When Mexican Moms Tell You What Time It Is

Jesus Garcia • 3 years ago   256.8K     25.1K  •  13.5M Views
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My mom needs to literally STOP doing this 😭
Jesus Garcia

Posted 3 years ago in Children & Parenting
Anselina Lugo
Anselina Lugo1 year ago

I do this to my whole family. They don't believe me anymore so that's why we are always late. So on the way i tell them "ya ven... les dije que ibamos a llegar tarde" esque nunca hacen caso!.

Sadie Dapron
Sadie Dapron3 years ago

So true! My mom did this all the time ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️love my mom! We were still late for school or church 🤣🤣🤣

Zack Bosquez
Zack Bosquez3 years ago

I actually loved it when my mom did this to me. I wasn’t rushed, ate slow, watched some tv. Life was good. 🙌🏽

僕 ひとりあき
僕 ひとりあき3 years ago

DUDE Not only mexican mom done this ! i am Indonesian but my mom do exactly the same 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Otia Hepburn
Otia Hepburn3 years ago

Omg!!! All your videos remind of my mom and she’s Jamaican. She use to do the same thing to me🤣🤣🤣

Pamella A Omonye
Pamella A Omonye3 years ago

LMAO... My mother used to wake me up with slaps and canes that I didnt need an alarm anymore...once it's 5:30 my body remembers the slap and I wake

Joni Lint
Joni Lint3 years ago

My mom used to have this dog she trained to come jump on me until I got up >.>

Alycen Turner
Alycen Turner3 years ago

My mom does this to me! Alycen hurry up it’s 7 you’re going to be late! And it’s fucking 630

Cherokee Campbell
Cherokee Campbell3 years ago

Heyy though I'm Dominican African and native American and my mom does the same shit thoughhh 😂😂 hahahahaha this is hilarious

Dhorriis Nel
Dhorriis Nel3 years ago

My mom got ready for doctors appointment at 7 am. Her appointment time was 9 am. The clinic was 3 blocks away from the apartment .