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#CycloneNisarga likely to make landfall in Alibag around noon.
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Our top focus this morning is on cyclone Nisar Maharashtra is on high alert is this cyclone is expected to make landfall near Alibag in Maharashtra around noon now the cyclone is expected to pound Maharashtra course to the maximum sustain win speed of eleven kilometers per hour it's about two fifty kilometres south south west of Mumbai the IMD has said that is very lucky to intensify interest severe cyclonic storm in the next few hours Mumbai is also on red alert acid braces for its first ever cyclone in over one hundred years sexual forty-four has been imposed in all beaches and parks to restrict movement of people Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray appeal to people to not step out for two days adding that the army navy air force and India team s were on alert several people residing coastal areas have been evacuated and taken to safer locations at hotel of twenty-one NDRF team have been deployed across the state while one team has also been kept on stand by now residence of Mumbai have also taken precautionary measures as they brace for the cyclone let's take a look at one such home getting set for the cycle it is notified that the storm is going to pass through Alibag to Bombay we have taken precautions we have closed our windows completely and we have drawn the curtains to ensure that in the event of glass friends getting broken for heavy winds the glass cannot enter the rules I am also removing the photo frames because this also the capacity to act like a missile in the event of being blowing into the room we have also removed all crystals and showcases from the legs and also disconnected our ah WiFi and cable TV so that in the event of lightening hitting it the instrument should not be damaged let's take this across to Mustafa he is joining us live from Mumbai with all the latest updates he's also closely tracking the movement of the cyclone Mustafa good morning what's the situation right now i n Mumbai and what is the forecast for the next twenty four hours well Akshita let's first show you the first morning visuals of where from where we are standing in the Gateway of India in Mumbai tourist place been empty for last three months given the lock down and heavy cases of covered in Mumbai now it's Mumbai is bracing for another storm the focus is that it's around eight thirty AM according to the IMD when they storm is likely to make a landfall and the speed over this six the past six hours of the storm has increased considerably and when it touch the coastal areas of Maharashtra in Mumbai Raigarh Palghar and other districts it would be anywhere the wind speed would be around one hundred and ten kilometres and up to one twenty kilometres of the wind speed and as you said earlier that in a century I this is the first storm with the city of Mumbai is facing that to in a midst of pandemic and that that is ah that is why the citizens of this areas are worried that I N NDRF team s deployed if you see look behind us there you will see in the see the rescue boat which are already on stand by the Mumbai police you can see the even if the heavy metal barricades have been laid down on the road so that the the damage can be less in case of the wind speeds are increase so the residents agencies are on high alert and it is of a matter of great concern even when when we ask standing have to look whether there is a tree whether something can fall and you have to be at the safe place because as the wind speed increases you can you may not even realise and something can happen and that is a precaution with the city of Mumbai and the citizens all around Mumbai and other parts of the areas have to take because whatever be the eye of storm it the circumstances forums would be eighty kilometres on both side on Maharashtra and on Gujarat and that is something a worth taking precaution as as much as possible battery Akshita

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