Every Song of the Summer 2018-1958

Billboard • 3 years ago   65.9K     4.5K  •  4.1M Views
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These songs brought the heat 🔥

Posted 3 years ago in Music & Audio
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith9 months ago

Leeanna Smith Amber Wicks show Ryan too, youre only gonna be interested in like the first 5 to 6 mins but crazy to see how old some of these songs are now.

Sam Akira Chang
Sam Akira Chang5 months ago

Music is so bad past 10 years

Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez3 years ago

Sandy Crall this was cool to listen to. The video only gets better it goes on. I recognized a few because of you, especially the carpenters :)

Julie Tree
Julie Tree3 years ago

Anyone else’s life just flash before their eyes???

Annice Hand
Annice Hand2 years ago

As the music gets older it gets better!