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ONE NEWSROOM | February 27, 2020

• PH bans travel of Filipino tourists to South Korea
• OFWs can fly to South Korea —Palace
• DOLE assures cruise ship...
bangon south korea filipinos are not allowed to flight of the east asian there's approved to impose a ban on the entry of travellers coming from the north geon song province of south korea into philippine territory effective immediately Labor Department assures crew members of the stricken Diamond Princess Cruise ship that they will not lose their jobs. I'm good news is that Max Manning agency is going to deploy them in other words in this. nineteen spreads to south america brazil confirm this first case of the president rodrigo duterte accept abs-cbn sa police chief executive of the networks franchise in the hands of law makers Vito community is in danger of losing its license to operate the telco is struggling to build the promise number of cell sites after the Corona virus outbreak forced steel companies to shut down who pay province in China. Follow the day's biggest stories. I'm Shanelle and I'm Charles Luciano Step inside one newsroom. malacañang hassle poste partial travel ban ang south korea made the rising cases of covered nineteen in the east asian nation this means we might want to fly i sware for the summer but the bank is not cover ofws More than 1000 confirmed cases of Cuba, 19 were monitored in South Korea. 160 - nine new cases were recorded Wednesday, 130 -, four of which came from the city in North Tulsa Province, believed to be the Center of the outbreak, Independent Sila, and it all reportedly started in a day go to church. authorities went to the church Tuesday for an emergency epidemiological investigation about 200000 of its members will undergo investigation the. to impose the travel ban on travellers coming from north 'yong song for now president rodrigo duterte dimsun necessary to expand at travel ban to other parts of south korea do not be a total travel ban you are going to lock down the entire philippine code that it is i think that way for those or filipinos planning to visit south korea may medyo on factors south cases for now walang pilipino ang travel to the entire south korea but ofw saan permanent resident sa south korea will be allowed to go to the country and one condition they are to execute and sign declaration signified their knowledge and understanding of the rest involved prior to their travel palace spokesman salvador panelo is resign to the fact that the partial bad will take it still on the countries tourism especially since south korea sa top tourist market it will be affected but as we always say we have to security and safety of those coming here on living in this country to korea Tourism Department says around one point Nine million Koreans visited the Philippines in 2019 for now authorities infection in different parts of South Korea's in place to prevent the spread of covered 19 for News five Marissa We are one use. south korea is indeed warning but do we know exactly what cause the rapids previous virus strong sort of with the korean authorities do you have some sort of their working from i don't think they have gotten to the root of all the problem set and the root causes yat but there's certain we are fairies generals now based on our fourth by the south china morning post this outbreak could be willing to a secretary south korean church sa people called are religious sector people are actually turning out the world Cult that actually had a branch in China and some time ago they did close that branch down now and they just do services via you know online streaming and so there is a link to alright. there was at some point definitely a branch of that church in Mohan and they're definitely our members from Mohawk now allegedly some 200 members held me things in Wayne until December. So that's what I was telling you and remember during that time, nobody was paying. Attention to rumors about this new Corona virus that was spreading now it may have been too late when the church suspended these gatherings and the virus may have already infected members when they return to their respective homes in late January and remember around half of the 19 infections in South Korea have been linked to a branch of a church in day and a member of that branch report that lead visited China back in January and Korean health officials are investigating three. in fact health in local hospitals in south korea is already earlier travel and i think that will not stop the spread of covered nineteen and just instant choke the travel industry in you notes yesterday was a blood bata cross all market claiming it on this virus right now the president of the pcc boria guevarra who had s actually have experience in containing major contingent as tourism minister of next ico back with the one and one flu virus brown out call the government and authorities worldwide not over react with this proportionate measures now some harvard scientists or a green with the saying it's full time to try to stop the virus survives processing now in fact one epidemiology is from harvard believes that hundred nineteen will end up effective uhm some seventy percent of the world population bago ban or no try now travel ban but they say this is no reason to panic since any of those who will catch the disease will not you know eventually all that have it in the civil fashion or even show any symptoms