Donald Bogle on Canada Lee and Sidney Poitier

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CRY, THE BELOVED COUNTRY ('51) features Sidney Poitier in an early role. The film, shot on location in apartheid South Africa, marked the first time a...

Posted 10 months ago in TV & Movies

Lynn Gourd 10 months ago

This is a gut wrenching film. The cast is marvelous. The heartbreak is palpable. With all that said, it's a film that should be seen.

Chris O'Neil 10 months ago

The remake with James Earl Jones was extremely well acted and executed!

Angela Love 10 months ago

Love Donald. He is so knowledgeable and great Film Historian. This is a great film with fantastic black actors. Love them 💖💖💖⭐⭐⭐

Brenda Thompson West 10 months ago

Sidney Poitier is a phenomenal actor..

Michael Uitermark 10 months ago

I’ve never seen the original, but the 1995 remake with James Earl Jones and Richard Harris is heartbreaking and outstanding.

Rita Coleman 10 months ago

Not sure I've seen this one. The title is familiar. I love Sidney Poitier's films.

Vicki Fournier 10 months ago

Great pick for #BlackHistoryMonth !!

Mary Woodward 10 months ago

Also the book by Alan Paton

Chris O'Neil 10 months ago

Ryan Sheppard 10 months ago

Great movie 🎥