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It's here! It's here! It's here!

The first episode of our labour of love - Dice Media's Little Things! Dekho dekho :)
What do you think whoa don't make a big dinner and or the big properly you look so beautiful when you buy that no sing the not North through through with with the the moderation moderation design design to to invite invite all all the the other other saving saving up up put put it it I I want want to to hook hook up up of the a weeks weeks back back from from Denver advocates gets something something I've I've ever ever make make and and you you pretty pretty girl girl hi hi how how tell tell me me anything anyway I I going going to to vehicles vehicles with with this this sudden sudden this this study Saturday those those are are already already didn't didn't didn't didn't work work drive drive something something you you go go hmm hmm he's this man man so so what what you're you're gonna gonna and and I I check check the the budget budget eighty eighty six six only only for for real give me two two minutes minutes a a buck buck what what do do you you think think of of this this place place see see you you like like this this but but sum sum up up who who it's it's nice nice oh okay last last one one boom boom boom boom boom boom start start stop stop saying saying that everything everything nothing nothing them them in in different different but because because it's it's just just nice nice is it's not amazing amazing it's it's to to lay lay down down my my mind mind is is not not working working the the job job with with your your dad dad we we can can you you describe describe jesus jesus these these amazing amazing and and I'm I'm going going one one with with the the not not I I think think I I buy buy something something nice nice for for graduating graduating okay okay come come in in two two minutes minutes go go night night oh oh my my God God first first into into this this it's it's director director didn't didn't block block should should be be mistake mistake guy guy odd odd you you feel feel like like a a big big deal deal um um yeah yeah sorry sorry thing thing no no yeah yeah I I was was at at my my Ford Ford don't don't don't don't miss miss it it on on me me moving moving working working with with them them yeah yeah because because I I was was sleepy sleepy and and confused confused no no scam scam no no I I don't don't know know why why do do you you want want to to read read this this but but geez geez much much love love in in places places that that I I get get back back with with him him was was a a favorite favorite button button he he was was always always good good never never going going to to last last fight fight no no I I know know how how they're they're doing doing this this Sunday Sunday don't don't give give me me 15 15 minutes minutes and and I I think think something something for for you you about about global global we we have have to to check check this this new new update update looks looks for for shit shit son son no no a a B B C C and and d d for for do do that that I I will will do do but but this this new new Boston Boston talk talk now now cut cut the the bus bus moving moving funny funny oh oh yeah yeah well well we we know know that that mom mom big big girl girl ready ready want want we we make make people people being being able able that that these these mustard mustard sauce sauce him him such such an an amazing amazing experience experience with with what what it it needing needing a a small small thing thing like like I'm I'm not not gay gay be be open open which which it it doesn't doesn't I'm I'm just just two two dollars dollars that's that's goes goes up up close close personal personal I I made made all all this this not not I I know know I I know know I I know know who's who's good good I I mean mean thank thank you you do do it it this this makeup makeup you you show show me me on on the the dying dying mine mine it's it's not not said said she she would would pick pick on on look look show show who who yeah yeah yeah yeah my my name name every every pokemon pokemon can can hear hear but but there there are are fifth fifth to to listen listen that's that's what what your your food food oh oh it's it's my my done done look look no no Michael Michael should should remember remember okay okay the the two two world world no no no no I I don't don't want want to to why why I I wanted wanted to to work work in in and and it's it's a a very very good good friend friend but but I I needed needed for for man man all all the the sounds sounds of of the the storm storm team team woman woman switch switch and and make make your your class class or or to to send send your your body body gonna gonna eat eat post post love love you you go go doing doing the the dog dog but but you you are are the the more more the the dog dog but but exactly exactly at at seven seven you you would would want want the the dog dog and and that's that's been been a a little little blue blue evening evening chancey chancey and and then then you you make make a a face face and and look look exactly exactly this this is is this this face face or or support support somebody somebody pissed pissed off off your your game game yeah yeah just just you you show show yes yes to to the the oh oh so so cute cute guided guided on on this this is is why why I I didn't didn't want want horses horses well well guys guys go go on on the the Beach Beach a a better better be be good good chink chink out out of of a a man man being being discover discover your your drawing drawing the the food food like like that that not not so so good good sit sit oh oh that's that's a a good good food food but but I I just just wanted wanted to to want want something something mesa mesa lax lax funny funny you you want want to to go go to to the the octagon octagon playing playing hooky hooky he's he's been been a a while while since since I I think think that that I I didn't didn't know know we we little little boy boy this this is is jessie jessie 7 PM 7 PM I I sold sold one one name name John John can can you you fight fight one one game game will will be be back back by by set set all all you're you're on on vacation vacation budget budget on on some some miss miss just just like like how how you you doing doing challenge challenge eat eat psyche psyche and and he's he's helped helped me me a a can can do do we we should should all all be be beauty beauty move move I I think think it's it's quite quite nice nice invention invention so so he he make make it it look look there's there's nothing nothing to to me me that's that's what what makes makes all all this this okay okay excuse excuse me me so so if if you you don't don't mind mind me me asking asking up up your your content content instantly instantly I I give give kind-hearted kind-hearted kid kid up up off off me me doesn't doesn't December December until until may may seem seem gap gap on on the the uh uh actually actually I'm I'm the the manager manager of of this this month month so so