and all over those who are asked to matic like we will see with with the numbers for everyday eventually more into a new season will condition just like the covered cold uhm so you know it would be possible that in the future it will be abnormal thing or it will be normalize to here it's a fruit covered nineteen season once again i'm back usually cabinet members of the secretary of justice menardo guevarra right right right and if you remember there was a travel ban body was lifted soon after i was in um so they are changing the mind is very very capable of changing the wife i think but that's where it from the president himself I really want to video and the guys were injured whether it would be safe for them to do it. I am not a medical person. I'm a lawyer. repatriates from the infected cruise ship in japan remain free covered nineteen symptoms but to do the four hundred forty-five repatriates from the envy diamond princess close open sa fan or racing and their respective isolation rooms and the new clark city after they will do and on tuesday the health department sa edad twenty-one hospitals and central luzon or on standby in case anyone shows and terms of covered nineteen the protocol there mayro'n na tayong nakaantabay na uh uh ambulance that will bring this ah systematic individual to the hospital and be isolated so for the doh said none of the refreshment for example ring sign of the disease but the agency said there is no starting and verified reports of possible transmission by assemble matic patients marami na pong naging experience Individuals even here in the MVP Diamond Princess Labor Secretary Sylvester US affected members that they will still have jobs once they leave the facility. I'm good news is that Manning agency is going to. deployed in other words hindi sila mawawalan ng trabaho the workers will also receive salary and benefits well under currently in belle added betty crew members sa tested possible for the virus will also be we deployed once a day recover from the infection very reminded married and various hospitals in japan for this five j c cosco we are one news hirap new cases are on the rice the source like disease has also spread to south america francis lost second person from the source of two infection and this patient is is six year old french national was hospitalized interest and tested positive for the virus on tuesday the draft is one of the three cases in the year of the nation this week and world south korean american soldier has contracted hoven nineteen his the first service mental gotten the disease and the soldier was station over at carrots sa thirty kilometers because of the large Have had contact with the patients in Scandinavia, Norway reported its first Corona virus infection and this patient returned from China last week, but did not appear ill. The person that tested positive for Stars called two later on this patient is being kept in isolation at home. Cover 19 US also invaded Greece The country confirms its first case on Wednesday and she is a 30 -eight-year-old Greek woman who recently returned home from Milan over the weekend. Health officials say the patient is in good health and being treated in this Moving over to the Caucasus region, where Georgia has confirmed its first Corona virus infection and this patient is a male citizen who entered the country from Iran via as her by John. He is currently being treated at Georgia's Infectious Disease and Aid Center and authorities are now identifying persons who may have interacted with this patient in Latin America. Cuba, 19, is also present after Brazil reported its first case of the disease. The 60 - one -year-old Brazilian man had traveled to Italy spending two weeks in the northern lumber Struggling to contain the virus and it has the most infections outside of China, with at least 400 confirmed cases. Let's take a look at the global situation via this interactive map from Johns Hopkins University in the States. Again. These numbers have been gathered from five data basis that the World Health Organization, the US CDC, the European CDC, China's National Health Commission and the online community of physicians, The XY, starting with the total number of best worldwide reaching 2008 hundred. We are at 2008 Hundred and one with a number of best continuing to slow down with just 40 -. one new deaths recorded over the past. thirteen and south korea and twelve second year college teacher Number of confirmed cases at 80 - 2160 - four with 1170 new cases recorded over the past 20 - four hours, and it was reported earlier that the Corbin, 19, had already reached South America with Brazil recording its first case. Let's check it out on the map here as you can see the concentration here still in Mainland China. but then if we take a closer look there we can see there is already a confirmed case over in Brazil in South America. Meanwhile, the number of cover 19 cases also increased in Greece in Georgia recording their first case, Meanwhile, the top five countries outside of mainland China to have suffered from Kobe 19 or South Korea with 1590 - five Italy with 450 - three Japan with 180 -, nine and Iran, with 130 - nine. Finally, Singapore with 90 - three confirmed cases. The number of confirmed cases here in the Philippines remains at three moving on now to the total number of recovered patients 20 - two patients recovering from Mainland China and over here to the bottom right if we can just enlarge