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All about the 'missing Rs 17 crore' mystery. #iTVideo #SushantSunghRajputCase
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Just explain to you what the centre issues about why this director and producer is under the scanner. We are talking about seventeen crore rupees and the ED had really stepped in after Sushant Singh Rajput's father had claimed that Riya Chakraborty has fifteen crore rupees from Sushant's bank account. So once the ED started the investigation that's when Dinesh Vijay's name was under the scanner. He is the producer of Rabta a twenty sixteen film in which Sushant Singh Rajput also was the main lead his name cropped up during the ED investigation. Why? Well because there were questions about his payment to Sushant Singh Rajputs in September Dinesh Vijan was questioned by the Enforcement Directorate but he didn't really give any concrete answers about the budget of the film Rabda and that was followed by ED raiding Dinesh Vijay's residence as well as his office in October fourteenth post these raids they did get some documents which gave details about Rabda's budget. Now these documents were submitted to the Hungary government for tax relief which the ED then managed to get now the budget was about fifty crore rupees and the documents showed that out of that fifty crore rupees, seventeen crore rupees was paid to Sushant Singh Rajput. However here's the cash. Now this seventeen crore rupees ah was not to be found in Sushant Singh Rajput's bank account which led to the ED leading ah questioning Dinesh Vijay's roll further and whether the payment was ever made. There is no trail whatsoever or where the seventeen crore rupees came from how the payment was made or whether it was made at all because there is absolutely no evidence of it in Sushant Singh Rajput's bank account and that is why Dinesh Vijan is being summoned by the Enforcement Directorate his role now is under the scanner in this case. Divesh Singh is joining us live from Mumbai with more details on this. So Divesh ah a lot of questions being asked of this producer Dinesh Vijan ah where is he currently? Is he cooperating with the investigation by the Enforcement Directorate? Dinesh Vijayan right now is in Dubai as percess ah he is informed enforcement directorate officials that he is he has tested positive and is undergoing treatment for the same man is once he is ah once his fair by the doctors at Dubai he will he is assured that he is joined back investigation with Enforcement Directorate in Mumbai Enforcement Directorate in Mumbai had found that ah Dinesh Vijayan who is made ah the film Rabta where Sushant Singh Rajput had shot the film in in and where ah this shoot ah the budget shown for this movie was around fifty crores and this among within this fifty crore seventeen crores were paid to Sushant Singh Rajput but this seventeen crore has been reflected in Sushant Singh Rajput bank account. So it is suspected whether there was it was ah transferred through हवाला through ah India or it could have been invested in the in Hungary by Sushant Singh Rajput those details and the payment details are not clear how the payment was made to Sushant Singh Rajput and that is what needs to be known that is why ED's proving Dinesh that is why he needs to be questioned and so ED has summoned him again and he has informed that he'll join investigation as soon as he recruited as soon as his okay negative and his normal alright on this Divesh for the moment thank you for joining us

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