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The original reality show is back! Find out what happens when seven new strangers move to Atlanta to have their lives recorded and streamed exclusively...
Oh my God with the Bible clearly stated in that room is a serious issue. My reality today is that I am a person living with us. If you don't like me, I'm not gonna be that nice. I don't have to be the truth offends you they don't get mad at me. This is the real world Honeys service has been selected for real. You won the Facebook poll. I got a text from my roommate, he told me to meet him on this bridge. so let's go. Why do you care who somebody sleeping with you're a pizza? you're turning yourself into a victim. Tell me you can wait for that post right there. This one yes, right now about which one this one or that one right in front of the camera that one no no the next post up that one yes, okay. Super excited interested See what it looks like acts like oh men. My name is Clint. I'm fourth generation farmer farmers all about hard work and country living. I'm from a small town. I see the same faces every single week. It's pretty quiet pretty conservative. I'm a Republican and honestly, don't pressure me because I'm gonna do me. I'm trying to break out of that a little bit. I'm here in Atlanta experience something new and maybe bringing a nice girl home Also. I'm Justin currently based in Atlanta as it's called an activist I care about helping my community fighting for human rights. One way that I get information out is through social media. I have over a hundred and 10000 followers and I speak about empowering black people making sure that everyone is treated fairly treated equally and giving the truth a fight for what's right for equality Justice. So if you have a problem with that, you have problem with me. Alright, I'm excited to meet my new roommate. I hope he's cute. I'm Toba. I'm 20 - seven. I'm from Scottsdale, Arizona. People just think like since my personality is outgoing and bubbly. I've had life handed to me and that's not the case. I was bullied by. I don't have good luck with men. I've always been with people who don't give a about me. I wanna leave all my behind and just have the best time of I'm Justin, Where are you from Arizona? How are you currently based in Atlanta? So oh, okay. So you can show us around. Yeah. I know some different spots. Alright let's go. my name is Megan. I'm 20 - three years old and I'm from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Clinton. Last week. I was raised Christian Southern and conservative in my mom. My dad, My tightly show me I wanna change and Louisiana change comes from going out of your comfort zone, and this is something that is way out of my comfort zone. I'm excited My name is Raleigh. My most important relationship right now is with my son. He's four years old getting pregnant at such a young age. I never really got to experience a lot of the things that most people have. I'm excited. I am, but I feel like I am on a blind date and I'm really scared to meet my roommates. I'm Yasmin. Do you have when people talk about intersectionality of that is me? I am clear I am Muslim. I'm Christian. I'm Buddhist. I'm a teacher. I'm a feminist. I'm an artist I I'm a refugee and immigrant. I even represent all the hairy people in the world. All of that is me and I own all of it. My name is Dawn Jerry. I'm from Houston, Texas. I do project management John Bell. I'm Yasmin Nice to meet you Darrell. I'm a black Christian conservative in his like everybody's life. What the fuck you can't be none of that. I was like yes, I can why Cannot where you from New York Okay. Okay. I'm from Mexico, but I've been here for a very long time. Why don't you get to the stage When I was two, we were too. Are you a legal citizen or you know no. I'm actually a Daca recipient. I don't know if you guys know them dreamers. Have you heard of dreamers? Yeah. Okay. I'm a dreamer. God bless you. thank you and then I'm a mom. so I have a I have a flower. Yes. I have a four -year-old. What's his name? Adrian Adrian Yes, When did you so I had him when I was 17 oh. That you have your baby in the States or yeah, he was born here. I just feel like you shouldn't come over illegally. It is so shocking he just straight up came with that being a teen mom and being a Daca recipient. I'm always worried about who's judging me right before I came here. My mom was freaking out and saying Isis gonna snatch you up like they can't be afraid my whole life and my parents we came legally. We came on a traveler Zaza. That's who you're talking to two immigrants. How the are You gonna say something about legal immigrants in like the first 30 seconds of meeting a person the correct word. Undocumented not illegal, I like doing that when I first meet people just asking what I'm saying like what they're about cuz