this chart for you, we have the chart showing the trend of recording cases and the total number of recorded cases again. This orange line represents the total number of confirmed cases in Mainland China, while the yellow line shows the number of confirmed cases outside of mainland China and it is this line that is increasing at the rather upward piece here as you can see the slope. Meanwhile, the Green line to give us whether or not all over the world Than 1560 people and seized more than 30 - one million fastest worth of inferior masks valued at least one point two billion pesos. The Ministry is now asking help from market regulatory authorities to help crack down on these and here are under covered nineteen headlines for keeping our rice expert said the demand for office space in the country mate head from the crown virus outbreak and the crack down on august jail philippines research at john loyd delos reyes explains at land lords maybe relaxant to accommodate new po go tenants due to health concerns delos reyes also expected deped residential sales noting that the chinese market has been one of the property sectors major drivers in ways and years in another report color Said that vacancy rates in Metro Manila may rise up to seven point six percent if the Pogo industry will not take up additional office space this year and the IMF the International Monetary Fund, as well as the World Bank will both scale back their spring meetings in April. They are also exploring options to hold teleconferences instead due to growing concerns on the spread of Cuban 19. The meeting is expected to gather some 10000 government officials, journalists and businessmen from across the globe to a tightly packed area in Washington that houses their headquarters and Pope Francis. Offered his prayers for those who are infected with the Corona virus. Italy is struggling to keep the outbreak under control. The source like the disease has spread further South Tuesday and the death toll has risen to 11 with a number of new cases jumping above 320 just see that always free. once again, I would like to express my closeness to people infected by the curl and the virus to health professionals who are assisting them. as well as to save authorities and all those who are working to assist patients and to stop the spreading of the virus pina sister yes for the past perfect break ba what right after vans calabarzon under state of calamity due to the lingering effects of that no election and president duterte justified the termination of the bfa saying if we can we can choose to be a territory of the us or a province of China We'll have these stories and more when we return keep it here on one newsroom. To all our friends good afternoon, you're still watching one news room Folks reported that the volcano has admitted steam or admitted steam last night. The agency classified the steam as water it. It reached some 300 meters, high and drifted southwest between nine PM yesterday and three AM earlier today, the volcano remains under alert level two. President Rodrigo Duterte has placed collaboration under a state of calamity because of the activities in and around the volcano to give us the latest on the volcano. We have fever science research specialist Eric Arco Canada on the phone Good afternoon. Eric are there any new updates on Table Cano good afternoon good afternoon as I said earlier, we have stay. sa steam however we still under 'no after the activities between nine nine pm three am kanina or alert this morning um may reason ba to panic or zero reason for you guys to change the alert level anytime soon ah people's is maintaining ano alert level two po kasi bale 'yong nangyari po last night is ah not ah associated with uh uh uh uh support na ito ay ah ay may mas malalang ah si dudulot so bale we have thirty four organica earthquakes which is actually ang nangyari dito maraming salamat thank you very much for your time that was research specialist one A quick fire of today's headlines President Rodrigo Duterte their orders the Agriculture Department to come up with protocols for the transfer of hogs and pork products. in response to the African Swine fever, The chief executive said the agency needs to make sure that no painted goods end up on markets. The new guidelines will likewise address unnecessary restrictions in the transport of pork products. In those who are declared free of the swine flu, so that they can travel. for congress to raffle investigation into the so called pastilla scheme involving immigration officials but the president is ready to fire more i have in system on the ouster of all i think we have ah terminated but they will be more also defending this move the terminate visiting forces agreement or dfa between the philippines and the us first consultant the armed forces whether conflict can do without the military america America be mighty the might and power of the military of the of what the United States told by our rebellion here and the terrorists and down South. we can be a territory of the Americans or we can be a province of China. gano'n lang insurrection kailangan mo ang amerika authorizing the nccc to extend abs-cbn sa operations after it's franchise expired next month More on this story after another quick break, stay with us here on one YouTube. Maya happened to all our friends in the color Good afternoon you're still on one news room. The President has accepted the apology of ABS CBN for airing a