How to Heal a Broken Heart

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Jada and Will’s personal relationship counselor, Michaela Boehm, comes to the Table with powerful advice on coping with betrayal, rejection, tragedy, and...

Posted 12 months ago in TV & Movies

Denny Yarborough 12 months ago

I’m 60 I was 50 when a 22 year marriage ended. It wasn’t him that I missed. I mourned the separation from his family and I Mourned leaving a legacy of divorce to my children. I’ve met guys over the years but any resemblance to that foolishness I’ll go running so I truly want love, but I’m hesitant to truly open my heart.

Dennis Cindy 12 months ago

Just started watching and love your show but the therapist you had on lost all credibility when she said her dogs were her kids .... our son died at 21 years old and you can not compare it to when your dog dies .... TERRIBLE SHAME ON HER

Tina Seline 12 months ago

I love you Jade, Willow and Gammy, Will soo much <3 Been watching almost every episode of the RTT, cuz i´m in a place rn, where i kinda needed this, thank u for giving such a great impact, and being such a good example and thank u for all u do!

Kerry Holland 12 months ago

This addresses exactly what I’ve been going through, thank you. I cried so much through this because I’ve felt so alone. I still can’t find the words for my experience, they get trapped and I choke everytime I try

Kholofelo Ngwenya 12 months ago

Absolutely loved this episode. Thank you so much for hosting us and to all the guests that shared their personal stories. We truly need to learn to get THROUGH the pain and not just OVER it. 🙏🏽😇🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️

Kristy Marie Boaz 12 months ago

I love Willows expressions when listening. You can tell she genuinely cares and feels what the guests are saying. All 3 of these women are strong, powerful and give great advice.

Tiffany Brandon Stoner 12 months ago

Thank you for stating that someone has to sit in that grief and anger. You are correct when you stated most individuals want to skip over the pain and grief. I understand that's it's not comfortable and individuals, family members, friends it's hard to watch. But just know it's part of the process. Thank you!

Millicent Scott 12 months ago

Another good RTT topic. So good that Michaela spoke of heart break in different areas of life.

Pamela R. Kindle 12 months ago

Michaela Dropped the Mic with that, WE already Knew it and we dont misjudge, but didn't want to see it because we Love... That was me before I finally divorced in 2013. #IpickMeFirst. Had to learn and get that lesson, had to go through to SEE and choose different ❤

V Denise W Ziblatt 12 months ago

I loved this RTT. I had a love who betrayed me many times. I was devastated and divorced at 35 years old with 2 young children. I used to think to myself, why am not good enough. But, as I was able to get over it I was remarried at the age if 40 and had a baby at 42. I am very happy with my life. So, once you get over the pain and the loss. You need to stay open with your heart and you can find love again. It's not impossible.