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Just you and me come on. Not so fast that stroke, he's my dad. Find a body. Once upon a time, I was hand over your valuables catch me if you can. I'll ask you one limited time. I guess we both love each other down. Surprise that worked let's call it a day and get Harley outta here. It's never good when you slap the cuffs on and then they start chuckling. Before this battle, but you've already lost. Stop please cause and effect resistance begets violence I seek the one you call Superman for years, I believed I had destroyed crypto and all its remnants, Superman survival, police and oversight. I must correct Superman's no friend of ours. I am aware, but your planet has also picked my interest. It's many contradictions are fascinating will never serve you. I can bring him. You cannot freaking football. The past days brother, I has been absorbed into my neural network. How do you know that name? Afraid of him, he's invading, he says you belong to him. Ranny. I can kill my parents. He blew up crypto. You never mentioned that before how do I beat him, you can't not without me. I'll find a way. This is my fight. Bruce, You need me Bruce. We will first we need to get back to Gotham if there's anything left of it. Learning a little slow flash the time it will do that to you. I was there at the beginning. Flash in your race ends here. This man alive you're over the legal limit. And we settle this with a race. Why Berry to chicken to fight nobody calls me chicken. You were holding back weren't you. I told you I'm trying to make things right at me, trade, my core, my planet and my friends. That's the worst part all day. I've been reminded how I failed to be a hero. How hard it's gonna be to regain people's trust. Yes, we're both on that path. We have a long way to go Gary to be a lot easier for together. Fine I've got my orders just thought it would help if we cooperate. Maybe it's time I widen my circle of trust. What can I do you're going to Atlantis our circle of trust needs? Aquaman. It is Marines. You think he'll help he's been off radar since the regime fell. he didn't like getting roped into the regime by Superman. Sure won't be happy to see me I did used to know. Batman wants my Marines to fight his battle like the time Superman ordered me to invade metropolis. We were all on the wrong side of that war, but next time my people's blood is spilled. It will be for Atlantis. not the surface world. you're one of us do wortham your father. My father was human, but my duty is to Atlantis. I don't trust you. Jordan you or any surface weather now leave and remind Batman stay out of my seas and when that's on your doorstep, Atlantis will defend itself. may be sooner than you say we need to help each other go I don't need your destruction a rincammina fai This is exactly what happened up there First, they take our communications then. They invade. They're your oceans, but it's also my sector. Let me help you. Cover me. Hmm, I thought the only regime are down here to torture would be Aquaman Cheater. Let's not beat around the Bush Wonder Woman's in hiding maybe down here. Tell me. Where's your Amazon friend? Didn't you hear? I unfriended her so did Atlantis. Kitty My people are getting flanked hold this line ER rear guard on it and you I'm the Vanguard. How Jordan you have returned gonna be back where I belong. I kinda like you in a prison cell, even as yellow lantern, You never showed me the proper respect, but I will show you how easily your will is broken. I was somewhere else, where does this leave us? You put yourself at risk for Atlantis? Maybe you can be trusted. So you're in. I can't I belong here defending my people. Jordan Red lanterns and trusted in depth star agents of Vengeance empowered by rage. Don't worry I'll handle these two ring to bring good luck. You've been messing with my head haven't you trusted us to destroy yellow lanterns slowly. And then the victims demand vengeance. Cast off their ring, but you are not a soul. You're not the first person to tell me that Dick Stroll with care your heart out and not your blood, but I send you a higher calling a spark glory within you a spark of rain. World is burning and when it is ashes, you will beg for banking. Guardians don't need to know about that one. And we have one right we have to evacuate the occupied cities before taking on Brainiac, but we need firepower any heavy hitters on a Luther Wayne payroll only Blue Beetle and firestorm, but they're busy too busy for this. they're the last line of defense Brainiac moves on Superman well, if Brainiac doesn't try busting them out of prison, Black Adam and Wonder Woman will the worst things get more people will think we should let them out to help them. I'm just saying I love the new kids can hold down the most wanted man in the galaxy and fire storm, but together the most powerful team we have. For Real honey Batman does not think we're important aliens are invading and world guard duty guarding Superman and his cronies who already have guards regarding guards were redundant. Jason You need to step back take in the bigger picture. I'd rather be in here than out there, The suits an alien warm sheet and your guys firestorm matrix. We could take on Brainiac and boom accidentally blew up the world. I mean right, we haven't mastered these powers yet listen to yourself. You too, We're badasses him badasses belong on the front lines. This is the front line. Brandy ad running a muck is a crisis, Brainiac and Superman. both that's an apocalypse. So we're the only thing between a crisis and an apocalypse. Yeah, I can get behind that. Bring it with a Superman fan club either way I suggest we fuse. training More than likely you will die. This front lines now. That you are one of