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Bangladesh Vs Afghanistan T20 Match Live
To see the ball looking good beautifully done your timing from up the vehicle give us cruises also thought. If he has already for lunch does not is a sort of El Diego for lunch T minus 30 20 it's like to taste the field of play, 15 10 98765432 To to be coming back and decided that the last moment not two but building in the teeth, the second, over comes to an end, is 12 to one 30 Stay lifted two available digital payment system. I've been at Robert registration at eagle Bank account should go to live in another state. He still know every decision It was 47 seconds into the flight thousand nine performing nominally we're currently throwing down the nine merlin one d engines on the first stage preparing for the period of maximum dynamic pressure and going supersonic Stuck in a Super wanted you heard the call out South Carolina supersonic we're travelling the merlin, one d engines back up as we passed through the period of maximum academic pressure next, I'm dying to pressure And a half of the flight trajectory looks good from falcon nine We're seeing the view from the ground camera and, obviously, we're having trouble with the auto focus, but falcon, nine continues to track down range. Well, power on the merlin one d engines looks good baby onyx power looks good Impact until it's beyond the impact engine she'll call out indicates that we have opened the vows were beginning to chill in the upper stage. Engine in preparation for admission now the sequence of events coming out at two plus two 45. We will have main engine cut off will sit down the nine merlin engines the first stage will then separate and we will like the second stage engine so those activities coming up in just under 20 seconds from now With rattling down the engines in preparation for mikal, you can If I go back over 17 for one Chisel and drop to the first, what exactly what it is that you are in fact condition stay. You wanna it please ready major activity coming up in about 14 seconds is separation of the pain by the late jupiter life than when he first 47 dollar B 14 comes to you it's that Why is he mention the grace and light Santa on top of that, but not visible from the info. I don't know what you're going through then athletes in the flight we've heard the call up the trajectory is phenomenal. The power and the upper stage engine is good the D, plus four minutes since that great lift off from an am or view from the second stage of frozen camera, California coastline we're headed South towards antarctica. Now, as a reminder, the first stage is not going to be recovered so there won't be any views from the drone ship downrange on this mission For five minutes in the flight second stage engine power on the impact, the engine continues to look good we're running. It over 200000 pounds of thrust in the vacuum of space trajectory continues to look good power on the second stage from the batteries mounted on the track continue to perform well, all systems continue to look good on the falcon nine carrying five iridium next satellites and the crazy trying to Bit of momentum on your side because it can't get any some of the when the ball gets between that was just tryna pick with the full settings. Gonna be just take what happens on for the Bob play. Pick another I'm driving a tool and a very good part of the That's a good run for six minutes and four seconds of the fight second stage of the falcon nine continue definitely really good deal, but here comes round that anything touching the road systems go in fact, I don't think so. I think he's made a really good effort, but starting the foundry definitely there empire. He obviously wants to be a hundred percent who's up to the sidelines to get bigger impact from the proposal team. Everything continues, but uh, but if I am for the upper stage in In the end see for cole, for it and he holds on to it. This is you said not to put us into an initial following which will the magnets first over the weekend. No second, on her son, spencer the pros alike Comfortable, which is that Very experienced very good advice thousand drugs. It is that's keeping the cut up this is drake rated the number. one 20 This is how I could play into your hands. You said they put on the open to really put the left hand are And the wick to The already tour de La jupiter life damn with fast four G free five to be 14 magnus and electric Lazy against the spied up you, gotta, come on The Ford hand poured up for the sides Text food to To be delivered in 36 of 92, it must be here. People pleasing for purchase also makes another plane connection get you the same to this. Some I'm not like sharks but as a bull of the day, you should be all about that you know because he's trying something different times up excuse the time's up. We also lose over again. Let once again So we're up with her husband feet up it was a rod now be the very good job sliding at the end That has to do running down the track. Rave confusion of debt don't have done by was going 34 50. What to I'll be uh may behind the drawback was that too right behind us all dead out. This shop job. This week at the Red carpet by The English capital It's your turn to get you to the top of the pillar Sit What's up specially, just crisp and It's all about the school graduates, guiding me Do the protection that is, it was nation that they're having a bad boy moment we just continue because he was bullying because this whole Bob has been expensive. Rubs of God is League of you runs 113 's take They will pick up a single luck What did nine for two Why are they going Another here that's what is runza concern, but there what's up the weekend like what happened was living as well as academic bomb Positioned her feet and of course selling stuff it's about life in shorts along with the cap protectors dodge Not this coming your piece

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