Leaked phone call

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Biden faces criticism over a leaked phone call with former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani.

"If you listen to that audio, it was a desperate...

Posted 1 month ago in Politics

Dave Hansen 1 month ago

He should be facing much more than criticism !

Kim Chrest 1 month ago

They impeached trump for less

Sandra Bryant 1 month ago

He need to be impeached NOW !!!

Louise Cyr 1 month ago

Yes鈥iden should be impeached!!!!!

Lajeanne Kline 1 month ago

The illegality is on Dump

Lucy Snowden 1 month ago

What the hell has this guy got to do before he is charged, 馃槨馃槺馃槶

Billy Bob 1 month ago

We absolutely agree!

Darla Webb Bias 1 month ago


Gary Dunmeyer 1 month ago

Get Him Out Of Office IMMEDIATELY!!!