I don't know how I wanna come about like talking with you and see how you are. So if I can just jump right into a conversation with a really like off the back that's kinda deep and she handles it a specific way. I'm just like, okay she cool. Okay, I think this is it. You gotta come down. Oh, my God we can't get in the real World House. There's so many people in there waiting for us turn to the right. When you literally my favorite thing in the whole world. I'm Ted. I'm Dave Raleigh Yasmin in the hat. He looks like a black Jesus Andrea. I'm just not sure I never seen a black dude yellow sweater like that. Maybe his Dream is to be White. I don't know I have no clue check it out. This is weird. Yeah. Let's check out the pool. Yeah. The pool is warm. Wow. This is big. There's a lot of place for us and it's so open so we cannot avoid each other. Hi Yasmine. I'm Megan. Hi Tova Nice to meet you. I heard about the vote into the House on Facebook. My blood sweat and tears are on this farm. I was raised on it. I plan on raising my family on it back home. You meet the same people every single day and you know. You want something something new. I don't know if Y'all are from I'm from Houston, I went to Dallas one time to meet a chicken. Clint I feel like he's got something up his sleeve to just kinda you know. Obviously, he's a little party boy, the real world, the real world great relationships, great friendships and turn it up. Yeah. Does everyone single Yup? I have a girlfriend. Yeah. I have a significant other, but although relationship where you gonna get two flu with people, okay, my parents are really strict growing up. I think I was Super suppressed for expressing myself. when I was younger, I was a really rebellious child. I'm from an immigrant background. I have a lot of identities in one I was raised Christian but like culturally Muslim and then I'm queer. Like there's a lack of representation of my cultural background, my day, Aspira and people that look like me as everyone here straight. Wait really, yeah. Wow. I have some girls too. I mean I feel like gaze like the general. Wow. I did not expect that from you Good Christian southern at home and at work by kinda trying to hide it and Reserve it. I never really officially came out to anybody except for like my mom. When you tell somebody they gaze just like they get to specific image of what a gay person looks like and that's not true surprise surprise. When our first met Dondre, there was just something about it. Alright, what's up with this guy, but as long as they respect my sexuality and he doesn't try. Lines or anything of that nature that's his business every time I say that it's just like everybody's like Oh. yeah, for sure. yeah hold on you do you boo in the Bible? it says one man one woman that is what I believe when it comes to homosexuality, I wasn't ever really exposed to it and now I'm living with Dondre. I am and it's a hard pill to swallow for sure. So what do you guys do in real life? I'm a sports reporter a farmer. I was student. We're gonna master. And also Speaker activist. So how do you feel about that? Colin Kaepernick still in what way in him trying to promote? I like at work, though damn. Almost done with Colin Kaepernick, I think the League is racist as hell. Why don't black people start their own like League or at least just like this. if you if you truly want your freedom, you're gonna have to work for yourself and then there's no true freedom outside of working for yourself. you start talking about black people and White people right. Yeah. We're gonna save him. He was like oh my God that's funny all of minority stayed. Honestly, I don't have much to say on the situation you know, I mean he's well educated on it. I am not I'm not gonna get bitched out in a conversation that I don't know much about so I'm just gonna you know not talk about it at all. What are you laughing at? huh? Let's go chill. Yeah. My back hurts is a couch comfy. It's nice I'm sorry, but those are those rugs man did Y'all see that we need to follow all these all these up man. This is serious right now. I guess I'm the first one to happen who wants Champagne cuz I poured five glasses. you guys. Listen. I didn't know if Cardi B was a girl or a guy. Do you listen to rap or no no like straight country? What country you're singer? yeah. Oh my gosh dude every time I get on Instagram. I like seeing something for me and I'm like yo my profile is 80 - nine percent I was reading your comments yesterday the weirdest oh, so you were on it yesterday. Hell yeah. I was staying at a hotel. you're at. Oh. How did you find that on your story? You put what hotel you're at well. I was trying to have somebody come over you know. I mean I went on Tinder women do that too. You know how many will be on like dating apps and just hooked up. I used it for a hook up before. Oh, yeah, social media