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If you were Basit, and didn't know Jonathan was your Perfect Match, would you give him another chance after this effort he put in? 馃
I think it's important that but it does realize that you know I do think that they are beautiful person and the things that I've said about the sit me not having a romantic connection with them I understand that that could have made their mind. Gulch you know huge left turn and I think it's time that I like try and turn that car back around and bring it back home for visit 00 my gosh. It just makes you a little something something to make you feel like a queen that you are Did you pick these flowers yourself Yup Wow Wow so I just wanted to say I'm sorry December my intention to hurt someone that I'm like willing to grow it and get to know I feel like my issue coming in whatever I said, I'm like not romantically interested or like I've never done that or you know it's gonna take time like I was so distracted by like the sequencing glitter and stuff that I didn't take time to look at what was underneath all that and like what's underneath all of that is a beautiful Person like I just I was distracted by someone else in the House and also by your costume costume What was amazing is when we became beyond beyond you're glowing You really do need someone who respects all of you It's like I was in the appetizer but now like course meal like I feel like that was the moment where I was like okay I saw you and you saw me and like there was a freedom a sense of Them Yeah they can They can definitely make it happen but maybe right now I think I need to fix Jonathan but I think you're right. I think where I worry about I realized that your intentions weren't to hurt me as much as they were to get answers for you Yeah but at the same time if we would have gotten one beam instead of blacking out at the last matchup I feel like you would have still thought that one was you interested and because of that you wouldn't be here right now but doing what you're doing to me and that's such a Gary thought I mean I think you're right like I'm probably what is still been convinced that my distraction in my normal was what was meant for me We're working progress Not gonna say we're fixed but I'm we're putting the pieces together

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