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Video number 2
Hey guys we using the next to product like I said in the previous video uh this is video number two and that's just to make a lot of a little bit easier. Moving into our we're off the market. Radio um we'll be starting with the big package um. Why would you apply the place is pretty much fucker and we will be using the bicep plug and play like I said no cutting and join me in the previous video and that's exactly what we're gonna do that's the annual dusted um Come to this manual, we've got a few times already, so it's not even funny. Um every cable in the block everything you need is in yet it's a full waterloo before the Ford ranger the face lift Does your canvas you got that will be plug and play that will be feel steering wheel. Controls. Uh anything like that. Your friendship and fire everything that you need to move. You from there. Um also at the same time you won't be losing your um. Your perfect use, be professional usb will be uploaded and play your next um so you won't be losing that. Luckily that's very nice that you should be plugging back into the radio and obviously you got your perfect use, be working as as you want you know what I mean so you don't lose anything on for uh. they Also watch this plan is gonna need it. You don't have to amplify farm, but this book today If I'll, just keep going back to me, let me move up here. We go so we gotta canvas yap. This plugs are needed. This for amplify usage and that's what we're gonna do our new off the market right here via ice, so that's pretty plug and play god's um. This will be forced into controls that's fuck up 122 that's gets connected to the off the market. Radio that you can see the ultimate on the radio for your for your watching them feel steering wheel controls the next few products Very, very nice, product sold at doctor this trump no one stop shop. So that's pretty much the wine room. It's gonna get and um. This will be connecting to the after market radio. So everything will be factions and it's loved to join me on the fact you can't believe ugh pretty much plug and play girls so come, see us in the third video and then we pretty much everything in the solar, thanks

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