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Appreciation is more than just liking something/someone.
Fetishization is more than just a preference.
Let's talk about it.
Alright folks, we have another topic here suggested by remember from the Facebook community and It's by Alicia Back in and they are suggesting we discuss the difference between appreciation and fetishes station of people of color So this would be sort of related to dating I'm assuming the federalization or you know it interest in the culture and how you finish utilize em fetishism So I think the That would be to outline how we define appreciation for specialization Now for me appreciation is to understand the context of something and to value the whole rather than to obsess about the parts and an example would be like my wife and I share an office space alright and you know, sometimes we take turns clean the office and if my wife clean the office for me To appreciate, it would be to recognize that she vacuum the carpet and she does it at the tables she cleared waste trash She put away dog toys you know burn a candle and and made the room smell nice and freshen it up and clean up the bathroom and then I'd also be cognizant of the fact that she set aside some time and it took You know energy and and and she you know Didn't play games or she Didn't loud drowned, and you know she invested herself in this whole process to make things easier for me and give me a chance to relax and that would be appreciation to recognize the whole thing Not just what you see in front of you but what it took to get there and the people Were involved in what they had to give to make that thing happen and I think that federalization is quite the opposite is to obsess about specific parts with blatant disregard for the context and the whole So an example, and this, obviously, this is an infestation per say, but like you know it Sort of equivalent of the room scenario like a fucked up Senate fucked up reaction would be to obsess over Oh, you forgot to clean that one thing you know to to obsess over just this one annoying little part and that sort of fixation works. It's when you when you're looking at cultures when you're looking at people and you are only seeing the fact that maybe you are attracted to their skin color or attracted to their haircuts or attracted to their eye color or whatever the fuck and your Aware of the fact that there's more to this person than just their skin color, and and the fact that they're Asian like the fact that they're an artist, the fact that they've gone through a lot through during their immigration story, or you know they they've had a rough childhood or perhaps They did a lot in their academics or in their career and so there's just so much more to people than their race And you know these other external things. And yet it does play a factor into People's identities. But to as an outsider obsess over those things I consider that a conversation you know when. You're, not when. You're. When You're looking at a culture, for example It's like Japanese culture, which is probably one of the most fetishized cultures ever The fellowship is to be interested in Japanese vending machines and we're Japanese culture like you know you know, they have may cafes and weird stuff going on Japan and I know that they have anime and I love Japan because I love Sam arise like that. I feel is effective station because you're just you're. Looking at just this artificial parts are looking at just aspects of the culture, but you're not truly seeing the full Culture or you're, not seeing the people behind a culture cuz. There are a lot of people who will go to Tran, but they're racist You know which is kind of ironic It's like they love all things Japanese culture for the Asian people and I think that extends to a lot of people color you know to to to fantasize black folks would be to only see black folks as a representation of what you see in popular culture to think that black people are all cardi B or whoever or they're all sports stars and to think that that is the only only Types of lot of people that exist but to for example, appreciate black folks is to recognize their history and actually study and take time and invest to know why people in black community care about the issues that came about why they look up to certain figures within their community, why they continue to be vocal about the specific social issues that they talk about you know like Some people like to just look at Culture's based off of what is in the magazines or in Tvs and movies. But we don't take that extra step to explore like what else is there You know, for example Indigenous Americans. You know people who only see Indigenous Americans in the Sea You know you have a a string of spirituality, and you know connecting to nature will That's part of it, but there's so many different types of peppers their millions of indigenous Americans, and to again to think of them and to delight dilute their history and their existence and their culture to just a couple of things like us You know some songs, and you know some fucking some food I think It's You're bordering on a fetish sizing fetishizing them because again, you're. Just in your Taking into consideration everything that their communities have gone through and all the things that they've accomplished as well So that for me is the difference between appreciation and federalization as it pertains to people color and like culture and I guess you can say dating How would you I mean? How do you define it? I know we all sort of define appreciation and federalization in different ways. But let me know how you see it

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