Trump Targets Social Media Companies After Twitter Fact-Checks Him | Facebook

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Trump is using an executive order to take aim at social media companies after Twitter fact-checked his recent posts — this ACLU lawyer is breaking down...
President President Trump might like to do so so he's he's he's he's he's he's he's he's not not not not the the the. the President President President of of of of Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. The First Amendment protects twitterer in the circumstance and President Trump is it has no no authority authority to to rewrite rewrite rewrite the the the interpretations interpretations interpretations interpretations of of. of of section section section 230 230 230 230 in in in in. my my my view. view. It's it's incredibly important for the freedom of speech online that companies have the freedom to create and to curate their their their social media platforms platforms while while while also also. also promoting users to speak as freely as possible. No not in my view, it's not the President has no authority to rewrite a a congressional statute, which is what this attempts to do what President Trump's order would purport to to do do do is is is attempt attempt attempt to to to to impose impose. impose impose a. a a a flaw flaw flaw interpretation of section section to to 30 30 on on to to the. the statue.

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