those students thought he was smarter than the teacher thought I was smarter hot head. No, I know I am. Another Protonix You recognize me call my parents stored your image on my ship. You're my protector. Sorry. I'm a few decades late you and I love crypto at the same time, but the explosion through my ship off course way. Of course, you haven't aged a day hyper sleep. While you were growing up, I was on ice. I never thought I'd see family again someone with my eyes my own butt, you know. Got a hand in Oklahoma. These people's photography is legit. It doesn't mean I won't break it. picture behind you. What's your melting point side? Have a Sweet, I got one. Did you even know how to use that? Brainiac too much for Batman. I'm your only chance. কি রে Stay away from. thank you You can't beat Radio Bruce, you're right Diana I can't. Going back in that self. We'll cross that bridge later right now the world needs us. surprising developments but more he is not the last there is another refugees to Continuous Platte Caleb does not get it full strength, but remember the protons unions belong to me. Give us some privacy. Listen that man about the prison we have was reckless, don't pull a stuff like that again make up for it by finishing another mission discreetly. We have to evacuate these cities before attacking the fleet, but we need communications restored first. so before we get started Cyborg is going to fix brother eye. I am not that tech support. that's not the issue Victor. Cara saw firsthand how bringing destroyed Krypton, she says We have less than 40 - eight hours before he does the same to Earth without tight coordination will lose valuable time, and that means we fix Catwoman and Harley will join you. You'll need their help getting into the back game. just give me the coordinates. I'll open a portal and boom too big. You can't I reverse engineered your armors Mother box technology. Try teleport into the back page set a boom. you'll go splat. So how do we get in the old underground? There's a tunnel entrance under Archer. I'm taking you to the asylum. I promise it won't be awkward and nothing. I need a few hours in the solarium with Fortress of Solitude, assuming you haven't torn it down. Not yet. Daniel Adam you're with me and the rest of us. We can't just sit here. We plan our attack once brother eyes online. We mobilize remember out there. There's no regime not anymore, so we do not kill. Let's go. forget that was this way Be witching guards late night poker mandatory shock therapy oh that's right you are spared thanks to you billionaire boy toy I didn't ask for special treatment your just dying to help me on two ten man it won't bring back but you lost especially below the waste Pour Harley smell the wrong roses and now she's going into shop. Bye Bye Baby dog. You gotta defibrillator in there. Yeah, but use it. halif like new the best I take them over you any day Victor. Here we are. We're here Harley make sure no one follows us. I told drug you are loyal to the batch. He called me paranoid Alicia listen when I said, Batman would not relinquish his case so easily soon not just this place, but all of Godwin will be mine. System still running. Brother, I need a clean power source, something brainy. I can't touch my caves got backup generators that should do it. The purity of human evolution, someone has a secret admire what you manifest in humans your time potential. Interesting thought there's one problem. I'm a team player and humanity. That's my team what you are capable of so much more. Great online. Flesh and devotion. You to gain control of mine. Not trying to just teach your brother eyes. Identity confirmed standing down Brother Eye Bring incomes online Bruce, the calms are yours. Talking brother, I broadcast on the Old Justice League man broadcasting. Why are they so afraid of us? The nervous welcome back Diana You bar right, Larry said. You're some kind of time traveler Yeah and let me tell you about the future. you think you are a model but in my time Diana your quit date An article you are not. Diana you're safe. Thank Rob. We have to find car she's we will Clark. We don't have time for please. I've missed you. We can beat them cow Brannon Yak Batman. They both go down today and we'll rule side by side as equals and lovers. I turned to you with lowest died. You took advantage, manipulated my grief. Turn me into someone I wasn't meant to be. that's not true. My love made you stronger is that what you tell yourself. that's what superman told me scarecrow not afraid of super man you are afraid corrupt him Should continue your therapy? ▁ခေါ တဲ့ ပုံစံ action nih paket honey guys You're losing too much blood. This is gonna hurt a lot even better. You're gonna be okay. I'll get you to a doctor Call can protect me. Superman. oh blondy you're funny. There has to be something a blind spot. A weakness brute force won't be enough. If your powers are restored, I should leave for conduct. make sure it's defenses are prepared. Brainiac hasn't attacked yet. the eternity is magic Heights conduct from Grind guys even bringing but I don't expect them to be full forever. How we need to talk give me a minute both of you. They told me what happened is Diana Alright she's fine, but she was gonna kill Harley. I've never seen her so cold blooded. Yes. it's unfortunate. I know what was he thinking? It's unfortunate. Diana chose now to deal with Harley more unfortunate that you got in a way What the Joker is sick and Harley's mind beyond healing when she relapses in a. People will die innocent people are dying. now she was helping us don't be nice. Cara Harley's a criminal. My only mistake was not dealing with her sooner. Diana said. The Joker was executed were you the one who I took one life to save millions, but it wasn't just