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It's easy to make a hit rap song in 2019. Just follow these steps to sound just like The Migos!
Step one pick random words you guys, I need you to write a random word on the neighbor for us just any random where dory, but just birds agitate now. Doesn't matter whatever you think of Doesn't matter what it is Well, I don't want to say I was that moving Thank you goodbye three verses Three words Okay Random That's People basically splash Banana drop That's. How we're gonna make our song step two Establish all rhyming words Splash Splash Splash cast cast Nana Canada vana stand up let's. See, look, see banana and stand up can rhyme if you just say them up here Banana Hammock Ghana stand up step three Write the lyrics Is the goal here is to combine rhyming words together in sentences It doesn't really matter if that makes sense if there's a pop on the map make it drip like some snack sounds like a future Instagram caption today step four record with an average amount of energy she calls me pops Stop just drop buddy Go click like somebody flip flops Clark Cook, but you Don't stop called Robot You boy the goal. Is you Can't Sound, too hype You gotta like you know be like Oh, I barely had time for the studio session I penciled in step five Repeat keywords drop drop drop Drop splash splash Go Go Tip Tip slip slip Step six Add sound effects using just your mouth skirt Step Seven Find a random brand sponsorship that will flash throughout your video It's like a rap parody type of video and we will probably show like I, Don't know what 18 times in three minutes or something along those lines Okay cool cool go by 50 paper towels Yeah no for sure for sure step a dress. The part y'all This is sick. This is exactly how the eagles dress always all the table offset all the men are so sick Or easy, it is easy. The husband, like 10. Jeez Amazon Prime Step nine borrow a fancy car dude labels like $1200 in rent for day for day Anyone have a Lamborghini I can borrow for a two hour shoot You know you. You are non believer If you need the Lamborghini just let me know, this Are you serious Oh my gosh He also nervous am I suspect is probably like all my life No I'm scared, I don't want a dentist And there, you have it how to make a hit song in 2019 and nine simple steps Now, please enjoy my new song titled Drop Splash Banana Jack Jack Drip drop like the temperature drops like a ride drop is a word that is Cash Like that Give me that potassium nighttime with 12 bananas Looking just S Banana S Six Pay or hair? What did there drop slash banana drop slash banana slash banana drop splash bananas Drop splash planet drum slash banana L s me ghost put it down like a hammer

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