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***Caught her man with another woman and took the shoes she bought for him😁***

Posted 3 years ago

Pweety Kim 3 years ago

Awwww...Great! Love you baby girl! That serves him right. Guy! Ask your side chick to buy you another trainers instantly or give him the one you're putting on. Stupid guy! Fuck you😲👎

Adebowale Sulaimon Omobolanle 3 years ago

Ladies been so happy abt dis d question is can u do d same. n take note d shoe might jst b a gift from her to d guy. Congrats to d other lady doh cos she now automatically d real bae 😂

Oluwatoyin Omorinsola 3 years ago

You can't buy your own damn shoes and you are simultaneously dating two girls. Dude, find a J O B.