controversial advertisement that was financed by former Senator Antonio Trillanes. The fourth, the 30 maintains he's keeping his hands off of the renewal of the networks franchise. Marcelle Haley has the rest of the store at the Senate hearing this week. Network CEO Carlos Cutting back himself sort President of Delta's forgiveness for not airing his presidential campaign ads in 2016 and on Wednesday evening, President Rodrigo. over the issue i am set with all but the chief executive refuse to receive the two point six million pesos campaign funds that the media chinese suffering to refund depende namin na ni janet all the despite accepting the networks apology duterte maintain that he will not medal with abs-cbn s franchise renewal which is still pending before congress i really don't move in a of I'm going. he is also distance themself from the solicitor general sco warranto petition against the network saying his relationship food solgen calida is not the same with the department of justice duterte also assured that he is never talk twenty one in congress about the issue wala akong pinost magtanong kayo do'n are about two hundred of men and you can ask anybody and if there is a congressman ron jay ano allan and if it is true i will resign i never never never really cold anybody but is even before wala akong kinausap na tao but when ask if you will sign abs-cbn s franchise renewal should be pass congress this is what i had to say i will cross the bridge when enter maybe i will call the media to help me out it it will be the decision so i will okay thank you the bridge and and before the event presidential spokesperson sal panelo had already said that abs-cbn sa apology to the president will not have any barring all the networks pending cases panelo explain that the president feelings has nothing to do with the quo warranto petition against the media driane the franchise renewal of abs-cbn has been there filed in two thousand fourteen prior to the assumption this president so there is no way by which anybody can be blaming this president for the action of congress whether the previous congress or the president congress the grant and renewal flies mainly and exclusively with congress for news five maricel halili we are one news Lawmakers from both Chambers filed resolutions seeking to extend ABS CBN operations beyond me for a while they deliberate on the networks franchise renewal application Render tells us more. after five ng joint resolution seeking to extend abs-cbn news franchise over week ago senator franklin drilon filed a separate concurrent resolution on wednesday it or just the national telecommunications commission o ntc to issue provisional authority to the network for it to operate beyond may four well congress deliberates on it's franchise renewal concurrent resolution does not have the force and effect of a joint resolution where is much easier usually joint resolution needs to go through the committee hearing three senate hearings in the signature of the president we interpretation of the constitution is not the exclusive monopoly of the supreme court senator grace poe has the same view ang tawag dito ay congressional fee at ibig sabihin it's not necessarily abil but it's by authority from congress which actually is the intent of a franchise that the authority to grant a franchise emanates from progress but senate president tito sotto things otherwise kasi nga mayro'ng supreme court decision pala tungkol diyan and as i said no 'pag sinabi ng supreme court it's part of the law of the other ready senator bong go ay close alay of the president south intent of the concurrent resolution hahaluan kasi 'yan ng ah politika bakit po natin i-deprive sa presidente 'yong power to approve or to to dito i franchise kung lampas na po ng kaniyang ah termino kung saka-sakaling aprubahan man po ito drilon denize ni accusation that is the right to greet of approved is in the joint resolution that we filed which has the force and effect of law at the lower house representative rufos rodriguez has also filed the joint resolution extending na networks operation meant to find it down this afternoon and then monday hearing marathon marathon hearing on only on the temporary extension for one year it will not speak so much time earlier the house committee on legislative franchises head ask stakeholders to submit their position papers for more systematic discussion on the issue for news five we fernandez we are one news i think quick work from congress matters for this place of news that just cross the winners the philippine consulate in hongkong confirmed that another ofw has tested positive for the covered nineteen virus she is eight twenty-nine year old filipino workers who is now under quarantine this is the second confirm cover nineteen case involving a filipino in the asian financial have the filipino claims we had just recovered from fever meanwhile authorities are saying the first filipino hottest and positive force come to remain healthy and Dramatic, she has said to be released within the first week if her test results remain negative. Okay back to congressional matters now where the question is brewing is there a cool pending in the House of Representatives Speaker Allen Beathard Katana believes this is so the Speaker says some of his colleagues are using the issues surrounding the franchise renewal of ABS CBN to kick him out of the speakership talk More about this. We have Philippine star Associate