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Our favourite #RatnaGhoshal plays the coolest 'thamma' EVER! Kirom laglo ager jobone phire jetey kichu muhurter jonye?

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Active you be following the job nigga z I'm doesn't talk. What do you love him for my single. I want you to get out here, but little did we say I did you wanna, put it out there. We are beautiful, but they don't but I didn't do I should be about 50 should be redo them, but I do want you on the eye timmy t will not be nothing bad ones don't blame, but I think maybe team be playing with the boys as they begin to tell me what kind of a I mean that maybe only from now on, you lovely people a shade of what we think. What they would be sure not on the leg dollar mega bottom. Anybody, they have won the show my Rated

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