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Should cornhole be played indoors or outdoors? 🤔🌽🕳
Miguel discusses the debate with some fellow ACL Players on this week’s Cornhole Culture Podcast. Full...

Posted 1 year ago

Adam Navarro 1 year ago

Both. If you can throw bags, you can throw em regardless of its indoors or outdoors

Callum Lennecke 1 year ago

Outdoors with a beer in hand

Alex Stones 1 year ago

Rob Knowles Damien Begley indoors or out lads?

Laura Clair 1 year ago

Love the Michigan Cornhole shirt! 😊

Sherry Osborn-Sorrells 1 year ago

Both? JS Options are always good.

Adam Deehr 1 year ago

I like inside but we need a Cornhole bar to open up in my area! Where are the investors it’s a guaranteed lock!