Editor Mark Cuban River. She's joining us live from the Philippine Star Headquarters. Hi Hi Joe. Can you hear us? Yes? yes. Alright and she's joining us over the phone today. It's true. Okay. I think our connection is a little spotted, but anyway, I'm going to ask you any way. There seems to be information that one congressman or some congressman are trying to rally up enough numbers to oust him from the speakership and you know give the speakership already to Lord Alan Velasco even though he's slated to take over later in this year. What information do you have on this? yes so. I mean I share to you the latest developments in this matter because this morning but indoor Congressman Lord Alan Velasco issued a statement denying that he has any outdoor plot or his people or supporters of the House are plotting throughout Speaker Allen Peter Catania and that he will respect the gentleman's agreement to end the term sharing that is soon taken place in October. remember we discussed uh last week about the house that when they were number of the sections out of the existing for administration alex in congress were some of them have less the ruling administration pdp laban where speaker kaya tamis ng among the uhm coalition leader supported to serve the first one and a half ah years of being speaker so at this point in time uh such ah rumors of we will remain rumors short so kung iba rumors it should we have this this article from pilipino star ngayon where in and anonymous source is sited what another details were given by the source as regards possible coin congress uh at this was uh trust triggered by the privilege speech o f congressman party-list congressman lito atienza who has been very supportive and vocal on the renewal of franchise for abs-cbn and he was calling upon the chairman of the house committee on franchise palawan congressman alvarez to uh already table for approval by the panel the franchise bill of abs-cbn and a chance will be on ah alvarez funnel and even challenge is the household even uh initiate changes in the leadership of the house so alan peter cayetano ah reacted saying is the majority vote out of the speakership he will be more than glad to give way to whoever gets the next majority votes but as soon at the house it was just out of each of at chansa and that the is we can like that o representative at party list ah okay so we can move on now to other issues uh with the speakership and the lower house chu so there's also this uhm issue now with abs-cbn franchise renewal that their kind of tossing the ball over to the franchise franchise actually expire on may four because there is this law provision in the experience franchise uhm that it takes effect fifteen days on the date of publication which was april nineteen nineteen ninety-five so it will actually ah run out on may force and not in april or march as we have previously assumed right yes oo so now that this is happening and now that speaker cayetano and uhm uh franchise minority leader frank drilon also supporting this via concurrent resolution because like i said it's easier sa lot easier to make this happened joint resolution uhm is this actually we can we planner hope soundest and can abs-cbn now rest easy doing dati ang c mighty give them a provision to extend whether it's a year or two years from now from At this point in time, ABS CBN executives can now rest because there is already an official letter by Speaker Alan Peter Gay channel and Consign by the House panel on franchise Congressman Alvarez that instructing the National Telecommunications Commission, MPC, Chairman Dov a to extend for the meantime starting effective May fourth 2020 the franchise or abs-cbn until such time the present eighteenth congress bukod pa sa pan depending franchise bills and so the earlier players that abs will run out of each franchise is not is no longer there because ah the department of justice earlier issue the rule i mean legal opinion during the senate hearing it was founded by secretary menardo guevarra that uh lbc should be authorized by the congress because it is the one that issues call on the franchise to send the renewal of franchise kasi dati in the past with other telecom seeking franchise ah head not been acted the fund before congress before the extension of their uh franchise so there are many to say this but ah condo but all the senate hearing last ah monday that the case of abs-cbn was unit because there is an existing warrant of petition of the supreme court and ah so cold the on the head of the abs-cbn and until such time the supreme court rules on that for warrant of petition c k chairman of fear that he my be uh overtaken or the court month or cycle import consent and that's the supreme court ah yesterday ah issued an instruction that it is already to consider the cover alto uh petition of so this things are happening at the same time so they should be no worry for abs-cbn to ah to hear that ah there is a franchise will expire this may for short i thank you so much for those clarifications of this issue again um not the flash time i guess we cannot talk about this as usual thanks very much associates of the philippines Government may forfeit be to tell communities performance bond worth over 20 - five billion pesos It has failed to fulfill its initial commitments by July and Tim Tebow will be playing for the Philippines in the world Baseball More stories after the break, Stay with us here on one news room. Before I