Chocolate Covered Pear

Chefclub Network • 8 months ago   12.3K     487  •  1.6M Views
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Chocolate Covered Pear! Paired perfectly with yummy meringue πŸπŸ«πŸ˜‹

Posted 8 months ago in Food & Drink
Chefclub Network
Chefclub Network8 months ago

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Margie Clark-Voisey
Margie Clark-Voisey8 months ago

Looks so delicious

Grace Russo
Grace Russo8 months ago

Beautiful I loved it. Going to give it a try.

Linda Price
Linda Price8 months ago

They look delicious

Lynn Roberts
Lynn Roberts8 months ago

Wow must try this for a dinner party

Juani Valdez Torres
Juani Valdez Torres8 months ago

Yummy yummy looks so delicious

Mary Goulet
Mary Goulet8 months ago

Totally agree, but they look delicious.