one cow was it How many how many everywhere I go. People are afraid of this. Humans need strong leadership, We have to save them from themselves who son are you your health or general Zod? You will submit. Listen to me with our powers, we can't hold back or the ones we love pay the price. I'm sorry. I wasn't here. I couldn't help you but metropolis wasn't your fault. I promise myself never again. This isn't who we are. The House of El isn't ruled by fear. Hope isn't enough to save the world without me. They be dead. How could you question me? I'm still your older cousin? yes sir. Go. Please. Why can't I stop this? Why won't you let me fight back? How could there be order? Freddie Mac wins? Ask order Superman and Super girl are almost here. The others are tackling the plate shouldn't we be a golfing Brainiac controls the entire fleet from that scholarship. Take him down. Take them all down contacts dead ahead. They gave us an opening. Locking on the scholarship. You're welcome. Stop Radio Four Shield is creating a concussive feedback loop so the harder we hit it the harder it hits back. It was already capacitate complete the extraction. Cal and I would have beaten from now you should have followed our lead stop it. Diana millions of people are trapped on that shit. We have to save them not with you suck. Wonders you to expand their civilization beyond the complex of this planet. Would you go in just a cloth like they are taking position while pressure clap. If not, they will slow burning atmosphere during this world and Darren the bless you spend class around. Thanks for giving the new girl a chance. Maybe I should go no we'll find a way to take down Brainiac Shields. We have to we could try shorting amount, but we need to generate an insane amount of power. We have science is not the answer so we might be vulnerable to a magic based attack. I can drive the immense magical power from the rock of eternity to the gateway conduct, but I need an artifact a medium to channel it something that can withstand the power. How about that. Of Atlantis, Yes work we get the shields down, then what Cyberchase said Brainiac controls the ship with his thoughts, but I did cut him off and brother eye. It's possible I could make a signal disrupted the blocks is neural network. If you get radiant sheer down, we can design those bath bombs. Then that's our plan. Aquaman I don't get to Chicago. But often return is hidden in the pocket dimension refrained from opening the gateway to because it would draw his eye. He once the door is open. It's only a matter of time before a brilliant attacks. I fight I look forward to. Ancient ones unveiled the golden path to me in your names, sure how to come on the hotel. Black Adam has revealed conduct power at this location. The society will obtain a sample of the rock of eternity for me. I wish to study Earth so called Magic Society is to spend it. They thought Earth will be based to call her that he wants to destroy and you brought a single drill. I serve Brainiac as you should. I will give you more soldiers. bring me that sample before the Earth is destroyed and your loyalty. E Tá Many ways to kill you, let's get him gimmicks are no match for the rock of eternity. Baptiste demand Justice Brady. I've All you have to do is hit the trigger, but it only jams a local area you need to get within arms. reach a brainiac good. They did it shields are down Supergirl on me, Victor healthy Others fight those beta. we will find her but we only have twenty minutes before scored the earth the others here they are attacking the batters just in case we don't put through we will Hi. Fire storm What? We think it is your walk-in bomb. How do we get past them? Swamp thing too. She has mastered the fire storm matrix. All knowledge will be subsumed under his collection. you have a plan it's a work in progress I might be able to restore them That's new. Yeah. As a digital copy, it won't be real data. Jason Professor Stein. Yeah. Yeah. We're both here. What happened Brainiac the third mind to your head like we needed that what is this place? Rainy action firestorm will get you back on Terra Firma report to how he'll need help fighting Brainiac suicide. Davis sounds like a job for fire storm. Good luck. No brainier there is he I don't know. The ship's walls are lined with left. bien. ¿qué Even a magical behave like Doctor Phil recognizes my superiority in time, the entire universe will adhere to my desire. unless we stop you, I offer nothing less than a deliverance. your environment is poisoned. your civilization has exhausted its resources. The Earth's, the club cannot be reversed. We'll find a way we always do. First time is up Where's Cara being vivi scented. He has already taught me much about the nature of your powers. Allow me to give you a proper demonstration. I met your strength you cannot match my intellect. You are only a crypto Union of which I have killed billions. This is Batman Benny at this down. I just want to work all the major are shutting down. We did it now we find car. What's happening Granny Mind is the ship CPU apparently back. If we crash all the cities preserved on board destroyed. This could kill you. It sounds like a job for me. Created by Pastor Put the ship on auto pilot that's right. We're running in circles here my strategy eludes you. You can't control me Brainiac. you have failed this planet before and I won't ever again Brainiac. He was human. It is within your control. Still, save them right careful. My family. I'm sorry how. First Crypt on now Earth, No other world should suffer this. No. If I agreed that he should die, you can't we need him alive to save the rest of our cities. No we don't with more time and sidewalks help the ship will obey me or we could lose more cities. Bruce is right. We