Today 1SG Boynton will relinquish her... - 369th Adjutant General Battalion (AIT)

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Today 1SG Boynton will relinquish her responsibilities to 1SG Harris. 1SG Boynton we wish you the best at NCOA. 1SG Harris welcome to the Swamp!
So this is what the Institute mess up men's, a zero pain commander are major financial management, school and that's a little tell why. Santa years comment down on a mission officers academy, the singles guest family and friends on behalf attended colonel Joe. Our homes commander three 69 battalion commander major, Michael Jackson command sergeant major 369 zero battalion welcome to the Apple company resisting excellent dental battalion change the responsibility ceremony today. First off you know, but Poison ridiculous responsibilities of our sauce and julie cheers. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the right party and amazing about support again, definitely with every vehicle. Your amazing for the playing of the National and it's a party, not taking their place so carol because the world and that's Wait what here's Let's write what I know yes, your blessing upon the ceremony, the on start of different appointment and first julie harris is a privilege. Responsibilities. Leadership from one company per started together takes place exactly. We thank you, coral leadership direction. The first started doing when you has provided out company and honor in the work that you don't two her performance brings to mind. They let me work well done, good and faithful servant. We asked you to be with her and bless her and she consumes her new role as a deputy conduct the academy. We ask that you are great person to Paris with the installation of said business, will be needed as Super Bowl tickets. your Leadership needed training officers awards your students out strength and, first started harris and she passed the enormous role providing coaching counseling inventory. Their important roles for shocking your right on it Ladies and gentlemen, please you see it Today was the past to becoming the guy to the songs of abba company. Two 69 extension of battalion and guided more than just a Strip of cloth, understand that stands for everything and it is and will become in the future. That's why Today, as we one of the same coming out going person just, we have the management of the tremendous from responsibilities of the first on the role of the first of August, represents disappeared and against his career when I trusted with making decisions that affect every member of their Union, they must possess the foresight to anticipate problems before they arise and be willing to accept the ultimate responsibility the entire, more they may be called upon to make the most difficult decision involving the laughter soldiers because they don't have the guy is the very start The guy is a simple of responsibility and authority and the spirit of the company also, just come and go the guy remains a perpetual symbol of the unity glorious history. So they have one person will receive the guide on from the start and pass it to the commander signifying the relentless method. Her duties and gratitude for the opportunity to care for the soldiers civilians and families to commander will pass the guidelines of the incoming first soldiers trying to cover the responsibility for her unit at the new person of the entire universe on the past the guy wants to The identifying the change of responsibility The Ladies and gentlemen of the command of all the company, 69 of digital battalion carol in the store okay That's, like grew above click okay to distinguish guest soldiers and family I'd like to say a special thank you to uh first started. Um crisis brother Justin for coming out and uh bring your daughter patty uh. We knew other was a potential that you wouldn't be here. So thank you so much for your sacrifice. Families and friends. Thank you for attending space airily the top Middle racist and I imagine, during the time staff and the of alpha company. Thank you for your hard work and contributions and making the ceremony special occasion traditionally the duties are Responsibilities of the first surgeon are excited during the lot of promotion from master sergeant. First sergeant, although this is a change of responsibility, ceremony, I believe it appropriate to share this proclamation and order to highlight the achievements of first start in burlington and welcome for sergeant harris and she embarks on her journey as the alpha company first sergeant for less underscore serving as the first surgeon and this unique Organization comprised of ceo's officers, one officers and civilians is a Always an easy feat when we're talking about the first started, you were talking about the life one of the army. They're no substitute for this position or any question of is it important when first sergeants our exceptional 30 minutes. Our exceptional regardless of any other single personality involved pet. There are great and seniors should be the keystone rather than the traditional one to pick it. It is the position of the first sergeant which, on the all your operations emerge the first sergeant holds formation Women's and stressful change, sergeants advises that commander and assistant training, all in listen members the first on is proud of the unit and understandably once the others to be aware of the unit success. But the first time the title of address for this great is not sergeant. It is first sergeant there's, a unique relationship of confidence and respect that exist between the first sergeant and the commander, not found another Level and the arnie first of waiting you have serve as the life blood of alpha company. Your understanding of the pivotal role of the first sergeant help all members of our information to the same standard. There was no officer standard or then listen standard. There was only the arts and 11 your experience relationships and technical competence that execute my intent to ensure proper pay for our students and pushing our to achieve what seemingly was impossibly impossible dreams as the first When you carry the multitude of titles daily amazon student and advisor mentor coach technician, hey sister and a daughter to a mother whom you love dearly. But as your commander, you for my wise counsel each day, we discuss ideas concerns and lays ahead throughout two your honest feedback, be it good bad or indifferent in providing me the information I needed to make informed decisions at times. I felt like During a mac truck in the Middle by 26 or five 77, as we work through the multiple knows legal reviews and organizational cultural norms to accomplish various initiatives. Nevertheless, we have hundred at weekly company accountability, information for which we cordially improve communication is free to core across the alpha company formation. We provide coats to 75 home assistance in the Columbia area after which we felt a sense of duty and defeat because some are trying to November But I recall, on a cold January day you walked into my office and said man that