Breaking News: Acting Chairman Of NDDC... - Abingo SLAY KING

Abingo SLAY KING • 2 years ago   5.8K     1.6K  •  294.8K Views
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Breaking News: Acting Chairman Of NDDC Prof Daniel Pondei, Faints on National TV after he was Bombarded with a Barrage of Questions over the Missing...

Victor Brem Brem
Victor Brem Brem2 years ago

Can you imagine. See set of politicians we are hoping that one everything will be okk.. They don't even have repented character. They just need the youth to stand and fight for their right. Shikana..

Princess Nkanyezi
Princess Nkanyezi2 years ago

Africa!!! who bewitched you???? They are all goody goody when in opposition ,they talk big,they promise good and they seem to have a heart for their country when not in the realms of power Trust them with power,then booooom....! Just when you thought they were God fearing. Cry my beloved Africa !

Ogechukwu Otubelu
Ogechukwu Otubelu2 years ago

Nawaoo, no social distancing again and that man that used his bare unwashed hand to force his mouth to be opened. That serves him right,embezzling public funds without qualms. It's too much.

Femi John
Femi John2 years ago

Actor no dey die for film he should complete wat he started nonsense set of people

Daraz Pappy
Daraz Pappy2 years ago

Shame to all the Nigeria youth that will still go out to vote come 2023 why we can all stay home and see if they can vote themselves in

John Mike
John Mike2 years ago

When they were allegedly enjoying the billions the guy was up and doing now he is fainting, slumping, and has become a sick man chai Naija we hail thee, signs and wonders shall never end.

Onyekachi Owolabi
Onyekachi Owolabi2 years ago

Why is Nigeria like this? Is there nothing good in this Country? God pls help us.

Emeka Nwachukwu
Emeka Nwachukwu2 years ago

How did u spend 1.8b he fainted a voice said he should go he resurrected another voice say let continue he fainted again thieves asking theif question

Francis Emeh
Francis Emeh2 years ago

We know ourself Nigeria will never change with all this kind of acting even Hollywood hasn't act this kind of film

Kings Ayala
Kings Ayala2 years ago

Revolution! Yet the youths won't listen, let's fight this people else they will continue playing with us.