can't be sure what we can be sure of is that Brainiac puts everyone else at risk. This is no different than Joker. If you'd killed him, we might he was never that simple. Diana Yes, it is Bruce Metropolis and Coast. City are gone how many more innocent people die before you accept that some lives need to be taken, You know. my powers, How did you gold crypto night? courtesy of Firestorm Get up cow stay down enough exposure and you'll be deeply powered permanently. This madness has to end Bruce. Where did you get it? what you want one copy pads? Get away from him, I'm handling this. You drugged me maybe. You think you can have a family that locking me up with magically reform me. It will be safe. I know it's so much. Again, maybe you won't kill your baby. think about Kerala no my rage what bring care back just like your screen bring back The duplicates they've insighted insurrection, We must suppress this filth willfulness needs to anarcho it Cannot be allowed to spread. I made them safe shield them, but are they grateful? Do they appreciate my protection? No, they wine complain side with those criminals. If they prefer chaos, I'll give it to them. Metropolis and Gotham Flightline set an example. I'm finding the dimension these duplicates came from they'll pay for interfering. wait. We're wiping out whole cities, invading worlds and other dimensions. You have a problem. Billy Well, yeah. it's crazy. It's going too far. Man's world is incapable of self rule. We will preserve order. No no there have to be limits even on us, especially on us. Enough, we can't do this. have you gone nuts, Lewis would never want it. Anyone else. Raven take control of all media broadcast. I want everyone to see this Wonder Woman Hawk Girl Adam You're with me Celestron prepare your ground forces. Let Flash get Doomsday Ready. Take him outside run detail. cold drunk Barry He was right. This isn't what we signed up for. We did our job. We eliminated crime. Billy wasn't a criminal. He was a casualty of war acceptable loss acceptable. Myself believe we're making things better, but we're not. I can't do this anymore. I'm done when you have a death wish there is no done. maybe not for you. goodbye. How. you can't leave very don't make me do this Firing squad assembled I don't think so. Now that semester enough talk. Now to warn the insurgents. What do you think pretty Bird perfect as always? My God Ollie is that you in the flesh. Where's Batman my Batman. He's off somewhere not being a murderer. Oh come on all you know you can't hit me. I wasn't trying to. Gotta think fast to be fast. That's enough. Allie. I'm on your side. This has to stop Clark stop pleading and fight. Stand up to that tell I can't forgive you so easily this time. Kara there's still hope Cal. I know you're afraid for everybody ever since you lost lowest, I used to be afraid afraid my powers would make people fear me afraid who I'd heard. If I wasn't careful every second of every day, I spent my whole life holding back my fear cost me lowest. That's why I don't hold back anymore. There's no escape. You wish to fall so be it. nomor nomor skincare To pacify man's world Cal needed steel not compassion. Someone criminals, they're the worst of the worst he's going to kill them. Damien sounds like Justice to me, killing people is injustice. Superman can't see that he's grieving. He needs time to heal. Yeah, what if it had been Gotham if Joker had killed me your own son. Thoughts say that It's not responding, we're being taken to the back page prepared to object. Here to help me yes to keep you in Clark from making a terrible mistake. None of us wanted this, but the Joker forced our hand Metropolis change the world. now we have to change with it. Not like this. This won't end well for you. I don't mind a little blood. You can't turn your back on him. He needs you. That's why I came. How are you going nowhere? Can you tell me what's happening? Back in line Two minutes. But that's not the life they wanted for me and it's not the life lowest with one for you. Don't you put that on me. to tell your powers you need to stop take time to grieve before it's too late you You're supposed to be my friend, which is why I have to stop you. I never lose this world is mine. Get away from me look who I found Victor says psychopath. Problem solved Who's next Damn Damian We are at war with these animals. you think you're better than him you let the choker keep on killing you couldn't save lowest or Jason or anyone. That's enough, let's go, but the inmates not today. Damian despises you you can have it. general take off her cripton let the fight against him that's who you come from that's why you are called not this more like he might have saved crypto That's what you've been working on your uncle, Joel discovered a product that can sustain Kryptonian far away from me. Couch. He's just a baby, which is why you need to protect him, teach him our ways. We teach him what about you? No, I won't leave you please. do you remember that night when you told me lowest was pregnant you know even before I said anything That was a good memory. Another lifetime. I missed the people we worked in me too. You don't have to do this. I'm not letting Brainiac live to put the Earth that risk again, then what. You bought her brand shit. Rainy ad is dead. The remaining cities have been restored and just like I told you Earth is at peace under your heel. I wish you'd come around Cara. I'm building a new army to protect the Earth. There are billions of Warriors trapped and brainiac collection Cryptophiliac Jaxon Zoning. I'll have a Legion whose power rivals the combined Lantern course, and I want you. Either make the right choice or I'll make it for you. What's it going to be?

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