Tropical Storm Henri makes landfall in Rhode Island

Fox News • 5 months ago   2.3K     1.9K  •  306.3K Views
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HENRI MAKES LANDFALL: Monster storm lashes Rhode Island; floods feared in several states.

Posted 5 months ago in Crime & Tragedy
Urmila Sharma
Urmila Sharma5 months ago

Hurricane tracking is good, but how is going to help and Rescue, how many people are affected?

Patricia Malizioso Songin
Patricia Malizioso Songin5 months ago

6 inches of rain in Central Park and they we not watching the weather?? Really

Nancy Lyon
Nancy Lyon5 months ago

Be grateful it鈥檚 cat 1 and that you don鈥檛 live on the gulf coast

Angela Grace Tropea
Angela Grace Tropea5 months ago

This hurricane was overhyped. Not even a breeze outside! Connecticut resident.

Brad Morris
Brad Morris5 months ago

Florida gets hurricanes this is just a little rain.

Thomas Porter
Thomas Porter5 months ago

Im on the west side of Pennsylvania we got alot of rain last couple weeks this going to bring more

Joseph Fogle
Joseph Fogle5 months ago

Some seem not to know the difference between fear and rationality.

Ana Rotella
Ana Rotella5 months ago

Praying for all in the path of this tropical storm馃檹.

Sharon Farnsworth
Sharon Farnsworth5 months ago

Hope family in CT wl be safe.. yrs ago we went thru Gloria in Canterbury.. lost many trees bit never electricity..their going to b on that right quadrant too... hunker in..

Lucy L. Davis
Lucy L. Davis5 months ago

How Tropical Storm/hurricane tracking has to do with politics? Wow!! The world has really depreciated in value! 馃槬