can get you around. well. I'm a virgin. I swear what are you waiting for marriage? Is it like a religious or it's just like I never I only did one guy my whole entire life shut the fuck. Oh my God. I know I got my first kiss senior year of College. They're all in the Bible. It says. You should save sex till marriage and how big I am in my faith and how close I am to God. I know that I made I made a promise with him. I think it's good. It's just the way her. She carries herself keeps her body covered keeping this acreage you know, do you like. Single or do you like like what am I doing right now? Yeah. I know I had a boyfriend. he threw me up against the Wall by my neck and said, I hate you my damn. He got mad at me. I come off as very confident and outgoing, but it's been a struggle. It's hard for me. Since like I had experience with a guy that was so terrible. I had a boyfriend. Was very verbally and emotionally abusive. I told myself I wanted to be alone. I want to grow as myself and I wanna learn to be independent. I mean I have dated since then, but they all turn out to be cheating lying ass. I've been trying to talk with ever since I walked in, you know Tony has been through a lot. a lot of stuff man. I'm like, okay, just be cautious with her. You know she's hurt. I've been cheating on in every single relationship. I've been perfect. Honestly, I just love a girl with like a good ass personality, but she's not out to get you you over. Yeah. Yeah. Sick of that sex isn't sex unless like you actually care for him. Yeah, like you know what I mean. I'm just trying to like bang you just a baby like it's not that's not where I'm at anymore. Claire Toby is the most ironic thing. Honestly, I look for true love every single day man and I will never give up on it man because like that's honestly all I've ever wanted. They really want love and that's all their life has been about for sure everything for the one for that. Yeah, what I predict happening with Tova. I think Toby is gonna end up actually really liking Clint or she's gonna get annoyed. This is so cool. Do you get in? It's it's so nice and all but I just feel like I'm so insecure about my body. don't be. I say covered up just because I guess I'm just like really ashamed of my body and I'm not where I'm not very happy with it and it's an ongoing Belleville. No. but like what's like you're like select crush When you envision like your girl like what is she is she a Virgin and she has Brown hair and a turtle neck. Good morning friends For more. How did everybody sleep? I didn't sleep. I know I didn't either. We're coming with you all tonight. We you didn't no why what happened? It's just like the lights and it's kinda weird to try to take it with a microphone. Yes, I was like afraid to fart. I know me too. That's not pretty. You were just like washing my face. I was like, don't fart. There's a kid that's bro. It's nice little scenery. I know there's something down here. I wanna show you how quick. I like to find spots that show kinda like the grid. Yeah, how's the city. Oh, this is very nice heart. It is very exciting to be here in Atlanta. It's just rich in history and culture and so much to do. I just kinda wanna soak up every different aspect that it has to offer once King childhood House is down this way. I've been in Atlanta about a year and a half, so there's spots that I know of Ebenezer Baptist Church To preach at the church, but I've stayed in my bubble and in my side of town and I'm an explorer too. That was cool. Justin Thank you. Get it off. Please don't squish it on me. I'm pretty jump right now. Thanks to Clint. I'm sorry. Let's go. I'm a mom, so I do think it to experience all the stuff you know all the teenage crazy stuff that people do. I tried to Reserve myself and not be crazy, but I'm 20 - one. you know. I'm trying to have a good time while I'm here. Adrian is with my mom and I'm very grateful to her that I get to experience the real world. Okay back to my phone like take this shot We don't need it. Huh. You're not my honey today are. just because the person is black doesn't mean culturally the the two of you align. So I just wanna see where this is gonna go. That's that's really just my outlook on it. EW that was already. Shirt. When you set me up, I don't. And then the next thing I remember is don't. I'm on the floor. This is tripping bro she tripping. and then I'm like where the hell is my phone my clients missing Claire. I don't think I really knows how to party so like she doesn't understand that you don't have to get blacked out within like an hour. This is like Cinderella, I wish I had a print and I can't wait for you guys. You're too cute told she's definitely cute event like oh damn I like blonds it just is what it is, but I just don't know if she's. Digging me to be honest with you. Let's go B F F That's good boy. I'll find out why. It's