Silo demolition goes wrong

Daily Mail • 8 months ago   626     111  •  350.8K Views
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Someone's getting sacked after this devastating error! 馃槺馃挘 via ViralHog

Posted 8 months ago in Science & Tech
Vicky Abrahams
Vicky Abrahams8 months ago

That would never have happened if Fred Dibnah had done it!

Jennifer Hancock
Jennifer Hancock8 months ago

Oh, that鈥檚 going to be expensive! I hope no one was in the library!

Jeff Hudson
Jeff Hudson8 months ago

I am not an expert but I know you don鈥檛 make openings a third of the way up an expect to fall without stopping going who knows where.

Joe Stewart
Joe Stewart8 months ago

Who put the windows in the library not a broken bit of glass to be seen

Anne Heard
Anne Heard8 months ago

I hope there were no people in the library 馃槩

Jean Barton
Jean Barton8 months ago

I hope the library was closed

Olive Therrien
Olive Therrien8 months ago

Someone confused left and right.

Carmen Kissel-Verrier
Carmen Kissel-Verrier8 months ago

Getting sacked? If this was Canada, he鈥檇 get a promotion 馃ぃ

Marlon Newton
Marlon Newton8 months ago

Somebody did not know there left from there right

Phillip Gooch
Phillip Gooch8 months ago

When you lie on your resume that you鈥檝e done demo before but really all you did was play castle wreak