🚨 Here's what to do if you need the police but unable to speak

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🚨 Ever wondered what to do if you need the police but are unable to speak?

Posted 3 years ago in Crime & Tragedy

Jemma Simone 2 years ago

So important to know xx

Emily Probyn 3 years ago

Jamie Probyn good tip for if we are in a magabe situation 😂

Elisabeth Freeman 3 years ago

Excellent advice thanks for sharing x

Keith Alden 3 years ago

Lol or just not bother with the police. They’ll turn up after everyone’s dead. Be no use if they do turn up and won’t be able to do anything anyway 😂

Richard Mcilkenny 3 years ago

Kieffer Forrester Reuben Taylor-Phillips gonna show this to Jkid for the next time I’m booking him in and he’s not speaking

Anna Trethewy Sawle 3 years ago

Please share

Karen Drewett 3 years ago

Good to know