between me and you you want me to investigate if total likes him. No no don't even live right now. Sometimes I think she does and sometimes the things you don't what do you think I think she does here. I'll show you right now. I texted her and you know I'm definitely waiting for a text back toe. Let's hand touch me you all night for to respond to me. so. I'm going to sleep in a long day. goodnight. These are my muscles look, he's calling his other girlfriend. She's calling all these other hoses back into the farm. He keeps texting me. I'm like bro, weird talk to me in human life. He's like so confident, but he's literally texted me in the same room. Cleanse approach is weird. Maybe I'm the only girl in the whole world. What makes him nervous? Maybe so it came off very timid and. And I don't like that in a guy he's probably just like a shy little boy. It comes off really cocky your Instagram makes you look like a boy man. I can't tell if I'm not giving him a chance because I'm scared or if I'm not giving him a chance because I'm not into it and it's also a battle with myself cuz I don't wanna miss out on something great. You never know where life. Thank you, you know. It's really rare to meet like a man of color, especially queer. That's also aligned with like Christian or Republican points or conservative. When we look at the definition of conservative, maintaining the current system and not wanting to change, we're dealing with of America and it's all for the diet that America had in the past. That foundation affects how things are today. I feel like my life mission ties into being here in the House beings like myself need representation. It's important for me to be influenced by others, but it's also for myself to influence others as well. This country is based off of slavery. I feel like that's the mentality that we're stuck in not saying that we can't be educated about it like we have this whole potential future that we can all come together and create something new. Why are we still holding ourselves back from? I'm gonna tell you this country was built on slavery because we all know that. You can be woken all this, but the way society is in a way society has moved from what it was for black like a black culture in in general, I feel like you don't have to keep being stuck in the same mindset. voting and civil rights has set up a way for black people to now to have that chance to go out and start a business get education. We're not treated the same bro we not, but we don't have the time I don't have the same right as Megan you should on paper you. You should bro. It's an illusion man I care about getting Dodger just to to understand things from a different perspective. Whether he agrees with me or he doesn't agree with me. those seeds will kinda grow on their own so already have what are we having for breakfast tomorrow? right? We can talk about some of the announcement the bars why don't you guys ever have an opinion on black like issues? Are you kidding? It will be nice to get like a viewpoint from Yoga. We are not allowed to have one and I'm telling you that you're not allowed to have an opinion about that you live in it. you benefit from it. You know how much we would get as White women in America. Any opinion we have will be on 100 percent. complacency is a form of acceptance to not say something about it mean you feel like it's okay. It's like how I would never talk about sports. I don't know about that. I'm not. Cuz I don't know we're really comparing like racism is systematical oppression to sports and this is my exact and I know she's gonna say that after you said that my opinion, I gave it and you want it point blank done. I've been told you don't know the struggle of African-American people in America, which is 100 percent true. so I just don't feel I have anything. To contribute, I can see how it's coming off as we don't give a bleep load. It's not I'm not trying to attack and so I would rather sit here and listen and like have you guys. try to listen and learn yeah and like absorb it. Yeah. Okay. I didn't wanna be disrespectful ever. okay. That's it. Race in this country is such a touchy topic, but they want our opinion, so I will give them my opinion for now on, but that was a lot. I don't want a boyfriend right now. I just don't know how I feel about making myself vulnerable again. I just would rather shoot with somebody who actually likes me America's built on White male supremacy. Oh God here we go bro. You are the only racism in this House. We boys or no we're associates is cuz your White man. What what am I saying? Hi everyone make sure you follow the real world on Facebook. Watch look out for new videos dropping daily and to see even more of me and my roommate all the insights all the little things you can catch the tea on Facebook stories.

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