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Forget the daily repetition. 🌴🍚🍤🍣🍢
It’s time for self-care, rejuvenation, and excitement!
It’s time to get travelling again.
The focus of this trip is for WOMEN. What's On 4 Australia want to assist ladies losing themselves in the busyness of life, whether parenting or work and avoid burnout.
They believe us girls deserve a little time off for some self-care!
The 2018 Vietnam Getaway for women is the perfect escapism for everyone for everyone. They’ve catered to what women want – a little shopping, a little adventure, a little pamper and a whole lot of being taken care of!
When is the last time you’ve really taken time out just for yourself?
They promise to take good care of for you – so the only decision that’s left for you is…champagne or cocktail?

Details: 🌴🍚🍤🍣🍢🥟
It's going to be THE MOST wonderful and rejuvenating trip guaranteed! They look forward to traveling, experiencing, laughing and recharging our way through Vietnam with you - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! 😊
Details for their first hosted Vietnam Getaway for women - Rejuvenate You this October 2018 can be found here ->

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