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DAPALOPES in stock!
Live & open orders!
Colors you got a set of charms And another pair of socks this is I love steak number 10 I love any kind of stake You got a bath bomb Number three look at you go kathie number 50 Oh we got jewelry For this at my House every time one 28 that was my friend John uh 97 I think he knows I'm live so we private message bath bomb We're on now buddy Jon I'm live right now I mean John farrell He's private message me ask me how my show went I'm like I'm live right now all right kathy you got extra tickets there you go holy smokes number 63 You got another pair of socks without was quick jamie And number 29 holy smokes 2468 10 12 13 numbers kathy got 13 numbers holy smokes three 10 29 33 49 50 63 70 95 90 71 oh seven right gotta get my roller skates on I know there's plenty of tickets there's plenty there you go we got a voiced are we got charms let me get you one of my new charms There is one and one where there's a mic yet Where is my mickey's oh give me a shooting star and do a shooting star Here are your two charms you got the Disney shooting or the wand and then you got Ariel To he on stones all right we will do a White one A White and a black 123 socks 12 and 3362 bath bombs I knew that was gonna happen and jewelry jewelry jewelry I know I think you are cute charms And the suit jory I'm gonna give you It's Super good jory rose I gotta put another order in love if you can pick me 20 more pieces you can mix them up All that's nice happy alright I'll show you everything in a second and then we got two pages so I have it if we do Kathy do you want I don't have tinkerbell no yeah you got you got one oyster yup do you want to trade for some oysters you wanna trade your bath bombs for two more oysters Kathy you get two cages do you want a whole mix and the baseball thank you rose do you want these two cages love one is a helmet and then the baseball All right we'll switch these two for two sisters I know you like your your oysters and then let me know on them cages if you like them to They better send me my envelopes so I got to ship all this out Okay Jimmy you got it yeah I'm getting ready to place another order um for more charms so off find out these asking if this is real I'm real yeah Their own ellen's husband is watching and he's like this is for real Oh and remember awesome cathy let me know if you want these two and then here's your socks 12 and three pairs Let me show you your necklace you got Yeah remind me amber if you get cages to give you those look at this next necklace and earrings kathy very nice Very very nice I like this one Very nice all right I'll give you those two if you change your mind before I share it let me know I can switch them out for you I thought my hundred cages that I ordered would have been in yesterday like they promised me uh I'm still waiting on them still waiting on them alright you got this here on stone Black with White White marks all through it The White marks and then you got the White one the whitehill stone Oh they are your two healing stones and moms getting your gifts Those socks are core they I got a good vendor on them good vendor So I have them socks for a while I'm so excited oh your uncles watching now to oh wow I hope and showing too much girls don't want my girls hanging out that's right my girlies are coming out who's freezing eliza free no oh we're not matching again Hm there was a glitch there was a glitch a melissa ho order mom so happy what does she get why are you laughing melissa your number 20 love why are you laughing what does she got everything well all the ticket she had Cindy I don't have been doing it for three months because it's every three months that's it can you give me a box for her holy smokes kathy are you ready you got this tote oh my God and it's just got a look at this too you just got Look at that tote And I believe it's a scot um It's got a Yes S cada I had one of these before Uh just a little cleavage oh yeah isn't this tote nice she got that let me just she got a little bit of everything Oh my God she got this ones the kids are gonna love that always smoked ce holy smokes kathy Holy smokes Oh my God Oh she's gonna be ready for the summer Oh almost and she got this one yeah and this way out holy smokes I told you I had some good stuff I mean it's always good but even more kathy cleaned up she cleaned up yes she did all I started showing it everything she didn't get one tote she got to she got to look at this one look at this to Joe and this is all weather this is bi J m New York and it zippers at the top look at this too it's nice it's zippers at the top She didn't get one you got to carry yes I have plenty I have plenty oh my God Not in sewing she got to totes alright we're just gonna go along she got stuck on you that's a candle She also got the mini magnetic pepper ball that is pepper in there it's a one handed design and it's by vibes how cute is that