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Tuesday Night Rebroadcasts of Prayers for a Time of Pandemic with His Holiness Karmapa - His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje...
some of the opportunity छह जहाँ छह ▁ပြီးတော့ အတွင်းမှာ ချ ပေးပါမယ် and come up ah जैसे चाहे क्योंकि कोई खाने की चीज है के शिक्षा में तो The panda to subside. Clear recite the pros and praises of church. This is extremely widespread into that. For centuries, That's the of female old. Eating in the morning or the evening. We have store that will help. Even though she can't read. That our recite day. An initial Manifestation of his compassionate activity. Is the involvement of love of all the Buddhist? He appears in the form of a goddess. We feel we feel even more. Always he's always is like mother's love. At this time, where the entire world is faced with the suffering You know I love it's even more necessary that any of his time. If all our countries and peoples come together. And the responsibility to together. It is certain that we will be free from this. We hear in the news and social medias of many situations that move fast. Our heelers on the front line the doctors and nurses are making great sacrifice. The services please soldiers volunteers and many others are working hard for our sake I have a feeling that are problem is not that they are in a learning people in the world All of that we lack compassion. Just that many people don't have courage and someone to this day. Need to know someone is there to support them and has got there back That's we all need to do our best to inspire each other comfort each other. This is a basis of the happiness happiness of humanity. places is being used as a way to discriminate Certain groups of people. of people is not single entity it's a it's made up of individual human beings no man to be affected with the virus. Noah Was' this hardships Times US days. It is important to put our ourselves in shoes and reflect. No recite the constitutions to power together. So that everyone can follow me, I will use the that I can post. Thank you so much. Just here to treat here in the decent on the. I- 90, So I'm about to you know the sense sexy to this is a. may Y de hecho se ve o sea. Some shapes and So this is just the economy. विधायक good. छह Hunger Say it to this, I know that so you are not a cause. To do. shouldn't be. The moment you know, Yeah. Yeah. Oh wanna come. All in one all I give you all of my it. Hello. Four. I don't want to yeah. yeah. Yeah. I love you so. I'm I'm like what's going on. Oh so I want I can get one. So I I I yeah, I'm the one for you. I am all in. I'm sorry. love you. Oh yeah. I love you, I am I again. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I am what I am here for you I wanna get you I am I am my my my I. was I was on my. You know what I mean. No, no, no, no, no no all the Oh. Hallelujah I was doing a good year you go. Bye.

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