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Smiles for Baby Charley
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Charley checking out her box of beans for the first time.
I can get in it okay yeah get it baby yeah whoa ha what do you think things yeah what do you think about that charley b's he's like it what you gonna do is It honey his ma' am but you think what you think charley you can get Help it's not bad tip now oh you can get in it is not gonna tip oh you getting it come on it's not gonna tip I promise you do good job say oh my Then why you did here look I got your Cup I got to look up go dump it on the things that double in the bucket that's right good job cat is fitting to get in there with you what you think think she likes it yeah Yeah what do you think about that charley is back him what you need your I come yeah up dump it okay oh me that was gonna happen you see there with you to thank k Por mais honor person things on the catch pack their duck dump you like that oh my goodness charley way you like it yeah that hmm no Catch but go scoop it for oh fuck yes oh my what you think of that huh oh okay oh stay down mm Thank you like it I'm mm oh eight down and can't peek whoa ha she's a crazy hmm say the lid is definitely going on this thing when you're not in it he who controls that catch jump it Shall yeah yeah go good silly cat got one day when things you gotten 50 pounds of maine's yeah yeah okay and yeah Yep you like it charley happy birthday you say thank you okay not quite your birthday yet but you get your birthday present today you yeah yeah charley how are you gonna be thanks yellow four years old oh yeah touch a big girl stay Hmm

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