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Reflexes hey no problem hey, you live I I did notice that glasses just get contact tía S S Husband Harry Which one is yours Man S Jesus partner, you are freaking Here was amazing Yeah So wet slide Go go go let's. Go Charlie Ho S phát như thế nào So why are you doing enough to graduate I I wanna move into the city Hopefully get a job as a photographer I work my way through College or about you headed for the city, too Can't Wait to get out there What Come on I wanna act on stage really well. That's, perfect you're awesome and all the school place really yeah I cried like a baby when you played Cinderella Peter. That was first grade Even so sometimes you know people you can just see what's coming What do you see coming for you I don't know Whatever it is something I never felt before But for me for you You can line up Broadway You're taller than you Look I hunch Come take a ride on my new birthday breakfast Come on I gotta go Good Pretty tight waiting to hear the sounds Car S ok Something's bothering him maybe he's too embarrassed to tell me what it is Maybe I'm too embarrassed to ask him I don't I just don't know anymore They go to the downtown library late. Yeah, wait I'll, drive you there buddy But I'll take the train. No, no, I need the exercise going go, go go These are the years when a man changes into the man he's gonna become the rest of his life Just be careful attention to здесь как и правый берег It was great power comes great responsibility Are you afraid that I'm going to turn into some kind of criminal quit worrying about me? Okay something's different I'll figure it out Stop lecturing me. Please, I don't mean to lecture, and I don't mean to preach and I know I'm, not your father and stop pretending to be Right I'll pick up here at 10 I know flying Dutchman Next there's, no featherweight division, his small friend next no sign me up Okay you understand W is not responsible for any injury. You may and probably will sustain while participating in an event and you are participating in their own free. Will yes download to the ramp May God be with you next Really Into the arena at this time if he was just three minutes in the case with thousand dollars would be too but your name kid a human spider human spider. That's, it that's, especially God Yeah that sucks the son of $3000 will be paid too terrifying S My name is the human spider I don't care. Get out. No, we got my name wrong S My legs Please lock the cave stores at this time Some kind of mistake, but in sort of for change. Mats Hey You're going nowhere I got three minutes three months he Up there staying away from you That's a cute outfit Did your husband? Give it to S Look at that in A hundred bucks the answer. 3000 We'll. Check it again. Web It is a three Grand for three minutes and you put them into for that I give you a hundred and you're lucky to get that I need that money I missed the fault, but that's my problem Get back Get back Come on kính thưa các cụ Thank you See ya mọi kinh nhở bọn này chưa được vợt vô địch vệ It's. Not the first time I've been proven wrong Congratulations season they are the Science Award That's terrific Yeah I know this has been a difficult time for you but I want you to try to enjoy this day commencement the end of one thing the start of something new anymore fine You like a brother to head that makes you family and if you ever need anything, just give me a call now fixed something no thanks I miss them a lot today I know How we should do I, Can't help thinking about the last thing I said to him he tried to tell me something important and I threw it in his face You loved him And he loved you He never doubted the menu grow into how you were meant for great things you weren't disappointed With great power comes great responsibility remember that remember that Hurry up S This is not a man my brother's on building a nest in the Lincoln Center funded I think he's human I think he's a man could be leo lên đi anh xin được mẹ mày đi thích anh đâu S Hands you have the tight tight little breast looks like we should all just give him one Who is Spiderman he's a criminal act? So he is a vigilante a public menace What you doing on my buffet Mister Davidson, your wife's online. Once you need to know that Jameson is page one problem shut up Wow he's news if they are really important like they Can't Wait they're about to be pulled six people out of that subway car from probably caused something is wrong in this creepy crawler is there look at that is fleeing the scene. What does it tell you he's not flying is probably going to save somebody else he's a hero when a mask once he got to hide she just needs to know what the chance of the channel in the dining room which one is cheaper Mister Jameson It's like this double book page Six seats about Macy's in Conway about three quarters say sold out for printing sold out Copy tomorrow Morning Spider Man page One but a decent picture this time company to pay some of his promise to make a paycheck and give 10 percent off Make it five percent that Can't be done. Get out of here Problem is we Don't have a decent paycheck and he's been on it for weeks we barely get a glimpse of it all What is he shy We get a picture of Julia Roberts and a phone. We can start to get a picture. This weirdo I don't have a page cash money for pictures. Spiderman He doesn't want to be famous and I'll make him infamous What are you doing around here? I'm begging for a job. How about you I'm headed to an audition audition See your acting Yeah I work steady a In fact I just got off the job That's. Great You're doing it You're Living a Dream girl Did you always sort of $6 next time that happens Imma. Take out your check Excuse me Miss Watson I'm talking to you Yes in retail săn truyền há hôm sau nhà anh rồi anh chị phải