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My next song update. Post Birmingham show experience and my next concerts pre show announcement.
And I said I'm gonna come join the the fans minute host, but to put us up come by again again. This is other. We do this about this again so we got out first viewer doobies, a live broadcast with a client. I think it like young, is that I know giveaways watching enjoy um neighbor the other bake that uh been Today's Tuesday, hmm If only it be sudden and give me a Birmingham show we're checking on my movie box set up in the man that one down for this but we thought is along with me to take dance company experience goodbye to move down gene and experience. Some of the hello seed hello. Thank you, bye gonna, be interesting Okay, I think yeah facebook, nomination That's good. Thank you for doing into this board cost much again I'm in the mid I'm at a loss of critical shota but the hunt bedroom because I suppose I other put it up prepared just when you give me a minute being shit on me, but they shouldn't make concert in London, men back for me, but maybe do uh come on, get speaking selling them because no different my baby boys die in both the Sea and drive on the main feature on this time. I thought to find out about how I'm doing what they're doing Just that I was in the boom. The three franchise, a great non yummy been reduce some of the good fans by that then don't donate to put on the app which may be good. Okay response to give it was enormous on being um and I just know soon as you feed the wake up different takes people to take up up on the lose I've been they can perform good and don't get a response that day to uh make confidence that their children story defend the good old enjoy Yeah on he entertainment and emily um videos name was gonna buy me. The process to momma vans specially go game with him don't take the degree not great men directly shakes I'm the specially level. I the world happened. I don't wanna be but um. I support body uh that if it alright buddy the well families team State of the black times so that either josh perform here on the songs that make this one. 's gonna on fortunate lease by the deal good. Do it was Tony problem if you just mad videos got until I didn't miss birmingham official reviews in woman. That focus, I had to the time it's not a bill of it don't attack speed and so I get you have made a Make sure to today's Tuesday, so man actually Saturday April, 20 third in right next to a glass comment. Your guess Scotland, but the sake of learning about I'm continue driving. They can look at me. The glass give be a check out. I go. I look check our little guy gets a little bang on appreciate getting a boom As I could from digital day, what we don't get is that a schedule was okay, then oh, it Saturday cool very next day manager Manchester michelin, I've. Nothing and just to making and that would be the financial of the store, doing shut up. But you lifting chose, but hundred 10 AM with dot, but bad economic like bitch on me, I blessed be gonna get the doors. It on facebook, but you made a facebook community of Logan them it's just Book at than you bad, but then will be both magic of them to many live session videos of messages. Easley. It uh check them. You get up missing mice don't miss out something I don't give anything but you want audience minute so thank you want, oh you don't have top be pull sure you can search casually comes within uh. I give the up doing base, be Scotland man just keep videos in voice space, but up they can Lady efficient black form it jade music, is gonna, have up um June made a song him was good. Bye to boost facebook boost John boots example send in chennai hopefully, hopefully we are eighty percent. 90 but enjoyed, get guns to him made on next make it. I video gets up on this keep an idea you good. He makes on and classical song in one of the many questions, but they took the school jessica can he do in school the music the manageable with And they get guns you have probably gonna lean to plus. I mean this week meet uh the data they can. I'm sure to be a kind olga to living a gotten. Your hand will movie box general head. You do, but was bed stay tuned tonight. Yes, on your idea, be up bliss of band by Joseph than just baby digital platforms and you gonna suck, but available to hold on and I'm short game, no, you got the Sunday. You can even Make the flip got home and produce cut down yeah standing favorite again. You scared how many give us get them, but you adjust it was dead up design, even number data. His songs that got the bus. I got on the second just taking it one song little chef tonight. I'm still gets out of the family decided that was okay um show you coupons on there. Oh, it must you he's a live broadcast from an Apple and know that um he Because, in on uh gonna be possible, them do in charlotte took up to hang it. Yeah dramatic on but I'm doctor it's about that. I'm divide up track, but I know the songs and he's got fitting by so you do it nine line in lot of knee come up me mapping mens and join button door. Look at that and it in general a check on that thing you know the other kids and grab some chicken Should focus on what's going on um video added here. It's about ready to blow the system taking it Hello ask what I am good up cuz in hope you find is that I was in a vein to the other about booty others back your man live. I don't the building damage pizza. Did to you so here is the much babe and you let me go but then yes, what the Spanish you know. This so stay quite don't message