go to all our friends good afternoon, you're watching one news room hotel. A community's permit to operate is in danger of being revoked as a construction of itself sides hit a snag due to the Cove at 19 outreach. The government is considering cutting the company. Some slack Dale tells us more. With only four months left before the audit in July, the community is barely halfway through its commitment of putting up 1600 cell sites in the country. As of Wednesday, the third player said it has built nearly 700 South sides. The Department of Information Communications Technology warned that their permit to operate maybe devote if the dentist will lead firm fails to deliver the public convenience. kailangan talaga 'yong serbisyo at 'yong radio frequencies babawiin ng gobyerno but the company expanded na project was affected by the twenty nineteen coronel virus and china dito said na still use for the construction is manufactured in the province of the center of the disease outbreak despite na setback the telco companies confident that it will be able to hold a technical launch in july we are taking all remedial measures that we can so that we will not let in fact and they are all out while there maybe a basis for us to say this can be the in the force mature the policy we taken is we will find ways to mitigate all the effects of this ah the situation so that are ruled out will not be delayed but the dict secretary said the deadline could still be extended sea sa company twelve victim to the covered nineteen outbreak aside from the cell sites dito still needs to deliver and internet speed of twenty seven megabits per second by july failure to do so will mean that it's twenty-five point seven billion peso performance Egypt held a full honors military funeral for former autocratic President Hosni Mubarak, who was deposed after 2011 Arab Spring. Let's watch this report by Bloomberg Quick Take Yeah. Panasonic is giving up its solar roof partnership with tech giant Tesla Lumber. Quick Take tells us Why let's watch this. Let's check out the biggest stories now from the business front. San Miguel will be presenting the new design of the MT seven station near the QC Memorial Circle to the QC government on Friday. The OTR Assistant Secretary TJ both said the Department will have to review the additional cost of changing the design. The Kansas City government earlier issued a cease and desist order against the construction of the station for its above ground design. The LG of Kansas City said. environmentalists and historians pointed out that the station will encroach on the integrity of the memorial site. Despite this issue, but then said the Marty Seven is still on track for partial operability by the end of 2020. - one the D I C T is planning to release a final draft of its common tower policy by March Secretary Gregorio says he originally wanted to do this around September or October of last year. However, due to issues on certain provisions in the policy, it was pushed back among these concerns include the number of tower companies that will be allowed to operate as well. The tacos should be prohibited from building their own towers in South Premier Power tells Congressman during a House hearing that it's open to proposals by the peace or how to settle the company's financial obligations based on record. the SMC power unit was the GO CC around 240 - Five million vessels. San Miguel, President and CEO, has long disputed the claim, arguing that the firm has stuck to the agreement that was awarded back in 2010. We saw President and CEO. I enjoyed Garcia told lawmakers that the state Corporation is running after some 90 - five billion pesos worth of overdue receivables by the end of. Now on to some sizzling sports action, former American football superstar Tim Tebow, Don Philippine colors in the World Baseball Classic qualifiers in a tweet. The former Heisman Trophy winner expressed his excitement to play for the country where he was born and raised for five years. The WBC qualifiers will take place in Tucson, Arizona, Philippines will take on the check Republic on March twentieth. They are joined by Great Britain, New Zealand, Panama and Spain and at stake or two spa. For the 2020 - one WBC, Meanwhile, the Philippine College Champions League, or PCL sets it sites outside of basketball. The League announced that it will pair up with East Sports Organization Miniscule Global and hosting the country's biggest E sports tournament Partners will establish the National Interscholastic Cyber League will wear some eight hundred thousand students will be invited to compete. The ICL Regional qualifier is projected to start this summer while the Being eyed for December and five -time tennis Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova retires at age 30 - Two Marsha She's affectionately called became one of the highest-paid female athletes in the world broke the news on Vanity Fair, Sharapova called the sport of tennis. Her mountain, where views from its peak were incredible. Despite going through valleys and detours. She was also the first Russian female tennis pro to reach number one and claim the US Open title Sharapova only. These are the day's biggest headlines. Be sure to check out one News dot PH for in-depth stories. I'm Charles Luciano and for the latest updates. Follow the Philippine Star Miss swirled and news five. I'm Shanelle and we are one News.

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