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747Fitness Thursday night 8pm cardio box class warming up with skipping this is why we use a skipping rope to warm up & the benefits.

1. It is one of the best cardio and can be used as HIIT watch the video, skip fast, slow!
2. Skipping is known to burn around 1300 calories per hour, so it's an effective fat burner.
3.Skipping helps with muscle definition
4.It can improves footwork, balance, coordination, and agility
5.Great for endurance training & conditioning
6. Skipping gives a full body workout. Great for developing thighs, calfs, arms & core.
7. It engages and improves hip flexor muscles
8. It improves cardiovascular health as it improves the heart beat rate. It is beneficial for someone who has blood pressure.
9. Skipping can be done by anybody from beginners to advanced levels
10.Add skipping to your workout.

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