Festival-goers stuck in traffic for hours in Pittsylvania County

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TRAFFIC WOES 👀 Traffic was a nightmare yesterday for Blue Ridge Rock Festival-goers. This is a view of one of the many ways to get in - and they were all...

Posted 5 months ago in Vehicles & Transportation
Stephanie Barchiesi
Stephanie Barchiesi5 months ago

Me complaining last night:

Got parked in the orange lot, no shuttle, walked like 2-3 miles to the venue. People were waiting for the shuttle but I don’t think it ever came. No staff did a thorough check of any bag, just had us go through the metal detector. Just managed to see one band, The Ghost Inside, who did great. Stood in line for food for 1 and 1/2 hours. No water stations available. Missed the next band because we were eating. Stood in line for merch for 2 hours because some merch staff were great while others didn’t seem to know what to do. No shuttle back, literally had to walk in the dark. I watched people with disabilities struggling to get back to the parking lot, people with wheelchairs and canes. Orange lot parking is dangerous, there is one light and it’s by the road. No other lights in the field other than headlights. Now, we’ve been sitting in the orange lot trying to leave for an hour now. No movement whatsoever.

EDIT TO ADD: It’s literally been two hours now. Nothing is moving and I can’t understand it because I can see cars on the main road moving.

FINAL EDIT: Started moving after 2 and 1/2 hours but only because the state troopers showed up.

What a [censored for ABC comments by writer].

Jordane Jarriel
Jordane Jarriel5 months ago

Spent $1200 on tickets, countless $ on supplies, only to be turned away. They either overbooked camping spots or squandered their resources. Had to leave as the only camping option was to set up in day parking 1-3 miles from the venue with no water or bathrooms, which we were also turned away from as it was “full” when we could see open spots. Disgusting and disorganized.

Zac Young
Zac Young5 months ago

Took us about 2.5 hours to get in. But over all it went well. Kinda unorganized a little but we got to a camping spot that was what we expected. All the music has been great. There is definitely a lot of water stations.

Mak Hult
Mak Hult5 months ago

I wore combat books not knowing I would have to hike a total of 6 miles to and from my car. My father, my friend and I all went together and we sat in traffic for about an hour before my friend and I got out to walk. We walked for about 2 hours before we reached the venue. My dad who stayed in the car did not arrive to the event until 7 pm. We got to Danville at 11 am. After the event we had to hike another 2 and a half miles back to the car and wait 2 hours to get out . My blisters are so bad I can barely walk and I'm soaking my feet praying they get better as I type this.

Kristina Leigh
Kristina Leigh5 months ago

I drove 300 miles back home last night as I was told by FOUR DIFFERENT PEOPLE that there was no handicap parking and no way to get my service equipment on one of the "shuttles" (side note: I can't climb steps up onto a cheese bus). I was told by TWO STATE COPS and TWO EVENT STAFFERS AT THE PARKING AREAS that there was nowhere for me and I needed to "go home and ask for a refund". I am out right at $800 for the weekend and my son's 18th birthday gift. We spent two hours driving up and down and back and forth on Route 29 trying to get answers and after being told four different times to go home, that's what we did. I can't believe they're acting like this was "confusion" on our part. I bought 4-day ADA passes and never received the wristbands in the mail; took them at their word and made the trip out only to be essentially forced to turn around and leave. I paid for 4-day parking. I booked a hotel. I literally have nothing to show for all the money I spent.

Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis5 months ago

My boyfriend and I are from Pittsburgh. We were stuck in that long line of cars yesterday. 4.5 hours of waiting and then we got up to the front. Told to go right on 29. Get to a state trooper. He tells us that we need to go down 29 get off at the first exit then go back on 29 going the opposite way. Do that get to another state trooper who tells us that we need to go down 2 miles make a uturn and go back on the side of the road we were on before. At that point we gave up. My boyfriend had to take his medication so we needed food. We did not attempt today or will be going any of the other days. Which sucks we really wanted to attend and I was looking forward to this all year. I will say that the locals of Danville that we have encountered are extremely nice and all we have talked too are heartbroken that this is happening. We will stay until Sunday and do tourist stuff but we are going back home a day early. To me it looked like they oversold tickets and didn’t have the logistics or space to handle the amount of crowds. They should learn a lesson from the local amphitheater we have up in burgettstown pa. Build the highway infrastructure first before holding events.

Ervin Stallings
Ervin Stallings5 months ago

sorry fo0lks, but not worth the trouble. Love the mountains,,,but not this kind of thuing.

Beverly Daniels
Beverly Daniels5 months ago

Just think..Woodstock was much more crowded..

Timothy Baldwin
Timothy Baldwin5 months ago

I wouldn't want to be the person trying to pull into their driveway through that mess lol.

Jonathan Vickery
Jonathan Vickery5 months ago

Horrible. I got there at 1pm and was told after waiting on the road for 2 hours that on-site camping was full. Sent me to off site camping which was also about full. no showers, not enough porta potties. Walked 4 miles just to get to the actual place. Couldn't get any food. Line was too long. I left after the first day. Just not worth it. Need people who know what they are doing to manage these things. They know how many tickets they sold right????