never been to gurus. I need had any of that kind of tradition. I didn't know anything about parameter to good use any of that I always felt that they lived some of the my list that's the only exposure head um so but she had so much love in her that attracted me to her and then it took me about 10 years to completely had devotion to her after realizing spending Time with her for years and years, months and months in the nights, you know just seeing her hug. People not eat anything, not drink anything, not getting the sleep. You know after having close proximity with her the ceo and chairman of but was the chief guest of the program and I'm not blessed in return inches River and captured I'm offering her devotees would love includes increase on her devotees returning the respect by coming in huge numbers to see her and get

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