Baldy’s Breakdowns: Patriots Defense Shuts Out Chargers

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The New England Patriots' defensive plan against the Chargers was picture perfect.

Watch the film from the dominant win in True View. (via Brian Baldinger)

Posted 1 year ago in Sports
Phillip Carter
Phillip Carter1 year ago

How Anthony Lynn still has a job is beyond my comprehension. He’s going to ruin Herbert’s development if they get rid of him ASAP. He’s turned him into a dink and dunker.

Tylor Liles
Tylor Liles1 year ago

This was the one game a year where the game can be essentially described as f*** you We're the Patriots.

Brian Haflin Jr.
Brian Haflin Jr.1 year ago

Still think that this could be Bill Belichick's last season with the Patriot's. Might be time for the Patriots to go in a different direction and I think Kraft and the other team leaders might be starting to realize this.

Brian Michael Cole
Brian Michael Cole1 year ago

I’m confused how they were lucky the chargers didn’t even score 😂😂

Chris Conley
Chris Conley1 year ago

The Patriots usually eat up rookie QB's, but that was extreme even by the usual standards.

Patrick Herman
Patrick Herman1 year ago

It’s almost like the patriots knew the play calls ahead of time...

Mason Capuzzo
Mason Capuzzo1 year ago

Being a die hard Chargers fan is hard.

Aaron Barrett
Aaron Barrett1 year ago

Step 1: play the Chargers

David Szady
David Szady1 year ago

Bill should sign JC Jackson to a long term deal this off-season before his price tag goes up too much.

Matteo Anzovino
Matteo Anzovino1 year ago

Chiefs vs. Packers SB 👍👍👍👍