Bella loves sushi

Tasty Junior • 6 months ago   647     67  •  53.8K Views
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Bella loves sushi | Facebook

Posted 6 months ago in Children & Parenting
Favour Emenike
Favour Emenike6 months ago


Eileen Cooper
Eileen Cooper6 months ago

Lovely little child and she appreciates the reaction of her parents.👐

Adhara MizzExecutive Baker
Adhara MizzExecutive Baker6 months ago

My heart is melting! She’s so adorable and well mannered. I absolutely love it! 🥰♥️

Mia Zaara Hamdouni
Mia Zaara Hamdouni6 months ago

Lol this is gonna be Amira Kin G Bluff

Tricia Walters
Tricia Walters6 months ago

She's too cute!

Talia Leah Gounder
Talia Leah Gounder6 months ago

Celeen Sudaram this is going to be your child 😂🙆‍♀️

Nancy Engelman
Nancy Engelman6 months ago

What a cutie and so polite. Good job mom and dad.