#Flashup by Knox Artiste

Knox Artiste • 4 years ago   949.1K     22.2K  •  24.2M Views
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Watch Knox Artiste sing 14 songs in 5 different languages on 1 beat!

Watch the Full Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/T5rmd-vKQeM

Posted 4 years ago in Music & Audio
Knox Artiste
Knox Artiste4 years ago

Hi Guys, I just wanna say thank you to everyone who liked and shared the video. We appreciate the overwhelming response to the #Flashup. I just want to request everyone to enjoy the video and the music. If you do not like it, you don't have to watch it. We have worked hard on creating some fun content which will put a smile on your face. We're not trying to say we are better than anyone. Enjoy the music. One love. :)

Manu Kashyap
Manu Kashyap4 years ago

That moment wen he hit to shimmy ...wooohhh 馃槏馃槏馃憣馃憣 Shimmy shimmy yeayy shimmy yeay shimmy yaw... ahaan Swalla la la 鉂も潳馃槏馃憤馃憣馃憣

Singh Prince
Singh Prince4 years ago

I would say good acting but everything pre planned, and filtered voice .....Bai tu babu maan te nai ban da par Harman cheeme warga jarur ban jayenga 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

Dilip Bansal Lucky
Dilip Bansal Lucky4 years ago

Tempo naam ki bhi koi cheej hoti hai is tempo me aur is beat pe 14 to kya mostly song fit ho sakte hai aur wo rj bhi use wo hi song de raha hai jo usi beat aur usi tempo ke hai 馃槀馃槀馃槀 maa tujhe salam(ar rehmaan) song dete

Sylvester Hart
Sylvester Hart4 years ago

The beat keeps changing with the song the only thing constant is the additional sound of the trumpet or whatever in the background.I am not hating ,its just an observation

Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar4 years ago

It's just a cool mashup..bt not tht difficult...it's all abt the beats.. if you rlly wanna watch whts rlly amazing ,see 8 mile movie.. Especially the last battle betwn papa doc n EMINEM...

Nipun Roy
Nipun Roy4 years ago

Pre recorded shit. Caption is exaggerated. It disappoints because caption creates expectation which doesn't meet when your watch the video.

Prc Mouli Cherukuri
Prc Mouli Cherukuri4 years ago

Its a type of beat
Where everything can be played

Dont know if there is any other beat type
That can sink all types of songs

Ritobroto Mukherjee
Ritobroto Mukherjee4 years ago

All the beats are 4/4 with some variations in beat placement. Its quite simple.. not rocket science.. the songs he got are all that will easily fall into beat sync

Dyna Rodrigues
Dyna Rodrigues4 years ago

Shivani Aanchal never heard any of these songs but it sounded cool and I thought you two would like it haha