Sugar Free Sooji Ka Halwa Recipe By Food Fusion

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Avoiding desserts because of calories? not anymore! Enjoy Sooji ka Halwa sweetened with zero calorie Equal Sucralose #SugarFree #FoodFusion...

Posted 2 months ago in Food & Drink

Samia Malik 2 months ago

You should used in it sweetiwia it is 0 calories and for diabetic patient

Wardah Rehan 2 months ago

Looks delicious 馃構.pls guide if i have to make with regular sugar do i have to add in the last or what would be better? thanks

Uzma A. Salam 2 months ago


Rijaah Khan 2 months ago

Yummy 馃構馃構

Nabila Malik 2 months ago

Farhat Naaz 2 months ago

Khalid Khan 2 months ago

Wow so yummy

Fatima Tuz Zahra Razzaq 2 months ago

Dear food fusion..
It's disappointing.. as this is misleading marketing..
It's not zero calories... How can it be?
Calories don't just come from sugar .. they come from other things too.. and you know that better than me!
Plz avoid as I love your recipies

Shahira Idrees 2 months ago

Seriously what is wrong with everyone Promoting stuff that can hurt everyone. Why people think these things are safe to use . Equal is a bad product has lots of dangerous side effects that will leave life long damage. Why not use natural alternatives like raw pure honey, coconut sugar, Monkfruit sugar or stevia leaves ( make a syrup or crush up dry leave) and why use artificial color in it . I use haldi just a little bit helps with inflammation too .

Naima Niaz 2 months ago

Which brand of pan did you use in this video?