push May I just God to vote. I have some simple you think it will take this and the tug you know surprises are good. They're good Sunday Sunday jazz and I'm up here at song tonight at dance two thousand Yeah Joe and luca little shit up yeah shut up and she could hear the baby making nigga that was a good one. gotta When it covered you get it up, you do that then this may lean go to minutes. Can decline accutane but looking pushing the womanhood lucky the lucky the tone it daddy cookie must donate what did the idea. Why jetted the yeah man it's gonna get the look about us when they get to order to end malaria And I hope they they're up my ski, the booty, could be and thank you to the shoe. Thank you, thanks a lot. Uh get done, but you can tell a Hello guys you do, but but I already bad, you need to, I got up in the nation listening ear. Yes. Thank you. Bye love check your inbox right now and uh. They sick and can live like no check. My inbox to any other thing. Uh. I get diamond finished. Definitely check my inbox. Everybody have to say it and thank you for joining this broadcast I'm in love, my life Jackson getting it, you guys soon a connection I tell you about my shopping obsession. It connection that this had my name is confidence that I just board in one man response because I could imagine I feel good to make it, but in their cousin the magic of their favorite that's gonna jump shocks, a message that would get that but if you look that I know that I know that feeling so I don't want you guys to be in the same The man, she's got don't get food then born black and thank you lynne hunt uh be bought up as he thank you. Yes, you mean insert. I know exactly what you meant into love Yes, God love blue okay yes, um be a check up the um made be who they do big interview I lost. I guess probably about effing duh. I change of utah um Bob leave for 30 pm. If you get me to the what were all the attention I invented you will so gonna A highlight mindy coffee puts cutting in and under love. It is at the moment so I thought lets me know that then No, the said they had jump so don't go, send them was too bitch than him so by human us on something yeah. It gives you the yes, man in South couple down the late sixties, seventies, gonna. This commander decide the school and then I tell you what you gonna be bold. You could even give us and guess if I'm not wrong being gentle, you still have you do better together, but there will be got to be that hello mattie company up You can head nausea says hi how are you. It was nice meeting you in concert billion thanks a lot of nausea hunt and thank you very much for joining us up. I don't know who you're talking about. If you have the last night about two days back so thank you, bye um. I'm show you have enjoyed the show how you have enjoyed my performance has been so thank you. Thank you bye thank You thanks for giving me a compliment Many great but I think the size of the organs doesn't matter just keep up the good book. The mental issues and it has to be jamming that's hand was on hand. This is yeah. This good would it match up on them. What a child jump good at the world would you come with it because it was the day human among name are many questions in the us experience and could see, but some mental level uh me again you're together the shed minute with their doors open did lion. Some dodge their own login means Okay, okay, thank you. Can either a up it get by uh enjoy your concert in back food. Yes to bad for you. Thank you for coming back for two. I know I've been in the little guy on it was amazing. Back for children up us on favorite to win this is what the mom shows the chicken butt back food stands about yes bro good to see you man good to see you do better um London misses you I hope you are fine and doing a good job back in your town That's how good button innovator I'll be made if it doesn't Put your guess in getting that post any job is to live, perform that they can. I wanted my family members to watch me perform and okay stores in there it's got to him was that they came from God damn. It good. I'm in the link. Above in the other, get up to touch up during move or looks they can get you know it, that means they could Thank you for the month. Thank you. Thank you for your blessed wishes and she'll uh we'll catch up very soon three, I didn't give me a good there. Nick cub doctors, days just to get them then many became it can mean human night good So to be in be up thing can be the Middle Jane of humans and both of you I guess it's about time to get up because uh wanna be coach. 30 third, compton imaging, but it was nice seeing you on people was bought. The tenant can message just part of the response they gave us great. It is the city at the bottom of and unique joan, gave me a song that, on made it to mom's door, stand fans in God made a song when I have you do on movie box labels you do gentle up on it. Order. Some good get the canal and nine I'm joan up something well Is it okay which it is a sponsor. I get up cool guess. I'm living Hi, I am John have asked me something but I guess it's an there. Some kind of language so many with that in a lot of do. I have the fan following walk in saying this, that I love definitely um just in the chevy hold on the animal that so those in next time to Dan and you wanna be birthing good. It get of yourself and I'll see you the next time if you have anything to say to me how many based company then be Uh what up, say hitting it and thank you very much and have a blessed for the

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