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When her sister Lisa is taken to A&E, Sarah rushes to be by her side.
Saint George's George's medical medical drama drama Stretch learning difficulties. Alright, thank you but. They're bringing around the lady with autism for a wounds and review for for plastics. plastics. plastics. she she she was was was was agitated agitated agitated agitated and and and and they they they they gave. gave gave gave us us us some some some new new new. dazzling. dazzling. The 37 year-old woman with autism and severe learning difficulties is being rushed to Saint Georges from her care home. She was. that's what I wanna bring her here We like patients with mental health to be treated in resource because if they are really hurting themselves and they are really agitated not cooperative, cooperative, We we We can can can go go go to to to the the the the extreme extreme extreme. extreme. extreme. we we we we can. can can can put put put them them them in in in a a asleep. sleep sleep we we. can integrate. The woman's sister is on route to the hospital. I'm constantly living on the edge of getting that call from the care home. What they said on the phone is that their finger had gone black. They thought she was eating herself. It's partially amputated, I was it. Yeah. It's nearly all the way through the burn. thanks when I arrived, she wasn't cooperating, she refused to leave the property. They were five police officers three paramedics, a staff member trying to give her two syringes of oral sedation. It took 10 professionals to get around. 321 well done so this lady has sustained a laceration to write it. It's really deep and almost the whole top of the fingers. I must not love because she doesn't speak. We haven't been able to find out what happened. She's aggravated. it doesn't go outside and walking around and hitting herself herself and and lashing lashing out out at at at times times times and. and and many many. ourselves. She needs to be sedated to be removed for further intervention any questions. I'm gonna call plastics. Thank you very much. Thank you. Something happened to anyone like cared about wouldn't even think about it. I would stop everything and go. I've got a situation with the care they don't want her going back to the House cuz they're concerned of herself. injurious behavior. she's been given notice to exit them the care home they want to know if there's any other options that the mental team he can offer to support them while she's transitioning or if there's another facility she can go to cuz otherwise. If they don't want her back. Sexy what we can do. Thank you. I try not to carry guilt. It's not guilt. It's love. it's what's right for her. She is a big factor in what has made me function and who I am if I could have one moment of her being in Regent's Park there near the pond it would just be. The biggest sense of achievement the biggest sense of pride, but not for me for for her because she just be one step closer to having a quality of life. She's in your new sister of calm.

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