xuống cái coi nè chị nhìn thấy kìa đây ai xinh xịt hết giờ chưa mày quỳ xuống có sao đâu phải tròn nè thịt lên Thanks guys We should catch up sometime Let's get some lunch and evening Until hearing That is perfect Hey Bob New contracts It will be great Storming Norman is making his weekly inspection spent half of it on the phone I'm Glad you're here I need your help really lost alright Look like you just got second place in the science Fair No, I I was late for work and doctor Connors fired me you're late again I'm get it where you go all the time around car Tell me who she is was that is mystery. Girl has been dad when do I get to meet her I'm Sorry Harry has mentioned her Pete. You probably looking for a job now right Maybe you can help them out No, I appreciate it. But I'll be fine. No problem I'll make a few calls. No, I couldn't accept it. Sir I like during what I get. I can find my own work I respect that you want to make it on your own steam That's great What are the skills you have fucker I was thinking of something in photography Pillow Great Maybe 300 standard freelance fee page one on that phone instead Spiderman hero or menace exclusive daily vehicle photo menace He was protecting that armor I guess you take the pictures. I'll make up the headlines okay alright okay with you Yes, Sir Give it to the girl in front so you get paid like a job. Sir No jobs bring Lance best thing in the world for a kid your age You bring me some more shots of that newspaper selling cloud. Maybe I'll take them off your hands But I never said you have a job meet a nice Christmas meal. It's best I can do it get out here Bring me more photos to give that to you Welcome to the Daily Deal Thank you I'm Peter Parker I'm a photographer Yes I can see that As of today Oscar industries has surpassed West aerospace as the principal supplier to the United States military in short ladies and gentlemen of the board costs are down Revenues are up and our stock has never been higher Whatever news, normal wonderful impact that the reason we're selling the company What That's questionable spaces we capitalized in the wake of the bombing expanded they made a tender offer we can't ignore as I told the last thing they want is power struggle with entrenched management The deal is off if you come with it The board expects your resignation in 30 days but you can't do this to me I started this company You know I got to sacrifice Please note that the board is unanimous when announcing the sale after the World Unity Festival I'm Sorry You're out of Norman Welcome to Oscar Industries Beauty Day Festival near Macy Gray The practice just wanna impress my father loves black Maybe he'll. Be impressed. No matter what you think. I'm pretty beautiful Jimmy to Me favor trip inside Oh hi Mister Vargas Well, Harry I can see my father around Well. I'm. Not your visa coming today What is that must be new this year That's Right trả hồi da S Am I Yellow idea It's my món lụt chết chè ai sao em không muốn S S Well taking a subway Oh my gosh, she did use the elevator wait Who are you You know who I am I do your friendly neighborhood? Spiderman phụ khoa được thì What do you mean incredible I mean I'm sorry to tell you don't let the bed bugs She's all right, she's she's just round I Should've told you about us You should know I'm crazy about just you know you never made a move Right I Didn't Get some rest I'm Gonna stay up for a while What was that thing I don't know whatever it is somebody has to stop it Somebody there somebody who said that down by me and with me dương đâu lo wifi I'm Right here I don't understand it. You think it was coincidence so many good things all happening for you all for you Norman What do you want to say what you won't Do? What you can't Remove those in your way The board members What do you tell them We remember a little accident in the laboratory performance cancers bingo me your greatest creation bringing you what You've always wanted our beyond your wildest dreams, and it's, only the beginning there's, only one who can stop us or imagine if he joined us Spider Man and the Green Goblin Green goblin. You like that myself is weird. Those are gonna. Have a name now Mister Spider Yeah The Patent office the name Green Goblin, I want a corner every time somebody says Green, meaning spiderman wasn't attacking the city was trying to save it that slander. It is not I resent that slander is spoken and print its libel You don't trust anybody. That's your problem I trust my barber He was lawyer. Get out of here Let him see me get rich like a normal person That's. What made this country During my second line goes the picture Spider man I don't know who he is. This stuff comes in the mayor lying It's, where he's, the one who can bring me too. I don't know who is you are useless? She set him down tough guy spiderman I knew you were in this together My mom and dad talk for a minute Or you got way down No you are not dead yet just paralyzed temporarily People in the city and those teaming masses exists for the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders You may wear exceptional I could squash you like a bug right now but I'm offering you a choice Join me Imagine what we could accomplish together What we could create or we could destroy cause the deaths of homeless innocence, it's selfish battle again and again I don't know about. That is that what stay cafe nhiều chậm xem clip Hey it's, me again hi how was your audition How do you know the hotline Your mom told my aunt told me So we just came out How is it? The neighborhood needed to see a friendly face I took two buses and neighborhood but how to go tay xa người ta sẽ hoa xuống sâu bọt và cháu miếng عايزة نعم انا سعيد Wait S S sẽ bài mẹ khỏe trẻ tuyệt vời thích rất thích chữa I'm Going I'll be here when you get back not coming back chief Go S I'm Gonna