Folding Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed

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And now I know, and you do too!

Posted 8 months ago in Home & Garden
Alexa Wade
Alexa Wade8 months ago

Who is she?!?! I NEED TO KNOW!! I need to follow her.... I still don’t know how to fold the other clothes! 🤣

Annabel Lee Gill
Annabel Lee Gill8 months ago

Voodoo. Magic.
This is something I will never master 😔.

Sarah Lefpazloh
Sarah Lefpazloh8 months ago

You do you but for me personally... Folding anything that takes more than 5 seconds is a waste of time. 😂
Just crumple it up and make a ball 😜🤣.

Kristina Henderson
Kristina Henderson8 months ago

Wow BuzzFeed! Thanks for removing a comment feed between me and another commenter. Is this the new cancel culture? What happened to freedom of speech? Should I just randomly post them all on your page. How about I post them all over the f****** place and tag you. So much for freedom of speech huh ,🤷‍♀️

Logan Christopher
Logan Christopher8 months ago

That fitted sheet trick sure takes a lot more time than my jam it into one of the pillow cases system.

Jill Felix
Jill Felix8 months ago

Joy for me is not sitting and folding underwear and laundry for hours. You don't have to be this OCD about it.

Rachel Warship
Rachel Warship8 months ago

Never kno what anything is

Michelle Richet
Michelle Richet8 months ago

What sorcery is this
No one can fold a fitted sheet

Bethany Floyd Stevens
Bethany Floyd Stevens8 months ago

This is a lie meant to make everyone feel badly about themselves

Diane Duarte Atanasio
Diane Duarte Atanasio8 months ago

There is no way I'm putting my clean sheet on the floor to fold.. I don't have any issues folding the fitted sheet - I use the pillowcase to store the whole set.