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Taz & Plamer ( Silent Studio Design & Scott Palmer ) have quit Brazil for the US Southwest… sending it with the migratory snowbird BASE crew in Arizona.

Posted 10 months ago in Travel & Leisure Activities

Ілля Баландюк 10 months ago

Why not create a wing suit with arms bent at the elbows. It would be much easier to control.

Travis Hinton 10 months ago

That’s a reeeeeally visual start.

Jenny Plummer 10 months ago

Really, Terry !

هوزان احمد 9 months ago

لو ينضرب بشي صخرا رح يسير برجق ☻

Eduardo C. de Sant'Ana 9 months ago

Silvio Gonçalves : Bom dia. Sua família sabe que você faz essas aventuras nos finais de semana? Se você não contar, conto eu.

Prabin Iswary 8 months ago

Adventures ! Wonderful !

Luc Darquenne 9 months ago

Jennifer Leroy you could fly 🤩

William Mitchell 10 months ago

Those guys are nuts!!

Erlito Elizarde 10 months ago

Titanium [email protected]

Pete Barbeau 10 months ago