you grind your own pepper You grind your own pepper oh there's plenty carrie there's plenty of prizes you got some block You got this little nightlight it's moon and stars I'm just gonna pack everything in her tope it relax I got a report right now oh yeah carrie look what I found hand sanitizer it is three different scents Fresh fruit I can't even carry I don't think no carrier lara was hard eamon no Le hmm she's asking about the sanitizer Senate O mel I'm here yeah here's a repack I found the Senate hand sanitizer you also got the little froggy dish no blankets this week no I gave away five last week which I usually hold a few that I was generous last week you also I got this three in one wallet ring it goes on the back of your phone all right angel see you Sunday it's a ring holder and phone stand that is yours we love you too girl look at you guys got minnie mouse the little trinkets for treats we got minnie mouse woo Alright my name ask Hello she also got now this isn't a designer wallet this is just a wallet that I found that was a good price It's not any designer though how cute is that wow it yeah this is just uh play around wallet All right and she got one of the cozy phones headsets She got pixie by petra eye shadow She had a eye shadow These were her two charms it's Red yup just said her favorite color yeah that's not a designer one where just so you know where she spends huh when the squishy pens I don't ow the unicorn squishy ones that I don't have any in this one here karen and kathie you got this you got a pair of the cozy phones and it's a headband But it's it's headsets in here Oh my God How cute that is all your gifts love I hope you love it all This is all kinds I just put it in their tote This is a nice tope yeah love kathy all your stuff is in your tote five The phone fits me I'm tired of ear buds you mean the headband I don't fit you it don't fit you alright debbie k the unicorn pen that I had the fuzzy one I can't find them now I know Did you win one of them jamie she won won the unicorn fuzzy pens I looked for him again I couldn't find them alright debbie are you ready you got 12 envelopes whoo debbie I know you do cathy carry I have 20 in the lineup I am on number 12 so eight more They are expensive no I paid full price I paid full price of lies a For what the headbands uh the phone things she looked them up they are expensive oh tiffany can troll you are number 21 love that's why I only got five sets of them five pairs cuz I paid full price I wish I got a discount because they are the cutest thing Look at the lies over there looking up stuff she's so funny you are so funny girl she looking up stuff alright debbie we got 12 bola lies a I told you I told you guys before I do this for you guys I don't for you you guys I'd like to bring in stuff that I would like to win when I purchase where there's 21 in the lineup rachelle and I am on number 12 I do a lot of eyes a I do Alright here we go debbie 1234 five six oh cuz you want em seven that's the first time I seen them as when I ordered them If it's take amber I can use my multinational br pork oh my God the smell of steak au I think attend on awareness porque he still meet oh yeah I love love any kind of steak pork Alright let me count this again she had 12 she had 12 of them one or she'll send you my daughter an aider is Gandhi for all right 56789 10 11 12 here we go yeah it's the first time I ever seen the cozy phones you know you know I had to get it Oh and I do I buy what I would like to win a five played that's how I pick the gifts Oh I hear you her husband side better yeah one 37 So it's the eat what he can 24 We got now polish the first one was lipstick you gotta face mask Fried chicken I love chicken you got socks one oh one There we go You got a face mask And you got a set of charms Oh another pair of socks roof we have 400 and 51 another pair socks Om thank you and jewelry thank you thank you Alright mom she got three numbers 20 41 oh one and one 37 now post lipstick you know polish lipstick alright look oil oh what is this one Oh wonder gel I forgot I got them all right three pairs sots one To And 33 pair of socks three have an oyster or no Oh I think she'll be more easter To face mus I have to counter everything cuz now I I don't remember From On 23456789 10 11 12 alright I got it charms and jewelry So we need seven chance The set of terms There we go I'll show you everything As your business okay this is debbie So every okay alright You got this collagen lip mask for your lips that was in place of a face mask then you gotta face mask you got Men lip boil meant look for oil you also got the one step wonder gel This is amazing on your now ss it's gel you got 123 pairs sots here is your to charms you got a butterfly And you gotta stop or so next Wednesday I'll be giving everyone that orders a free charm bracelet so save your charms and you got this paparazzi all this is pretty look at this and the earrings were come nice I like that one