put put it it like like ticket ticket determine determine yet yet on on up up to to t t shirt shirt pic pic in in golf golf clean clean plus plus the the condo condo up up so so we we can can pick pick up up the the issues issues because because of of the the child child in in this this car car ready ready to to use use the the shit shit that that takes takes Austin Austin I I visit visit I'm I'm done done with with my my number number you you see see that that I'm I'm gonna gonna be be a a problem problem again again plus plus best best entrepreneur entrepreneur first first yes yes would would you you not not only only at at the the sky sky can can you you go go yes yes it's it's a a peace peace sign sign and and distance distance of of we we problems problems of of vehicle vehicle flavors flavors and and many many monthly monthly but but they they moving moving you you should should I I think think I I say say uh uh please please peace peace peace peace peace peace for for free free thanks thanks to to their their thank thank you you so so much much thank thank you you thank thank you you toni toni please please come come again again to to model model thank thank you you and and she she doesn't doesn't jump jump up up I I think think you you should should have have taken taken a a shot shot wharton wharton should should be be sure sure to to come come out out Sunday Sunday on on this this beautiful beautiful may may not not that that you you lord lord for for 21 21 now now I I don't don't know know what what I I just just go go home home at at six six he he started started this this water water rising rising enough enough thousand thousand of of it it want want to to with with us us and and always always watch watch what what I I want want to to do do that that because because then then I I can can get get ahead ahead by by then then when when you you feel feel with with my my head head and and be be more more but but it it was was a a lot lot of of at at the the back back of of the the hot hot one one off off put put it it up up what what do do you you do do not not miss miss so so guys guys come come on on a a matching matching before before they they clean clean up up the the okay okay decided decided what what I I want want and and I'm I'm Michael Michael bottom bottom you're you're not not going going he's he's monthly monthly special special mister mister vega vega he's he's got got a a full full refund refund but but that's that's not not the the point point but but Sunday Sunday when when they they perform perform at at meaning meaning of of the the forget forget see see you you at at 52 52 sundays sundays and and will will miss miss it it the the johnson's johnson's on on you you know know the the times times though though playing playing on on Sunday Sunday 20 20 percent percent yeah yeah this this is is a a thing thing I I wanna wanna do do something something because because why why don't don't you you meant meant to to me me because because that that would would be be nice nice no no not not do do oh oh I I didn't didn't do do any any 14 14 jeep jeep and and all all kind kind of of styling styling for for your your head head listen listen um um you you know know get get the the head head start start on on other other keratin keratin treatment treatment if if I I get get the the shit shit knuckle knuckle stay stay on on huh huh you you didn't didn't know know what you want huh huh get the home alone why not big brody 100 this one will be a game the will be working team business oh fuck shit go stop everybody don't know me don't know fuck what the fuck could you please what you imagine take Hey joy how they're they looking looking at at the the difference difference in in you yoga nigga just just like like there's there's no no difference difference in in Liverpool Liverpool position position in in the the needs needs the the security security you you need need to to learn learn how how to to be be given giving but but got got this this okay okay I I need need you to to a a penalty penalty nearly nearly obviously obviously go go this this way way see see this this week week in in genoa genoa Chinese Chinese plate plate it's it's doing doing it it in in ha huh good good morning morning Mexican Mexican okay okay I'm I'm done done say say that that job I are you am actually actually but but I I have have a a little little big big don't don't miss miss hey hey let's let's go go to to that the get love movies this with would your your toddler target forget forget about about that that cardio cardio I'm I'm gonna gonna need need is yes I I love love 45 45 min min reading reading see see us us no no water water that's that's go go home home thinking thinking you you need need in in sport sport it it we we have have there there with with a a nice nice best best option option it it yeah yeah I I feel feel like like a a blue's blue's not not starting starting with with instructions instructions on on how how to to make make it it school school you you make make off off go go there there was was nothing nothing like like how how you you made made it it open open snap snap to to I I don't don't go go up up I I don't don't deliver deliver you you another another night night of of boarding boarding Sunday Sunday so so come come on on I I got got it it I'm I'm not not make make it it prevent prevent capture capture the the soul soul it it forward forward I I know know I I didn't didn't go go according according to to the the plan plan or or something something yeah yeah that that by by the the Sunday Sunday get get in in a a big big breakfast breakfast to to go go check check out out of of the the salon salon dude dude like like how how often often does does that that happen happen only only need need them them is is my my understanding understanding and and seeing seeing you you with with those those funny funny pictures pictures and and watching watching cooking cooking school school they're they're good good no no dad dad made made my my Sunday Sunday of of was was it it could could be be much much much much happening happening but but it's it's the the knows knows that that better better and and be be to to take take any any bucky bucky listen listen hmm hmm can can you you just just order order pizza pizza and and shit shit God God diode diode that that booty booty and and I'm I'm the the bad bad man man we we wanna wanna just just snap snap so so even even I I don't don't okay okay yeah yeah yeah yeah look look young young by by a a little little you you know know my my tone tone name name but but you you know know where where you you want want to to me me I I don't don't have have some some pizza pizza have have a a nice nice glass glass of of Red Red one one finish finish watching watching inside inside out out I'm I'm speaking speaking that that sounds sounds perfect perfect sounds sounds like like a a I kind kind did of of the the new new executive executive it's it's not not say say what what we we say say hello hello my my baby baby time time yes say

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