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If only the queues were that short... #Rave

Posted 11 months ago in Music & Audio

Nancy Coulson 11 months ago

unless it was sausage and cider Derbyshire last year when the temp was topping 95c and the water to the showers had to be turned off to allow festival goers to use the water for drinking. Ive never drank water at a festival until then lol Jimmy

Dallas Houck 11 months ago

hopefully the water is given to this guy.

Julie Cripwell 10 months ago

Nothing like abit of little big . Skidabo.

James Prior 11 months ago

Iv seen these two on a few thinks over the last few years, anyone know who they are.

Janine Davison 8 months ago

I went to those Ravs in London in 1989! 🤪🤣

Vicky Brooke Telford 9 months ago

Me and you Claire Driver at Wales fest 👍😀

Sue Cowan 9 months ago

No there was bigger ques and more broken bottles and classes on the floor

Stephen Smith 11 months ago

It's from the movie blade

Valerio Nocera 10 months ago

Gimmy De Marco organizziamo bene please?!

Stefan Gorski Prins 10 months ago

Its a bottle of vodka haha🤣