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OMG! You HAVE to watch and see why Terry Crews hit his golden buzzer for Detroit Youth Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company on #AGT! 馃帀
Have you That's that destroy Hey, Y'all. Know I'm from Flint The Detroit Youth Choir is a community-based choir We have a lot of inner city kids Some of them have bad home situations or they could be in the streets There's violence We give them something positive to come and be a part of you're already Yes, I'm nervous but I'm ready for mister Wake knows things that Detroit children go through So he's able to help us feel safe and fix those Through music or dance here we go We can take that a little bit of talent and pour some water on it and grow it be proud of what you represent Okay for sure Alright, give me a call Let me tell you mister White people like you are the reason I am where I am right now and let me tell you all. It takes is one person to believe that you can do it and you have that and that's more than so many people have on this Earth Is this show The young people from Detroit can be somebody That is an entrance Welcome Thank you to tell us who you are. Please We are the Detroit Youth Choir Okay Yes And you are obviously the choir director Yes, I'm the choir director Anthony White Anthony Nice to meet you tell me how this quite came out. What was the idea behind you please Well, I've been the director of this wonderful youth group for a little over 20 - one years Oh wow And we're here to let the world know that we have some wonderful young people in the city of Detroit They all have great grades and they're all talented Wow Is he stretch Yeah But your old friends Yeah Okay So what would you love or Dream of happening? If you do well on this show a million dollars, you know that I I actually love quiet so I would never had a choir in the show but this could be the first Okay. Well good luck Let's do it Get it done Get him Get him on the Internet Like that Everything always told you that I said my skin and put my phone into everything I was taught as you can get The dancing in the singing and the rapping. It's so much more than you expect from any other choir I love you I love you all You know it starts with the people and the people you guys came together and created something that was traditional like a choir and you took it and went so fresh It was so fun. The choreography I was up on my feet Gabrielle first. Let me ask the little the little one who's hiding in the back and she step forward How do you feel good Good Do you feel like you did a great job Thank you Yes Yes Let me thank you because what we all just witnessed here tonight was nothing short of absolute brilliance This was not expected if you can keep doing this where every performance is the last thing you would expect to quite to do you could win this Let's let's start with Howie Yes sir Oh you know what Wait. Wait Wait. Wait. Wait Wait Wait Wait I'm so sorry to interrupt you Holly and I have to tell you Every young man and women on this stage represents me and where I came from I remember sitting at my window in Flint, Michigan dreaming and want to make it and wanted to be here and they're here And they did so well Do this All it takes is one person to believe in a young man or woman for them to reach their dreams and you are that man sir

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