the little stones in there that's very nice look at that look at the gyms isn't that nice they're very nice that is your piece of paparazzi jewelry Very very nice Alright let me get this put away No face mask alright we'll put that one back and then shop I'll give you a pair of another pair of socks Alright what color here's the replace the face mask All right you got it you got it Your charms And then her gifts she got that oh she has a little one Alright you got this cute little table you sit on your table it's a little stand Were your garden or your garden wherever you wanna put it you also got the cuticle cream or cuticle term or All right I didn't even open this yet um we did three of them already shawna we did one at 51 at 75 and one at a hundred we're looking to get up to a hundred and 50 alright savvy I don't know if you have a little one but look at this set you got I literally didn't even open it from my order I'm opening it now and that's probably where this is tupperware you got the whole set Lifetime guarantee yes little Mickey mouse it's the Cup the lunchbox and vic Starting to bulk up Sippy Cup let's look at this You got Mickey mouse and it's drinkable Cup with a lid you also got the snack container Mickey mouse or soup and you got the sandwich or whatever they want in here so it's a Mickey mouse lunchbox set look at that and I hope you love everything they are your gifts That's cute I like the set yeah there's one more set in there I only got two of them don't forget top aware is lifetime lifetime warranty on it if anything should happen to these debbie you get um a hundred percent warranty on them you get a full replacement of anything happens yup I can't even get the lid on this well they Trait for ceiling okay well All right jamie will be here Sunday we hope you love everything I hope you love it All right that's the beast is she still on what happens to work all right we're done debbie denise are if she's not on I'm gonna time stamp or denise are And I think she got 12 I don't maybe that's who it was yes he message your on on here saying to do it uh okay yeah alright did you give her five extra tickets yes alright cuz from here on I got to tell you the extra tickets they need Because these are live borders alright I'm gonna put a nice targets five I already did hers but this is her additional five For what she spent I think you already told me that I all right going to urge a kn you did her extra 10 plus five 15 laura meyers you didn't do any of these now donde urgent she was already going O so she gets 15 more laura Myers lauren meyer gets to plus 57 of em all you're welcome timestamp thankyou to 52 on the first video we're Pull hers she got 12 of them She got 12 here we go I know you're not watching the nice one I'm gonna try and get you some good stuff 234 I've say happy birthday to genius she's on it's her birthday weekend 67 happy birthday gina eight happy Monday gina oh she's on day 10 awesome 11 denise is on and 12 oh yeah she's our yeah one good luck denise mars is very very connected lights she gets an extra eight of em alright sure she gets five and three no problem tory yeah it's gonna be a total 8456789 10 11 12 here we go happy birthday dana happy birthday happy birthday alright starting off with a number eighty two You got five extra I feel this one 's up to nice Are you guys all at mom's House for the birthday denise I think they're all over genius you guys having a birthday party And they're on with me how awesome is that it's her birthday and they're all on with me All right they are your extra tickets We got all you gotta heal on stone and I mailed you a replacement one out didn't he said it's already in the mail and gone You know in stone why we're having the one she had cracked all the way down the Middle of it it probably yeah it probably was from shipping cuz I remember that long box I had that was all her stuff you got lipstick you got socks healing stone number eighty two you got another pair of socks Number 45 oh tomorrow oh what was I thinking Friday another pair of socks oh I make up stuff I make things up and always thought are one 24 under you there and we got one 39 the next one up and you got to charms You need who do laura Myers yes did genius yes amanda Barnes she gets six total And I have numbers Yeah yeah for numbers amanda day alright there's numbers enough for a lot of cash they could sample easter charms Denise you want me to open your oysters or send them home You tell me I'll give you two of the new charms We got the magic wand And will do area So you're two times you gotta heal on stone three socks and let's Lips We will do the oil we got three stocks one to And 33 sets and you know in stone We'll do that one All right denise Are okay here are your socks one that's a new pair To I mean a new color three You got vanilla lip oil vanilla lip boil okay I'll open for you you got to charms there's one one and you got the star that's to And then I'll show you