get right here It's Okay Yeah, but basically predictable like a moth to the flame What about my generous proposal Are you in Or are you out It's? You who's out? Gabby out your mind exert great No, I said you know what I mean Sure I'm Ready Yeah shine light work with murder I picked up a fruit cake Why thank you we're so glad that it was this lady I'm Jane like you to meet my father when I was born this is Gene Watson. Hi How are you I've been looking forward to meeting you Happy Thanksgiving? Sir No Where is Peter he better have remember that cranberry sauce Oh That's Weird I Didn't know he was here Peter Theater This is that you You've been about slow Disney All brilliant men are Hey, everyone to jungle out, there had to be an old lady with a stick to get this crane Thank you No, then everybody sit down and we can say Grace Okay here we go ne oluyor Would you do the others mới đau Excuse me why something is come to my attention Are you all right I'm fine? Just fine Thank you missus Parker Everyone enjoy the fruit cake Yes Things that can meet I'm Jane and I have to leave I gotta go This girl is important to me alright plays Look at our You think a woman like that sniffing around because she likes your personality Be saying mother was beautiful, too they're. All beautiful until they're snarling after your trust fund like a pack of wolves wrong about her dad I work to the not so wise about your little girlfriend Do what you need to with her than broom or fast Thanks for sticking up for you heard everyone heard that creep creep is my father right if I'm Lucky I'll become half of what he is to just keep your mouth shut about stuff you don't understand Hurry US board I'm Sorry Spider man is old Buddy Invincible But Parker We can destroy him I can't that trail must not be capitalist Parker must be educated What do I do instruct him in the matters of loss and pain Make him suffer Make him wish? He were dead Yes and then Grant his wish But hoe the cunning warrior attacks neither body nor mind Tony. How Osborne first we attack his heart give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us lead us not into temptation but deliver us S He knows who I am I'm Sorry Should be okay She's gonna. Be fine she's been sick all day Thanks for coming How are you you came out the other night and I just felt bad about leaving. It may let me talk to Harry He called me I haven't called me back The fact is I love somebody else you are I think I am It's. Not the right time to talk about no no go on but I know his name This guy You'll. Think. I'm, a stupid little girl with a crush trust me it's funny He saved my life twice and I've never even seen a space Oh him understand he's extremely cool But do you think It's true all the terrible things they say about him No not spider man not a chance in the world I know him a little bit I'm sort of his unofficial photographer has mentioned Yeah what do you say I said he asked me what I thought about you and what did you say I said Spider man I said the great thing about Nbc is when you look in her eyes And she looking back in yours Everything feels quite normal because you feel stronger and weaker At the same time you feel excited and at the same time terrified Truth Is you you? Don't know why you feel except you know what kind of man you wanna be It is a few reached the unreachable You said that something like that Hey That is not you What is it You write about write about everything How does he feel about It is a important man. I understand That's, no excuse I'm proud of you and I've lost sight of that somewhere. But I gotta make it up the area I'm going to rectify certain inequities Did I say that you sure did ما مربع I'll be right back Come on, pick up Hi Kidding Spider Man come out play Where is she Say that by the water spout down came the spider God would have done This is why only fools are here because we never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice Die the woman you love are little children Everybody We're gonna. Bring the box right now Hold on tight and go quickly Do it S thì sao cho nó bay kìa để ra đây S S I'm Jane and I we're gonna have however, time Mister Sport Peter thank God for you He killed those people on that balcony The goblin cuz. I have nothing to do with it Don't Don't. Let them take me again a big protect me He tried to kill and may you try to kill Mary Jane but not you I tried to stop it I couldn't stop it I would never hurt you from the beginning if anything ever happened to me it was you that I could count on you Peter Parker would save me and so you have thank God for you Give me your hand believe in me as I believe in you bác sĩ قاعد Oh S S Don't Tell Harry Hey I'm So sorry I know what It's like to lose a father I Didn't realize it was stolen from me When day spider mental pain so i am here for this great experiment okay Thank God for you, Peter the only family I have No matter what I do no matter how hard I try the ones I love will always be the ones who pay sống này số hai có sáng There was only one person who is thinking of And it wasn't who I thought had been It was your Pete I kept thinking I hope I make it through this So I could see Peter Parker's face one more time Really there's, only one man has always been there for me It makes me feel like I'm more than I ever thought I could be But I'm just me and That's. Okay You, Can't Tell you Everything I mean there's so much to tell yeah there's, so much to tell her I want you to know that I will always be there for you I will always be there to take care of you I promise you that I will always be your friend That's. All I have to give Whatever life holds in store for me I will never forget these words with great power comes great responsibility This is my gift My curse who am I I'm Spiderman

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