coat drive was really worth it. It's cold out there. We saw the need to push the company space book, live initiative and turn. We provided over two thousand family members and friends the opportunity to witness the graduation of their soldiers to the facebook live platform. All the while providing leadership and administrative logistical support to over 400 soldiers in a single session during peak training months with only 400 anniversary of Company as a team and this is the success of one it's truly. This accessible the first sergeant boyden. My battle buddy on behalf of alpha company. We thank you for your selfless service and leadership. We're truly proud and encourage you to embrace the challenge and your next duty positions as a social support Institute non Commission officer academy, deputy confident the first start your harris You're falling and on the formation comprise of amazing soldiers officers warrant officers and ncos and civilians who gives us an array of talents and experience. Our capturing students will look to you to provide mentorship and outstanding leadership. Your military experience has prepared me to serve in this unique Organization I'll look forward to working with you as the alpha company first so to our newest self Sure when economic first of all, I'd like to thank my family for not present today for the love and support to me throughout my military career to the three 60 ninths at the saint Joe and battalion commanding potato from wholesome and command sergeant major Jackson thank you for bringing me opportunity to serve as a first time to the battalion staff. Thank you for your dedicated service and support two without the company to the civilians Mr bronson, Mr gorman miss patti mishaps, Ms maggie praying process for processing student pcs orders and help me finance issues. I'll like to thank you for your support and dedication to do this today. I'm so office, Mr worker, Ms Richards, it Mr Smith, your small team, but you work hard to ensure our international military spending officers receive a warm welcome and I'm taking care of time in the United States. Thank you To my battles, the first sergeants what an awesome group of senior non Commission offices out enjoy our time together and will be honored to serve with you again to the album company capturing that's on your Thompson signing berries and starting job. Ike. I couldn't have asked for a better group of non Commission officers were small in numbers but we made it happen the early mornings The late evenings from coordinator and conducted height weight, age tease us in processing breeze pieces. We breeze who, out of the package, to arriving attachment students, apart arrival Department, students, apart graduation at transporting meals to do is at the th unless you're working out for company I'm not sure you understand the magnitude of our mission from day to day Made up entity you maintain your motivation positive attitude and, most importantly, your pride is not Commission officers for that. I thank you Arrest commander first of the relationship is make a break when it comes to be an effective unit allows you to make any relationship work. The commander first relationship it's, not about being friends for months. Our barn makes mutual trust, respect and said it, command, climate happened or you thank you for understanding the role of the first start for letting me be the backbone of the importance of standards. What is organizational Thank you for listening for considering my guidance recommendations and experience in the decision making process. Thank you for being a genuine and compassionate leader. So I'll make a remarkable title behind the diamonds will be in the first sergent stay. Bennet first 30 in the labour of love. It is a lot of hard work and long hours, but the responsibility is a reward in and of itself, the donald the first started shows, like that army is interesting soldiers to persistent and professional leadership, most sports are just Alright get one in our company with the exception of the commander in the head. So that was not the case with me, leaving soldiers. They are wrap you can be challenging when the professionalism and leading by example, our your primary tools of leadership and you demonstrate character, competence and commitment. It can be done to the after company students. Thank you for allowing this first surgeon to get it done and get it done right victory starts here right here, trying to leave help re only pride fest Signing off it's about to swell Ladies and gentlemen, it's the first of the company, 69 extension battalion first julie pairs The distinguished guests, friends and army family thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to come. Support all the company that is not everyday. That you get the honor of the universe are let alone getting to be the first start of the second company lieutenant colonel chef collaborator Jackson. Thank you for this for a dressed in you with the second company count doyle, I've always admired your professionalism and I look forward to getting to work with you over the next few weeks. First, avoid this is the second time I have followed your lead. Your true leader and I know I'm assuming responsibility of an amazing The Organization I'll look forward to continuing to learn from you staff sergeant concept and start Joe. Your both amazing and I look forward to working with you. Thank you for being silent professionals who love what they do and are move in the future leaders of our course to the officers available company. I look forward to assisting on your training to my bravo family. This is not goodbye but see you. It in a different capacity. Your all amazing leaders and I've truly going to the best indoor with each and everyone of you on a daily basis I've learned something from each and everyone of you you're in great hands and will take the company to an entirely new level keeping the amazing professionals in Had the pleasure to get to work with I'm just a car ride email or phone call away so the little brother Justin. Thank you for helping keep down the House and what about when I'm working late tires. So my maddy paddy cakes baby first star ilove. You so much I'm so proud of this the strong young woman that you are here You're definitely you definitely tests my patience, but you're the reason I continue on I'll look forward to watching you, girl. I love you, Princess half pride army pride. Eighty seven signing on welcome to this long Hey ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the single darkness on What on saint your son Ready, oh Oh no oh Oh Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today ceremony you are invited to come forward to congratulate first boy. This is this one leadership and how to company 36 tonight at seven on battalion. You will also invited to attend the re scheduled for first sergeant here is located at the surfside library immediately following the ceremony. Thank you for joining us today. Welcome to the swamp pride army, Brian victory starts here

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