your heel and stern For one and two You got this White one I don't think there's any colors in it Picks up the colors You're calling easter eggs terry oh that's funny Yeah it's fun opening oysters rosalie especially for kids they love doing that That was your healing stone I am back just put my peaches on some good night cuz I know you're gonna be on late for needed your soul right alright I'm gonna open your oyster I just knows that you're using your What am I using I don't know what she means by that you know lenders China what message choice I can't read any um private messages I'm not sure what was your message She got a gorgeous cotton candy pink nice that's it no more colors that hold on I'm so blind yeah if you send messages to the business page I don't get home until after the show Look at that but it is gorgeous I think it's salmon color O your son's birthdays on easter all Um my hair is down and it looks good but yeah I had a great it yes last night and look how curly look at curly it is from breeding it that's why I have a down it got so curly Coral coral that's right sylvia I have contacts in I'm so blind I have to go back and get a new um exam I got context they're not helping anymore that's what I wanted to say a coral that is gorgeous color sorry where your haired oh alright let's see what she got its Denise got oh alright well we're getting you ready you got some block and that's the sport one you've got this I guess this is a fancy one a wild flower bath bomb oh it's a what is this it's a bath bomb and there are I know but why is it so fancy I don't know look at that bath bomb From wild flower I'm not one Makers kit I don't know what that's a fancy bath bomb okay and you got this little piggy there's little piggy what's on the bottom on the bottom oh there was kept opening oh maybe it is is it a Bank hold on oh no it's just a hole oh that's cute and you got this other um Popular that I ordered oh A little kid Look at that denise you have little ones here no evil yes Yeah that's him and I guess the other mom was see no evil look at this cute little set a little coupon it's a little a little um I mean uh picture picture and what the four horrible caught the four little cups I know I hope you have a little one Here was this I ordered this stuff from joyce jamie she does suffer where Isn't that cute Idea of the whole Cabinet every I don't know that one I didn't even realize it Denise I hope you love all this I hope you love it all that was cute All right let's do this Congratulations that was cute wasn't it I figure it's easter time and you know they're cute little gifts of putting the easter basket oh there you go she's nine I think she would enjoy that yeah nine years old I think so Oh gina said her kids were raised with tupperware yeah so we're use your cereal bowls I am number 14 donde urgent we're on number 14 seven year number eighteen love so after dawn it will be laura Myers gina clients amanda Barnes and then sylvie amber see House melissa Hill and tiffany contract can't roll They are my orders so I know I know you welcome denise who was the last one can't tell tiffany can troll yup So she gets eight total list of hope better 10 total Amber see House right a minute I'm writing down their purchase tickets right this minute all right Don what did you get this time oh my God dawn It's got 26 more 26 more dawn ooh You know I'm gonna go and do a real quick now I just um what was the actual tickets for tiffany I melissa Hill melissa her extra is five and tiffany's history took knees straight okay alright let me pulled on 26 envelopes I know you're ready done I know you're ready you might have time now uh lara she got 26 envelopes 12 What is it three For Uh five 61 like this or bear something seven the buzzing eight nine Uh she's trying to hide here how sit just like farm I made my husband will no I bought something 3456789 that's funny 10 11 larger fine 12 13 14 15 16 17 eighteen oh 19 20 21 22 23 I always were um 25 air buds when I watch those 26 I mean roof count cuz I can't count and talk 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 eighteen 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 heads anyone popped over and saw Michael michaels live right now I wonder how he's doing as anyone watched on real quick And hope is doing good I ordered from them and I told him just time stamping and do my order one 33 I wanted to watch him so bad Victoria secret socks Got you you got charms go eat your pizza 96 go eat your pizza linda You got another pair of socks Alright we got some tickets some tickets Don't dirt and there you go done I'm not sure she got here five more Number 55 Michael um gonzales he started his life tonight with reveal Yeah he comes on our show laura swan a hundred and 69 dollar ring where Um I know he posted it in my vip group the name of his show Michael reveal you can win really expensive jewelry no dolores won a ring a hundred and 69 dollar ring we're at rose On Michael