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LIVE: White House Press Briefing by Jen Psaki

Posted 4 months ago in Politics

Bethany Jones 4 months ago

500 bucks says she’s gonna talk about Covid & the vaccine approval. Who the hell cares when we have thousands of Americans trapped behind enemy lines!!

BellaDonna Wolfe 4 months ago

God bless America and her Patriots that will have to fight to keep their Republic

Kerry Williams 4 months ago

The worse President ever. Get rid of him and the Pelosi mob.

Steve Steve 4 months ago

American's you left behind, this admiration will be remembered for this.

Jon Prendamano 4 months ago

The delay is the press handing over the soft ball questions in advance.

Kerry Williams 4 months ago

Get Biden and the liberals out of office

Kristelle Grevstad 4 months ago

This is like listening to a 6 yr old covered in paint telling you they didn't touch the can of paint. Circles and stories. Never the truth.

Sharon Lister 4 months ago

She's full of lies like the rest of the Leftists.

Beth LaBerge 4 months ago

The president doesn’t know what he is saying, he reads whatever the teleprompter tells him to.

Christy LeGrand 4 months ago

This administration created a national security disaster and need to get out of our country!