show she won a ring From reveal holy smokes today she did two terms this she really Oh my God that's amazing one 34 oh my gosh they start out at eighty three she wanted today congratulations as he doing good or is he nervous jewelry was he nervous I know he was so scared one 20 I told him he'll be fine nothing to be afraid of 30 Well I wanna watch them won 49 may be he'll be on after I'm done I can hop over much m victorious sucks he's doing good uh awesome voiced are I'll be able to watch him tomorrow cuz I'm off Number eighty eight that's right you need to play the lottery tomorrow's lottery divorce oh my God for a 500 million you've got to go play for us 12 I haven't been lucky maybe you will oh my God one oh three holy smokes dawn now polish one 40 Whoa we got a voiced are everybody will be leaving our shared upon they water number two they won't yes I'm them down halloween from 50 dollars and up she won a hundred and 69 dollar ring Laura says she want one it was 300 and 29 dollars they always you know in an expensive ring in them bath bombs or whatever they are but you know if I ever want anything like that it'll be putting myself to 12 you got a lot of tickets here 30 55 eighty eighty three 90 61 oh three moms gonna be shopping for a little bit She needs some gifts or her vendors so oh yeah You need some gifts for your vendor sells all right we got to hoist thurs one too you want me to open your oysters Don we got four charms three stocks Are you sucks one to And 3123 Jewelry oh don't you ain't making me work and I'm making me work very good may work I love doing this Oh mothers all one matador Where does she live I Oh here we go I got to jewelry to now houses I'll give you one of the gel once too okay and you got four terms Here we go And 212 three and four I can't keep up what charms people have You can't keep up with that I give you some mickey's The Mickey air ones Instead of To make this there we go So there's your four turns You're already in a box and this added to it alright so you got this now polish you got this is uh one step wonder gel that's good You got three pair of socks Here is your four charms you got this little bunny 12 and then you got two of the mickey's toon the Mickey ones one And to so that is your four charms you're four times 234 Your two pieces of pepper at Sea What are you doing spike I want to tune All right let me try to open this and I always have trouble All these are nice these are nice Look at these earrings and they're very light to their real light I think you there by paparazzi oh I want that will look nice on me today the black and you got the set Necklace and earrings oh hold on And we go Oh this is cool you got this necklace And the earrings oh these are nice look at them Good nice that is I like the earrings are so fancy very nice I like them They were here to paparazzi she's Now open your oysters and then mom will give me your gifts if she's close to being done here we go These are big oysters to get big they are Nice size always serviced Um he has all different stuff he works for someone benita he works for a reveal they do bath bombs um they have all kind of stuff Um usually not only wednesday's barb we do tap loops on Friday and Sunday they never make it past Sunday They never make it past Sunday yeah I don't know the exact name of it um I have to go in my messenger and he sent me a link But I don't know the name like the actual name do you remember mama like its reveal so I know yeah wednesday's fund a gameday mini pods will do many pods um on Wednesday but no daba lopes They'll be gone by Sunday at the end of the show Some day the last more than two days if I have more from All right you got two gorgeous colors pink and lavender purple no that's not pink that is coral you got another coral Yeah the mini pods they are fun Look at those two colors we got a quarrel and a lavender Oh that is good kathy michael's got a loving viewers mom uh he has a loving viewers okay yeah kathy said he's doing good he said oh that is awesome Aren't they gorgeous dawn it's a nice colors I'm just waiting for mom to give me your gifts I'm gonna put your bag let me put your bag in your box cuz you're in a box Yes you do good Chad a coach And then Warren meyers byu will be up afterwards unless you jumped in the shower already that them colors are nice they're very nice they've been sending me really good moisture style I've been getting a went from getting life 50 a week to a hundred and 50 a week Which is pretty good I could get another water All thank you kathy oh I told him he was gonna be fine Oh I don't know I'm not sure All right Don oh she got this oh oh you got a little bit of everything done we got a little bit of everything let me just get this up here oh Start to mix your But she didn't ease out of the box I know we're gonna have to go to a large box I think she did good I'll show you everything in the second we got to watch our time we're fine right now we got a half hour I'll probably be able to finish her and do more and then we'll time out and go back on Let's see Go little bit of everything yes you did oh this is nice so is this one that one oh All right you might as well hand me her box alright you got this shower Speaker it's a suction Cup I don't think it's gonna grab her box shower Speaker look at that What is on the buyer uh that is a shower Speaker Just so I have somewhere to put them you got the one size fits all uh twist hair turban you got the twisty hair turban I am on number 14 I'm on number 14 you got three in one pedicure it's three in one pet or pedicure pod that is pretty cool that's different Also got now clippers no flippers You got this cute little key chain it's a stork or I don't know what it is what is it you got the vanilla tea lights You also got this Green stripper for your um spices how cool is that uh thank you believe in unicorns that is a candle uh thank you believe in unicorns you got a number O a always need one in your car always need one all I had to get this look at this little hair clips very modi faces these little hair clips How cute are they Little m O g's they are so cute you got this little strainer come under strain or you also got this little compact mirror a little mirror and then your last one you also got the face trimmer The face trimmer congratulations Her dog where's they have flips oh my God are you serious Don you gotta you gotta take a pick at that her doggie where's their clips oh my God that must looks so cute I want to see a pick of that She probably has a little sheets or something my dogs where the hair clips that is amazing that is amazing All right lara Myers are you ready love Are you ready lara the faced rumors I have one in my pocket book I got one in my bathroom and I got one in my living room Alright here we go lara I'm a train pick you for for good ones love are you ready one To three And for Alright I hope I picked your some good ones you got one 50 You got an oyster You gotta face Mass we can trade that out for socks And you got five extra purchase tickets from arms laura Myers yeah you got one number but that's all you need you got a boy sister do you want me to trade out your face mask they were breaths and I'll post boots yeah please do These ones would stay in kathy these clips are really strong let me know if you want sucks and stead of face mask Laura Let me know if you want to stops Oh I forgot the Red bags alright I'll do that right there yeah I forgot they came in yes soft you got it will turn on number one 50 I will give you my favorite color Oh I thought they were Green um so I am so blind did you want me to open your oyster or send it home love open are sent home What you got no Voiced are sent home all right Let me show her what she got but I'm gonna give her healing stone alright laura this is what you got originally but I'm gonna switch it out and give you a healing stone Because I don't know if you have a little one Paul here put this number back no I could heard I'll give her a healing stone I think she likes to healing stones do you want one of the healing stone necklaces or do you want that little pink kit you let me know I'll give up switches out for he on stone It's up to you are She said yes or socks or something yeah I already got the Sox for the face mask I'm waiting for her to respond she wants a little paint kit or just wanna heal on stone necklace It is cute for baskets yeah he on stone yes you got it I knew she was one of this Alright here you go there is a Green one Tiffany let me know when you're ready love That is gorgeous There you go I put the painting kit back in so you can keep that number on it I just get I'm put it back in the envelope yup alright I hope you love it all There you go now you got your healing stone We all have our healing stones yes yes alright we're gonna break for two minutes and come back in so we don't have to cut out during um the next order okay Yes she did good do you guys wanna cut the video now and come back That way we won't have to worry no tiffany you're fine awesome lara I knew you would love it all tiffany we got five for you I can probably do you real quick Yeah you you got time you don't have one yet all right we have time to do tiffany real quick she has five envelopes And then Jean is gonna be up afterwards we're just going back tiffany was originally number six I told him I would mention it on my life francis tiffany let me know if you're ready I'll do you real quick alright you wanna wait until we come back alright just give us like three minutes guys and we'll be right back make sure you hit like and follow that way when I come back on you guys will see me right away So when we come back on we're gonna do tiffany her five double lopes and then gina it will be up after words amanda sylvie amber melissa Hill and tiffany can troll Alright we're gonna break for three minutes guys alright three minutes

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